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Choices in Outdoor Wall Art

You are probably one of the many homeowners who fill the interior walls with just about every sort of art from unique wall clocks to expensive paintings but leave the outdoor walls as bare as can be. Well, that’s a shame especially as outdoor wall art adds style, panache and passion to the home.

Lest you think that outdoor wall décor means painting a mural or doing a mosaic on the walls in the grand tradition of extreme home makeovers, think again. You have so many choices in wall art for outdoor areas, all of which can be bought in stores and sites.

And speaking of choices, you will find three basic types of outdoor wall art. Your role is to choose which one suits the wall area the best in terms of color, symmetry and purpose. Yes, indeed, outdoor wall décor can serve a practical purpose as is the case with clocks.

First, you have wall sculptures made from lightweight, beautiful and durable materials like metal, glass and stone. Installation is very simple, too, since you just bore a hole through the wall, attach the sculpture and lock with bolts and voila! You have outdoor art sure to attract passersby and neighbors in a good way.

Second, you must also look into weather print paintings. These are simply the kinds of paintings you will hang on interior walls except that special treatments have been applied to these works of arts. Even when exposed to the vagaries of nature from sun to rain and snow, these paintings will keep their colors for a long time.

Third, your choice also extends to waterproof and weatherproof outdoor wallpaper. Just as in interior wallpaper, it can instantly transform the look of an outdoor wall with minimal fuss, cost and effort.

We must thank whoever came up with outdoor wall art. Our homes may not be all palaces but these decors can definitely add a wealth of beauty.

Makeover Your Bedroom by Removing Clutter

bedroomThink about what kind of decoration you want on the wall. It doesn’t always have to be photos; you can have paintings or decals, or a trophy shelf maybe. Many rooms can look great with little or no wall decorations, depending on the size and outline of the room itself. Modern wall art is often composed of simplistic, yet aesthetically pleasing designs and it can add a fine complement to a room that seems barren. It might be something as straightforward as arranging nine black squares in a giant square pattern on a blank spot on your wall to make your sleeping environment feel more complete.

A very crucial part of making your bedroom more livable is to dispose of anything that you don’t want or need. It will be time-consuming, but give your room a scrupulous cleaning and ask yourself if you really want to keep every single little thing you find. Determine what you can do without and get rid of those items, either by selling them (which would generate more money for your room’s makeover) or giving them away. A cluttered room can be an embarrassment, an aggravation, a discomfort, or even panic-inducing, so do your best to remove excess stuff and then you will be able to work with what you have left. Trust me, sometimes less looks a lot better, especially if you have a room so jam-packed with bits and pieces that you only have a path carved out from your door to your bed. Move stuff around and experiment with different organizations until you find something that suits you.

In fact, you might have everything you need for a handsome room layout already in your possession; it might just be a matter of rearranging things in a different way around the room. Experimentation is vital to achieving a desirable makeover for your bedroom, so don’t be troubled by juggling things around the room for a while.

The hardest part about making over one’s bedroom is getting the drapes, floors, and bedding to match. They don’t all necessarily have to be the same exact colors, but getting shades to work together in harmony is a lot harder than it seems when you’re working with more than three values. This is the part where it would probably be good to check out local thrift stores and websites like eBay and see what you can mix and match. You’d be surprised what you can find second-hand. Even those who have no sense of design will just know something isn’t right if the colors don’t match; certain tints work together and your eye can interpret that combination of colors as fun, exciting, relaxing, or sensual, depending on the chosen palette.