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Get The Storage Space You Need Through A Wardrobe Armoire

A wardrobe closet or wardrobe armoire is one of the best types of storage furniture pieces today because of its great amount of versatility. Wardrobe closets are often described as a combination of both a closet and a wardrobe because of their use and function. These types of furniture pieces are really popular today especially for those who are looking for storage units where they will be able to store their extra items such as clothing and jewelry pieces.

Wardrobe closets are basically large varieties of wardrobes that are made with different compartments and options where one can easily place in his or her personal belongings so that he or she can make his or her room more organized. A typical wardrobe is often made with 2 to 4 drawers and 1 to 2 cabinets. However, this will depend on the overall size of the wardrobe closet. With this given fact, you will know that you will have a lot of options in terms of storage space if you opt to go for a wardrobe closet. With this type of storage furniture piece you can have an area for hanging clothes, a compartment where you can insert folded clothing articles, and several other compartments for your accessories such as belts and watches.

Wardrobe closets work great for both those living in their own homes and for people who are staying in apartments. These things are available in different sizes so you can afford to have one inside your room even if you only have a small amount of floor space in there. Wardrobe closets may sound quite expensive but there are really affordable varieties of these that only range from $100 to $200.

On the other hand, if you really want to be extravagant with your storage space, there are also more decorative types of wardrobe closets available, which you can use to further enhance the look of your existing room décor. There are also smaller varieties, which you can easily carry with you during trips such as the portable blue storage armoire.

Types of Oak Wardrobes

oak wardrobeWhen it comes to getting a piece of furniture to keep your bedroom things in, there are a few choices out there. Many people who are on a tight budget choose inexpensive wardrobes made of inferior materials such as particle board.  While they might be cheap, one thing is for certain:  These types of wardrobes sure won’t last very long.

A much better option is to get your hands on a wardrobe that is made of solid wood.  Solid oak wardrobes are a great choice, since this type of wood has a great natural color and is very durable.  While you might have to pay a bit extra for your piece of furniture, the benefit is that your wardrobe will last you a long, long time.  It is not unusual for a family to keep one of these items around for many generations.

Not all families choose to keep them though.  There are many people who sell wardrobes like this for one reason or another.  Maybe they are moving.  Perhaps they just want to make some quick cash.  Whatever the reason, what this boils down to is the chance to get a solid oak wardrobe that is worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars for just a fraction of the price.  In fact, it isn’t unusual to pick one of these up at a yard sale for around a hundred bucks.  Even if the piece that you see seems a little beaten up on the outside, it is still probably a good deal.  If you are handy, you can sand it down and apply a new coat of stain to it.

Whether you buy one new or used, getting a solid wardrobe is a far superior choice to getting a cheap “disposable” one.  While the price might be higher up front, you won’t have to worry about spending money later. Check out different styles of wardrobes too such as the corner wardrobe or the built in wardrobe.

Corner Wardrobe Styles

As a way of maximizing storage space in the room, whether it be in the bedroom, lounge room or the kitchen, it is possible to build corner wardrobe units that look great and are extremely functional. These units may be stand alone cabinets that have been constructed specifically to fit into a corner or they may be built-in corner units that have been designed with the specific room in mind.

There are special methods involved in installing a built in wardrobe depending on the type of look that you want to achieve. If you want to utilize the L-shape of the corner the way to install the robe is to install two wardrobes. The first wardrobe would be sited along one wall while the second will be installed along the other wall. In between will be a void space to cater for the eventuality that the walls are not square and one of the carcasses will contain the wardrobe door. A corner post would be placed between the two wardrobe units to give them something to butt up against.

Another corner wardrobe unit style is the 45 degree corner wardrobe. The way that one of these units would be installed is to construct a standard wardrobe on each wall that is then joined by the 45 degree robe. The doors are sited along the 45 degree side of the wardrobe. The result here is an extremely deep shelving or wardrobe unit that makes full use of the depth of the corner.

Both of these styles of corner wardrobe units make full use of the extra space that is afforded by sending the wardrobe around a corner. The important part of creating these corner wardrobes is to ensue that the access to the deepest part of the corner is possible. The way in which the door system is set up will play the major role in achieving this access.

Once you have decided on the appropriate style in which the corner wardrobe is going to be designed, the next choice will be the materials you used for the facades. This will be a matter of personal taste as well as being influenced by the existing decorative styles of the room.