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What are the advantages of solar driveway lights?

Everyone can do his or her part to save the planet however small that part may be. One simple and effective way to help reduce electricity usages and at the same time economize is with solar driveway lights. The use of solar electricity for at least some of your uses is a simple but effective way to make your own contribution.
Solar panels work by harnessing the natural energy of sunlight and storing this in panels .This stored energy can thus be utilized whenever it is needed. In the past, solar panels required a lot of sunlight making them suitable only for very hot countries. However, new technology has meant that as long as there is daylight, that is enough for the panels to harness the energy.

Photo By: Seth Anderson

Solar lights can be used as a substitute for any place where you would normally use electricity. The most popular kinds are solar driveway lights and solar patio lights since these are used for short amounts of time. The lights come as a self-assembly pack, consisting of a solar board, the lights themselves and connecting wires. Make sure that you place the solar board in a location where it will catch most sunlight and connect from there.
As a rule, most solar panels these days are self-managing. This means that when it is daylight the panels automatically work harnessing the natural sunlight. When it is dark, the lights automatically come on. In addition to being a good light source, this means that solar lights are also useful for security.

Overall, solar driveway lights are a useful way to light your driveway in a planet friendly way. Enabling you to do your part to save the planet whilst at the same time enabling you to save on your electricity bill, solar lights are the power source of the future so invest today and save our planet for tomorrow.

Installing Patio Lights

Patio lights serve a good purpose for your patios and even for your gardens as they add elegance and a warm glow either for daily use or for special occasions. This traditional type of lighting is available in a wide array of colors and styles. With these lights, you can enjoy staying in your patio after the sunset.

These lightings illuminate your patio at night thus providing sophistication and promoting safety at the same time. They are available in the market nowadays. All that you have to do is to choose the style and have it installed in your patio. You can do this by simply following these steps:

  1. Measure the area where you’ll be installing the patio lights. Decide on how much illumination you want. Choose whether you are after the ambiance or if you are using the light to have your entire patio illuminated. If you just wish to set up a mood, there’s no need to purchase a lot of lights. You can position them in areas that allow them to create unique shadows.
  2. Choose the type of lighting that you want. These lights can be bought from any home development center. They come in different styles and colors – enabling you to choose what you really want.
  3. Lay out the lights along the floor of the patio to assess the spacing you want. After establishing how you’re going to place them, you can now proceed with the installation.
  4. Screw in attractive hooks alongside the patio railing or use electric staples to grip the wirings in place. Insert the staples or screws following a 12-inch interval.
  5. Use extension cords to plug the lights into the closest outdoor receptacle. You can hide the cord by arranging it through the flower beds, shrubs or about 2 inches beneath the dirt.

Installing patio lights is actually not a hard thing to do if you have some knowledge on lighting installations. If you know how to install them, doing this yourself is cheaper than hiring labor. The solar light is also a good option for your patio.

Benefits of Solar Patio Lights

Solar patio lights have become quite the popular choice, especially over the past couple of years when eco-friendly issues have gained such recognition. There are some great benefits offered by solar lights, which all homeowners stand to benefit from.

Of course one of the greatest benefits lies in the fact these lights are environmentally friendly. They power up through the day using solar energy and are then able to run all night, without the need for any electricity. All you do is set the lights up where you want them and leave them be. They power up entirely on their own so there is no extra work involved for you.

These days, with issues like global warming affecting the world it has never been more important than it is now to rely on eco-friendly products, including out on the patio and in the garden.

The solar lights are also very cost-effective. Because you are not using up all that extra electricity, that means savings for you and your money stays in your pocket where it belongs. Solar energy is completely free, besides the initial cost of the actual lights of course, so there is no extra spending in it for you. This is one of the benefits that tends to draw the most people in.

Solar patio lights are truly the most inexpensive way to light up your garden. They save you money, look great and most importantly are environmentally friendly. More and more people are starting to take advantage of this technology and use it to their benefit. Look for solar lights for your home at any standard lighting store, as most offer a pretty decent selection nowadays.

Make sure you place the lights in the right position on your patio or garden. Try to find a spot that receives the most sunlight during the day for the lights to get the maximum amount of solar energy.

How to Set Up Hanging Patio Lights

hanging patio lightsOnce you’ve purchased your hanging patio lights, you can have them professionally installed for a fee — or you can install certain types yourself.  It’s a simple process, but one that requires some careful thought, so don’t rush into setting up your patio lights before you’ve done some considering about where and how to hang them.

You do not want direct glare from the lights, so unless they are completely muted, you’ll want to place or angle the lights so they will never shine right in your eyes.  Determine where you’ll be sitting on your patio and hang the lights accordingly.  You also don’t want the light to go into your neighbors’ yards, so find a place in between your yard and theirs for the lights to shine.  Consider tucking them slightly into some overhead foliage, or wrap them around low-hanging branches so the leaves will redirect the light.

Try not to secure hanging patio lights with sharp things like tacks or nails, as you run the risk of pushing through the wires or causing damage to the lights or the objects on which they are hanging.  The best thing to do is drape the lights over branches or loop them around a beam; if that is not possible, see if you can tie them up with twine or fasten them with wire.

Remember to set up the strings of hanging patio lights before you install the bulbs (unless the bulbs are pre-installed and it cannot be helped).  This prevents breakage and allows you to experiment more freely with hanging positions and designs.  If the bulbs are pre-installed, you should always test the string of lights to make sure none of the bulbs need to be replaced.  And finally, take your hanging patio lights down during extremely cold temperatures to avoid damage.