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Styles of Outdoor Garden Furniture

All of us have our own preference when it comes to pieces of furniture. Choosing outdoor garden furniture is even trickier since it is exposed to different elements. When it comes to style, there are plenty of options to choose from. Although you can always mix and match styles, it is still advisable to stick to one style. Not only does this provide harmony. It also gives you a more relaxing environment as compared to a combination of different styles that may not even work with each other.

The question you should then be asking is what style do you have? To know this, you will need to think about the location and what you feel looks good in it. You will also need to think about the functionality of the furniture and how much your budget is.

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There are five different categories for the styles of different garden owners. You may fit in one of these categories then you can start from there.


This kind of owner has a styled interior. The exterior has to look good as well. Everything must be exquisitely decorated for it to have the right look.

If you are this type of owner, then the best outdoor garden furniture style for you is teak. It is both classic and modern. It fits perfectly in most kinds of houses. If the plain wood is not to your aesthetic taste then they can be topped off with stylishly designed patio cushions.

Laid Back or Easy Going

If you are not really the stylish kind but you want something to help you relax, you must look for furniture pieces that are durable. It should be simple in design. The style should also be easy to maintain. People who want a laid back atmosphere in their homes do not want furniture pieces that are high end. Anything that is easy on the eyes and relaxing should do just fine.

Trendy and Entertaining

Trentertainer is the slang word for people who are both trendy and entertaining. These type of owners prefer the outside setting than the inside. If you are this type, you should buy teak outdoor garden furniture pieces with seating that is aluminum-framed. This type of furniture will add an interesting and expected twist to the whole set.

Tips on Buying a Bathroom Shower Radio

Some people enjoy listening to music or news while taking a bath. This is more relaxing and fun than usual bathing without music or anything to listen to. After all, multitasking has never been this relaxing.

There are different types of shower radio. They differ in features, sound quality, and water resistance. If you want to choose the right model, here are some tips to just that. There are many traditional walk in shower enclosures that are sold even until today, so it is no wonder radios are being designed to be used in them. Some people who prefer portable music can go for MP3 players and the like. There are models that are water proof.

The price ranges from ten to seventy dollars. It depends on the model and the feature you are going to buy. Popular brands include Memorex, Curtis, Sony, Panasonic, Sangean, Coby, and Protocol to name the least.

These radios can also be used at the beach and other places where water is very much present. You can enjoy it when you’re at the poolside getting a tan, in the kitchen, on a cruise, on a garden camping, and so on.

Most of these portable radios work on standard batteries. This includes AAA, AA, C, and D. Portable radios with C or D batteries can work for months without charging. AA batteries can also last for days and even weeks depending on the frequency of use. Some radios can be powered by AC electrical mains. Others can be rechargeable.

In choosing the radio, you should always consider how splash proof and water resistant it is. You will also need to think about where you want to use it and for what reason. Lifestyle is another thing to consider when it comes to choosing portable radios. You may want to think about where you want to bring it in and which places you are most likely to use it.

When it comes to shower radios, there are two main categories. One is the splash proof or water resistant and the other is waterproof. Waterproof radios tend to be more expensive and difficult to find compared to the splash proof ones.

If you are out to buy any if these two types, you must look for certification by IPX or JIS. There are government and military tests that approve these waterproof radios. Look for that guarantee and you can rest assured it is a quality radio.

Decorating Your Room With Vinyl Wall Quotes

Have you ever thought, “If only walls could speak…”? They can now, with vinyl wall quotes!  You can find almost anything, or it can be made up for you, in the vinyl industry. There are numerous vinyl quotes already available for purchase; inspirational, motivational, nursery rhymes, and love quotes, just to name a few. Personalized quotes can be made for an additional cost. These vinyl additions do amazing things to add flavor to the walls in your home. In minutes your walls can become a work of art. They are inexpensive, easy to apply and removable. However, they are intended to only be used once because of the thinness of the vinyl.

Installation is relatively easy. Necessary tools to have on hand are an all purpose cleaner, water in a squirt bottle, a wet sponge, dry cloths, ruler, level, straight edge, pencil, a burnishing tool (or a credit card will do), and the vinyl quote. You will need to prep the wall first by cleaning it with the cleaner, and wiping it down so no dust will prevent a good seal. Then with the water and sponge, wipe away any residue left from the cleaner. With your dry cloths, wipe down the wall to make sure it is completely dry.

The vinyl quotes come in three layers. The top layer is similar to masking tape and is called the transfer tape. The bottom layer has a grid pattern on the back and is glossy on the front. These two layers are only there to help with the application of the process. The middle layer contains the actual letters.

This is a wonderful way to add a “wow” factor to any area. There are quotes for laundry rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, a summer house, cabins, and nurseries, plus so many more. The options are endless. These could add warmth and personality to a room, or color and excitement to wake up to in the morning.

Decorating Around White Cottage Style Furniture

White cottage style furniture can seem a little bit plain at first. This is why it’s important to incorporate it into the rest of the room. It does have pretty simple lines and basic paint finishes. However, it can be the base for a very specific and feminine kind of design style but can also work in a black and white room.

You can try painting the walls behind this furniture. Another option would be to go with wallpaper, which is going to give you more of a feminine kind of pattern. This could even be an oversized floral print if you wanted flowers but in more contemporary kinds of ways.

You can also really accent this with a lot of different accessories. A great way to do this is just a terra-cotta pot. You can use different chalkboard stickers on the front to mark the plants or flowers. You could also just put a lamp inside one of these for a very unique decorative accessory. You can also paint the pots with different colors and patterns for a whimsical kind of look. This is a great inexpensive craft project but it really is going to bring that garden feeling into your own home.

You’ll also want to pay attention to things like bed skirts and window treatments. They should all have white in them just so that it coordinates with your furniture and helps soften the harsh wood pieces. Plaids are a staple in the country kind of style. In this case you should have more feminine color palettes in pink and yellow as well as green. In fact these colors can all be together. Depending on how you style the rest of the room this is the perfect color palette for a little girl’s room, guest room, or even a master bedroom as long as you keep it sophisticated enough. You can also put this on lampshades or use it as artwork.

Minimalist Interior Design: The Bare Necessities

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of themes or types of designs for the inside of your home. Many shops are dedicated to these styles, from modern to contemporary, from Victorian to country.  Themes that cover, or accentuate, things like safaris, or Native American textiles, or the Far East, still have something in common: they all embellish with photographs, flowers, books, vases, and little statues.  All themes with the exception of one: minimalist interior design.

This type of interior design is appearing more and more in homes, here and around the world.  It has had some surges since it was coined in 1965, when stark white rooms with geometric designs appeared, but it has changed since then.   This type of home decoration says it all within the word of minimalist. In this type design, whether it is in works of art, or building architecture, or even interior design, it all comes down to the bare necessities.  Just to have what is needed to make the room useful, yet pleasing to the eye, but very uncluttered.  The walls are usually white and unadorned with framed pictures; instead, the walls are textured, or shadowed with lighting.  The furniture is sharp and angled, and low in number, but with a splash of color from a thick throw blanket, or pillows softens and can make the room comfortable.  This is a design is the absolute meaning of “less is more”.

For those that want a room that is decorated with color, texture or lighting, instead of knickknacks, curio cabinets, a 3 shelf bookcase and magazines, this is for you.  This design is a much softer, and more inviting today, than that of the near-sterile feeling it had in its beginning.  A house that has this design carried throughout it interior, or even if its just one room, can be just as warm or inviting as any other.  It can be almost a work of art in itself.

Beach House Interior Design

beach-house-interiorSo you’ve finally found the right beachfront property for you and your family and are ready to move in as soon as you can? Whether you’re planning on using your beach home as a second home for vacationing, a permanent home, or a rental property, there’s one more essential step you have to take before you can use your home. You have to decorate it. Decorating any home can be a time-confusing and frustrating affair, and with beach homes its complicated by the fact many people live a far way away from them. Try to limit your frustration and follow some of these general tips.

First, don’t spend too much money on expensive furniture for your beachfront home, especially if you’re using it for mostly vacationing. If you’re coming down to the shore for the weekend it may be nice to sit on that brand new leather couch, but if you just forget your have wet, sandy shorts on once the entire couch can get ruined. Instead, opt for furniture that blends style, toughness, and comfort. You’ll get the most use out of it without having to constantly worry on your vacation about ruining your furniture.

If you have a balcony or deck, you most likely will be spending a lot of time out there, so don’t forget to spend some time decorating it was well. Wicker furniture is very popular with most oceanfront homes because it is tough but also looks good and is pretty comfortable when you add a cushion.

Finally, make sure that you keep most of your decorating plans simple, especially for vacation homes. Odds are, you came to the beach to relax and stay away from the worries of the world for a little bit. Don’t waste your vacation away worrying about breaking some expensive dishes or fixtures. There’s no need to decorate your rooms with a bare light bulb on a string, but make sure the decorations you do choose add to the atmosphere without breaking the bank.

Interior Design Guide to Orange Wallpaper

orange wall paperOrange wallpaper is a very daring look. It allows you to bring in a lot of color without a lot of effort. It can be a lot more subtle and toned down then just painting the walls orange. It also let you bring in patterns with different interior design colors. This can work with all different design styles. If done incorrectly it can kind of seem like a nightmare and you may hate your whole decorating adventure. Here are a few tips for decorating with orange wallpaper successfully.

One thing you really want to keep in mind is that there really isn’t any hiding. This is a very daring look and it’s going to get noticed. As such you want to show it off. You should go with an orange that is very common in design. You can modernize a retro room just by going with more updated furniture. For instance, you could pull out the white from the wallpaper and use it on the couch. A white couch will seem crisp and fresh without taking the focus away from you treatment.

Make it elegant. You might be in the mood to change how people think about the color orange. If you go for a pumpkin color then it can really change how people view it. You can even find a damask print that would look quite worn and rich at the same time. You can go for an old world library feel by bringing in rich leather chairs and mahogany end tables. You could then paint most of the walls in a neutral color and just use the paper on the focal wall. This is also a great treatment if you don’t have a headboard. You could make your entire wall into a headboard display by using the paper. This is also a great solution if you don’t have a lot of architectural detail because it really takes the focus in your interior design.

Makeover Your Bedroom by Removing Clutter

bedroomThink about what kind of decoration you want on the wall. It doesn’t always have to be photos; you can have paintings or decals, or a trophy shelf maybe. Many rooms can look great with little or no wall decorations, depending on the size and outline of the room itself. Modern wall art is often composed of simplistic, yet aesthetically pleasing designs and it can add a fine complement to a room that seems barren. It might be something as straightforward as arranging nine black squares in a giant square pattern on a blank spot on your wall to make your sleeping environment feel more complete.

A very crucial part of making your bedroom more livable is to dispose of anything that you don’t want or need. It will be time-consuming, but give your room a scrupulous cleaning and ask yourself if you really want to keep every single little thing you find. Determine what you can do without and get rid of those items, either by selling them (which would generate more money for your room’s makeover) or giving them away. A cluttered room can be an embarrassment, an aggravation, a discomfort, or even panic-inducing, so do your best to remove excess stuff and then you will be able to work with what you have left. Trust me, sometimes less looks a lot better, especially if you have a room so jam-packed with bits and pieces that you only have a path carved out from your door to your bed. Move stuff around and experiment with different organizations until you find something that suits you.

In fact, you might have everything you need for a handsome room layout already in your possession; it might just be a matter of rearranging things in a different way around the room. Experimentation is vital to achieving a desirable makeover for your bedroom, so don’t be troubled by juggling things around the room for a while.

The hardest part about making over one’s bedroom is getting the drapes, floors, and bedding to match. They don’t all necessarily have to be the same exact colors, but getting shades to work together in harmony is a lot harder than it seems when you’re working with more than three values. This is the part where it would probably be good to check out local thrift stores and websites like eBay and see what you can mix and match. You’d be surprised what you can find second-hand. Even those who have no sense of design will just know something isn’t right if the colors don’t match; certain tints work together and your eye can interpret that combination of colors as fun, exciting, relaxing, or sensual, depending on the chosen palette.

Types of Luxury Bathroom Vessel Sinks

bathroom_vesselVessel sinks are a contemporary feature in the bathroom which often gives a Japanese inspired look. The sophistication and elegance of these designs creates an Asian flair which complements different styles of finishes and faucets. There are a number and designs and materials available and can provide a stunning centrepiece for the bathroom.

They have a distinctive three dimensional appeal as the bowl appears to be sitting on top of the counter surface. They are produced in a variety of materials but commonly granite, stone, glass and marble. They give an air of unique, sophisticated elegance.

Bathroom vessel sinks can vary in size, but most commonly they are approximately five to six inches high and fifteen to eighteen inches in diameter. Due to their size and shape, however, they are often not splash proof and is often the case of form over function. It is possible to buy a deeper bowl but you will find most have the above dimensions. Although they have this minor disadvantage, the appearance often more than makes up for it.

The principle materials used for vessel sinks are: Granite, Stone, Marble, and Onyx:

The granite vessel sinks are cut from a single piece of granite and polished to a high sheen. They will give the bathroom a stunning contemporary earthy look. They come in many different shades from black and grey to pink and orange. Sat on an oak vanity with polished stainless steel or chrome faucets, they are simply stunning.

The stone vessel sinks are often hand chiseled which makes each one unique. They have a lot of texture on the outside due to this hand finishing. They come in many colors and rock or pebble style adding a natural look. They look good with matte finished or polished stainless faucets.

Marble sinks are very popular and give a more luxurious appearance. There is a huge range of colors, from dark, giving a modern look, to light, giving a more traditional look. Mosaic style sinks are the result of enhancement with marble cubes.

Onyx sinks are the ultimate in sinks, giving the best Japanese inspiration. Not only can you find the traditional bowl shaped sinks but also square and flat, sushi plate like, varieties. To finish the look use chrome or polished stainless steel faucets.

Sink installation can be a tricky business and involves a bit of plumbing. Any mistakes could be expensive and so I would advise using the services of a professional plumber. This way you will get a properly installed sink and something of beauty to last you years.

Shopping for Drum Shades on a Budget

drum-shade-pendantWhen you are looking for stylish new lampshades for your modern home and have a strict budget to keep to, there is one type of lamp shade that is sure to provide a solution. Drum shades are usually available quite cheaply in discount stores and you will probably be able to find them in a number of different sizes and colors to suit your requirements. Drum lamp shades are often cheaper than other shades because they are so simple to manufacture. (A cylindrical drum shape is easier to make than other shapes such as a pagoda).

If you are not quite satisfied with the plain shades you find in the discount stores there are a few other places you can look for low cost shades.

1. Sales

You will often find lamp shades are discounted at sale time by big department stores and you can make a big saving especially if you are looking for more than one shade.

2. Ends of Lines

You can get good deals even in designer stores if you choose lamp shades that are about to be discontinued. There is no harm in buying these if you are not planning on getting a whole set of coordinated items.

3. Auction Sites

You can get some good prices for lamp shades on places like eBay where vendors offer items just a little cheaper than in regular stores. Do take care that the vendor has a good reputation and that the shipping costs are reasonable (meaning that they don’t turn a good deal into an expensive purchase).

4. Online Lighting Stores

The online lighting stores sell a range of items from very cheap to very expensive but they usually compare favorably at each level with full priced merchandise from local stores so it is well worth looking to see if you can get exactly what you want. Sometimes you can get something just a little bit unusual online which you cannot get locally and that in itself can make shopping online worthwhile.

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas on a Budget

Bathroom remodeling, even on a budget, can add value to your home. If you can stick to a budget you are making a valuable investment in your home. Here are some tips to help you on your way.

Many people often overlook the ceiling when remodeling a bathroom. Having a unique ornate bathroom ceiling is very effective and is quite cheap to do, often under one hundred dollars. Take some textured wallpaper and paste it onto the ceiling. After it has dried, paint with a water resistant paint. It is inexpensive but looks very unique.

You often find that hotel bathrooms are luxurious. The showers often seem large and very spacious. A great way to get the same effect and feel is to install a curved shower rod. A double curved rod is very handy as it will allow you to fit a high quality liner with your shower curtain.

Most bathrooms have tired, old looking vanity lighting. A budget tip is to remove the old lighting and replace with new, more modern looking vanity light fixtures. They can be found at many home improvement stores such as Lowe’s and Home Depot. Although shopping for these online is tempting I would suggest going to buy these actually in person to get the best quality looking models.

Using paint in the bathroom is a quick and inexpensive way to make an improvement and getting your room looking up to scratch. Pick a neutral color that is bold and make sure the paint is water resistant. It is also possible to buy paint that is mold and fungus resistant. Getting a shower curtain or bath mat to match or complement will add that extra touch of class.

The bathroom vanities are a vital part of the bathroom design. If you vanity tops are outdated the whole bathroom will look old and out of date also. The top can be tiled, for example with granite tiles, to create a fresh modern look. Alternatively if there is a granite dealer near you you could have a top specifically cut, which can often obtain at a discount. Due to the small size, often leftovers from kitchen worktops can be used. This, as well as a fresh coat of paint will create a stunning look.

Budget bathroom remodeling can be a difficult process. However, with these tips, which can help you save money you can achieve a stunning result for little money.

Is Your Home Smart or Casual

Although there are many styles of home which are reflected in choice of color, furniture and flooring, I think that most of them fall firmly into one of two camps and you probably know by instinct which one you belong to. You may prefer a smart formal style or a relaxed casual look in your home.

The Smart Formal Look

A smart formal home has a style which has been thought about in advance and planned in the finest detail. Nothing has been forgotten and there is a reason for every item in the room. Meticulous care has been applied in putting together a color scheme which is both smart and suitable for the use of the room, the direction the windows face and the amount of light the room receives at various parts of the day and year. The curtains have a classic heading or they are topped by valances which fall into crisp formal folds or by a fixed cornice. Sofas are firm yet comfortable and are decorated by a precise arrangement of cushions designed to go well together.

The Casual Look

The casual look may seem as if has been put together in a minute but it actually takes quite a lot of planning to make a casual look work successfully while seeming casual. It is simply a more relaxed look but if you just let it happen all you will achieve is a mess of colors and styles. The casual look is due to a careful choice of styles for every object in the room. So you might have squashy sofas (rather than upright ones) festooned by a pile of great cushions and a couple of throws, which seem to be casually placed but they are there for a reason – to make the sofa have a great relaxed look! With curtains, you will have a simple gathered or tied heading or a window valance treatment which is draped casually over a pole at the top of the window. While it might seem casual, that draped effect may very well have taken an hour to pin into exactly the right position.

From this you can see that both types of styles take work. The only style which does not is no style at all!

The Magic Of Wall Quotes

It is not always easy to hit upon the right decorative items for the walls of your house. Indeed, there are countless options although several of them aren’t reasonably priced or exactly what you are going for anyhow.

Wall quotes are the perfect way out of this dilemma and a growing number of individuals are utilizing them to embellish their homes.

Wall quotes can effectively transform your home interior into a more accurate reflection of your self by displaying sayings that are meaningful to you. Along with the quotes, visual decals offer imagery that makes your living space more pleasing.

You don’t have to choose from predetermined prototypes you’ll get in mail-order catalogs : it is easy to submit your own hand made designs to vinyl decal shops and get a unique piece of decoration for your room.

It will be to your benefit to get the thinnest wall decal available which moreover does not have a surrounding layer on all sides of the letters or images. You want your decals to seem like they have been hand painted straight on the wall.

Aside from looking good, vinyl adhesives have turned into something trendy for the reason that they are removable and will not harm your walls as they are taken off. Many (not all) types of vinyl decals can be reused and may be adhered to a variety of surfaces as time goes by.

Given their versatility, vinyl decals are just right to decorate interiors for special occasions such as birthday parties or baby showers. They can bring a touch of refinement and uniqueness to these celebrations.

They should also work out very well in your kids’ bedrooms or recreation room as the decor can then be simply changed and kept up to date as your young ones grow older. It will be possible for you to modify the landscape in their room even as their likes and dislikes mature.

Even though some vinyl decals can be costly – chiefly the larger ones that look like murals – large numbers of them are not and it is doable to create great effects that only involve minor costs. Wall decals can take you as far as your creativity will allow so it’s up to you to design expressive room decors in your house!

Three Steps to Choosing Kitchen Curtain Colors

There is a huge variety available in kitchen curtain fabrics and colors, so many that you may be hesitant to make a choice. If you are worried about making the wrong decision here is a step by step plan to follow:-

Step 1 : Think About Your Kitchen

Your kitchen itself will be the biggest factor in choosing colors wisely. Some kitchens are built around natural materials. For example, you may have wooden units and terracotta flooring, with beige mosaic tiles on the walls. Although you may have stainless steel or white appliances the colors in a kitchen like this are for the most part warm and curtains should belong in this color spectrum too. If, on the other hand, your kitchen is mainly shiny white surfaces and black counter tops then your kitchen belongs in the cool spectrum and you need to choose cool colors for your kitchen curtains too.

Step 2 : Think About Your Accessories

If you have already chosen your kitchen accessories, then think about the colors that they add to your kitchen. It makes sense to include these in your curtains. If you have not chosen your accessories yet you can skip this step and choose accessories to match your kitchen tier curtains rather than the other way around.

Step 3 : Look at Available Fabrics

Look at available curtain fabrics for both ready made and made to measure curtains. You will find these in local stores but don’t forget to look online too. Remember to consider only those fabrics which are suitable for the kitchen. These will be easy-care (washable) and informal (cotton rather than silk!) If you are looking for warm color curtains, consider fabrics which are predominantly cream, yellow, orange, warm green or brown. If looking at the cool color spectrum seek out those fabrics which are mainly white, blue, gray or acid tones.