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Planning For A Kitchen Island

A kitchen island can be a place to gather, prepare food, wash dishes and even cook. If you’re remodeling your kitchen, you can add an island that provides a cooktop and/or a sink as well as storage space and work space. But if you don’t want to remodel your kitchen, you can purchase a portable, wheeled kitchen island that can be moved when convenient. You’ll lose the options for a cook top or sink, but you do get a lot of work space and a place to put some stools and gather for a snack or meal.

If you’re considering adding a kitchen island with a cooktop, don’t forget to account for a place to put ventilation. While some homes have stoves that don’t have range hoods above them, your kitchen will stay cleaner and cooler if you have the proper hood with ventilation above a cooktop. It’s designed to pull odors out of the room but will also help keep everything in your kitchen including, your cabinets and other surfaces, cleaner because much of the grease and liquids when you cook go up instead of out into the room. It’s not absolutely necessary to have this, but if you are going to invest in a built-in island with cooktop, you’re doing yourself a favor to go ahead and add a hood now.

Also, consider that if you’re going to have an island with a sink or you plan to wash dishes, you’ll want one that has two levels of counter tops. You’ll want the workspace counter that’s level with the sink and another level that blocks the view of the sink. This helps hide the dishes and gives people sitting at the counter a place to lean that’s not level with the sink. These islands are bigger and more expensive, so if you’re on a small budget and don’t really need an extra sink, you might look at the smaller model.

Bathroom Accessories Are Part of Overall Bathroom Design

bathroom_accessoriesA successful bathroom design focuses on both style and function; great looking spaces that lack a meaning or fail at providing their intended purposes act as wasted space. Designs that include efficient, yet stylish bathroom accessories along with proper lighting often serve their inhabitants best. Some items like decorative mirrors provide purpose and an atmospheric enhancer, making them a great fit for any style of bathroom design.

The first part of most design processes includes the selection of a focal point. Many bathroom designs include both a shower and a bath; purchasing both of the accessories together as one fitted fixture acts as a great price and room saver. When selecting a tub or a shower together, the pieces can act as the focal point of the bathroom, taking up the most room and serving the largest purpose. Some home decorators and interior designers choose to make counter top space and a large mirror the central fixture of the bathroom. The addition of effective light sources can determine where the focus gets directed as well.

A home spa design incorporates some of the traditional features of most bathroom spaces, including a toilet and a bathing area. However, major expenses are usually dedicated to matching the rest of the room to the bathing or spa like systems. Large spa and Jacuzzi tubs often take up more than one third of the entire bathroom, easily becoming the focal point. When appliances become overpowering or too large, sometimes the functions of the bathroom are hindered.

Some of the most basic norms involved with bathroom design include proper lighting and an adequate moving space. Lighting for the shower is an important attribute included in nearly every design. A lot of bathrooms are designed to serve more than one person at one time. When appliances and accessories block walking room, the possibilities for more than person to use the bathroom at a time diminishes greatly. One way to increase the space included with the bathroom design involves placing appliances in the far corners of the room. This stretches the walk way and floor between things like the countertop sink area and baths or showers.