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Homemade Wall Decor

A plain and simple wall can be brought to life by any decorative piece, but you don’t have to splurge on paint, wallpaper, and expensive decorative pieces. Just put your thinking cap on and find things you already have around the house to spruce up your walls. Here are a few tips for making your own wall decorations.

Instead of using paint and wallpaper, put up a huge map of the world. It will definitely make the wall look more interesting, and if you have children, educational too. Your kids can learn a thing or two about geography just by hanging out in the room. It’s also a great conversation starter at parties, when your guests start talking about trips they’ve made and places they would love to visit.

Another fun project is making block posters. With the help of a website application, you can turn any image into a poster as large as you like and print the pages on your computer then assemble them on the wall.

A collage can make a colorful and fun statement in your room. This is an easy task because you just need to cut out images from magazines, newspapers and catalogs, then attach a large piece of paper on the wall, spray the entire surface of the paper with spray adhesive, and stick the cut outs one by one. If you feel like adding something else on another day, just spray the back of the cut out with spray adhesive and once again stick it on the collage. This will allow you to express yourself freely, and can serve as both a creative outlet and an inspiration board.

6 Ft. x 6 Ft. Fun Flowers Mural

6 Ft. x 6 Ft. Fun Flowers Mural

Make your walls come to life with this adorable fun flower block mural. A perfect wall mural to brighter any room. The mural is divided and packaged into panels and prepasted for ease of installation. The mural is washable and strippable when it’s time to remove.

You can even make a curtain out of old baseball cards, greeting cards and postcards and hang them on your walls. Punch a hole on all four sides of each card and tie one card to another using a ribbon or metal rings. If you do not have enough cards to make a paper curtain, you can use card holders or photo slots from unused albums instead. You can put a picture on each slot until you slowly fill them up.

To create something memorable that will remind you of the months and years that have gone by, you can make a memory wall, sort of like a guest book. Just frame a large piece of paper and attach it to the wall. Every time you have a family reunion or a friend visits, have them write a message on the paper. You can also add pictures of yourself and your loved ones, vacation shots, and beautiful scenery you have captured on film.

Decorating your walls can be turned to a fun and memorable activity. Involve the whole family and let everybody be part of the creation, from the first brainstorming session to the final big reveal. Not only do you get to spend quality family time together, you will end up with some very unique wall decor solutions.

If you are not quite up to making your own wall decorations, you can still find some great items for sale for relatively cheap prices, many of which can be bought online at stores such as Home Depot for example. Here are a few items for those who feel a little less confident of creating your own wall decor.

Orion Wall Decor - Set of 4

Orion Wall Decor – Set of 4

Impressive black and gold metal round starburst Orion wall decor. Complimentary set of four. These round starburst Orion wall pieces make a very bold statement. Would be perfect on a bold color wall to show through the open design.

Leather Furniture- A Smart Home Decor Investment

leather furnitureNatural leather is a warm and inviting material with truly unique characteristics. When you are choosing a new sofa you might want to consider investing in leather. It may be a little more expensive than conventional fabric upholstery but if properly cared for it can last a lifetime, becoming more beautiful with age and use.

With a piece of furniture that will last you so long, the quality is the foremost factor you need to consider when making your choice. There are cheap leather sofas available but these are not likely to have the durability and character of a well designed and made example. Look for leather that has been tanned with water based dyes and finished with natural substances such as beeswax that allows the natural markings and shade variations to show off the leather’s best characteristics.

If you don’t want to wait for your new leather furniture to age and acquire the lovely lived in look, you can even buy furniture that has already been “antiqued”. Or you could buy genuine antique pieces although good antique leather furniture is likely to cost more than buying new.

One important consideration is the color. Think about the future rather than buying a leather sofa that suits your home decor now. You may want to change your decoration style in a few years or even move home and your sofa will still be with you. So even if you love red or green at the moment, it would be better to choose a more neutral color that will go with any home decor scheme you might like to choose in years to come. A tan, golden brown or smoky colored leather will tone with almost any color room and you can always pile on the pillows or a throw in a accent color to fit in with your theme.

Decorating with Vintage Collectibles

If you are not the type of person who enjoys flipping through home decorating magazines looking for the latest ideas, you may want to spend a little bit of time considering a different path in home decor.  Many people today are looking toward vintage items as a way to decorate their homes.  You can find these old items at garage sales, yard sales, estate sales and auctions, both online and off.  One of the more popular online auction sites is eBay, and they have conveniently broken their collectibles category down into many subcategories for collectors to peruse.

There is something comforting and even rustic about using vintage or antique items in your home decorating scheme.  We have all heard the saying what is old is new again, and it certainly can be applied to the accents you place around your house.  Using older items to decorate may not get you on the cover of any home decorating magazines, but it can really help in creating a fun and welcoming atmosphere in your home.  There are many small items that can be added to your decorating scheme that will act as a subtle touch that can make a big difference.  A quick look at eBay will show you that antique crystal doorknobs are a very popular item among buyers.  Some people replace the metal hardware before installing them on the doors in their homes, but others prefer the worn look of the original metal.  Especially for people who live in large, older homes, these beautiful doorknobs can offer some real charm.

Other people like to devote one or more of their rooms to a particular theme or hobby.  One very popular theme is railroad memorabilia.  Setting up a train room can be a fun way to pass the time for a railroad enthusiast.  Along with actual working scale model trains, people often place old railroad memorabilia about the room such as railroad crossing signs and vintage railroad lanterns.

These are just a couple of ideas for folks who enjoy taking a different approach in their home decorating.  You should always follow your heart and your imagination when you decide to decorate.  It is, after all, your home and you should feel good about it no matter what room you are in.