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Weighing the Advantages Associated with Unfinished Furniture

Imagine that you have moved into an unfurnished apartment. Now suppose that you have also moved a number of boxes into that apartment. Furthermore each of those boxes contains either papers or books. You need a way to store those papers.

In such a situation, the new apartment dweller might want to think about buying a piece of unfinished furniture. A store full of such furniture is apt to have the sort of piece that can become an attractive storage unit. What are the advantages and drawbacks to the purchase of unfinished wooden furniture, i.e. furniture that requires a final finishing job?

A storeroom full of unfinished wooden pieces for the home seldom contains anything other than furniture. In contrast, a store full of second hand furniture could also have a number of inexpensive decorative items. A search for an item of furniture could well get sidelined, if the shopper felt tempted to examine some low cost decorative pieces.

That then underlines the big advantage to shopping for furniture in need of a final finishing job. A drawback to that line of shopping might be described as “added expenses.” Whenever someone buys a piece of still to be finished furniture, they need to buy sandpaper and stain as well.

Sometimes too, the person who obtains a yet to be finished piece of furniture needs to purchase a simple tool. Suppose, for example that someone bought a wooden dry sink. Such a storage unit could have one or more parts that need to be screwed onto the dry sink. Performance of that process would require a Phillip’s screwdriver. Thus the person buying the dry sink must also have or buy the appropriate screwdriver.

Of course, that is a minor inconvenience, when weighted against the advantages associated with the purchase and use of furniture that needs finishing.

Adding Pine Furniture In The Home

pine furnitureWhen I think about interior decorating for our own house, I have to weigh all of the options that are out there, as well as the opinion of my partner, who would like a rustic atmosphere. When I think “rustic”, I think pine furniture and horseshoe coat racks and such with a neutral, two-tone brown paint design.

I have to admit, out of all of the choices out there, I like the log furniture options! Yes, it is generally more expensive (unless you make it yourself), but there is just something that lifts my heart when I think about pine furniture for my house!

Wooden furniture made out of tree out of our own pasture, hardwood floors for the main part of our house, neutral paint colors, horseshoe coat racks and bone handles for my kitchen drawers are all on my wish list for this Summer! I think we will start with a wooden bed frame for our bedroom with complementary wooden desk bedroom furniture, and then maybe a bench or something by the front door to take boots off on, and then maybe a kitchen table or something.

Overall, I think the wooden-type furniture is going to be the easiest to keep clean and such. Ceramic tiles and such are easy to clean, but then you have to worry about the grout and such, and I am just not ready to deal with that. There is also the metal option for furniture, but that makes the furniture seem cold and unusable, in my opinion, especially metal bedroom furniture. Also, metal tends to rust after a while. On the other hand, if it’s termite/bug free to start with, if you keep your wood furniture clean and finished with linseed oil, or even a clear varnish, wood furniture will last for a long time with very little upkeep, except a coat of varnish or linseed oil occasionally.