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Which Type of Garden Lighting Should You Choose?

A homeowner can place any type of lighting he likes in his garden. There are various lightings in the market that can enhance your garden. Some lights are created to illuminate your living space extension outside of your house. There are others created to offer more safety and security. You can combine these lighting to produce a well-lit and secure outdoor garden for your convenience and evening entertainment with family or friends.

Solar garden lights can also be installed in your garden. By going green, you help save the environment and you help save yourself a few bucks from electricity. These lights provide much needed lighting to beautify your garden. They are easy to install and you can do it by yourself. There are different kinds of solar light in the market. There are traditional ones which have solar landscape rocks which can light up your pathway. There are also solar hanging lights that can be draped on bushes to provide them light after the sun goes down. Additionally, there are also solar stake lightings that improve the beauty of your landscape.

There are in-water lights and waterside lights that improve your garden. It is possible to install colored underwater lights in ponds or pools to create amazing light dances across and underneath the water. Water structures, such as fountains, can have lighting or spotlights to provide focus on it. If safety and security is a concern, you can install motion detecting lights in the dark places of your garden to alarm you with possible trespassers. You can also add lights along your pathway, driveways, and walking places in the garden. These garden lights range from as small as landscape rocks with light built in to lighting posts strategically positioned every few steps to provide brilliance to your garden.

There are unlimited ideas for garden lighting. The homeowner can select any design that is appropriate for his garden concerns. After all, the garden should be a safe and nice place to have fun, entertainment, and relaxation.

Winterizing Garden Lights

When the months begin to grow colder, a lot of people start to turn their attention to shutting down the garden. It’s time to kill the garden lighting and let everything sink back to the earth.

Winterizing your garden isn’t a bad idea, and the main reason for that is that everything has to take a rest – even plants! If you live in a region where the winter temperatures regularly dip towards zero or you see a great deal of snowfall, then preparing your garden for a long sleep should be a priority.

Your garden lights should not be left out in the cold! First, remove any bulbs that you can. Gently wrap them in soft cloth – old worn denim works best. Then place them in a box where they won’t be rolling around.

Next, gather the light itself – with the bulb gone – and take it inside. This is an excellent time to clean the light. Using a damp cloth, and perhaps a touch of a mild cleansing agent, gently wash the light. Remove all the accumulated dust and dirt from a spring, summer and fall out in the garden.

Let the light air dry, and then store it in a safe place. You might want to keep it near the bulb that goes along with it, so you don’t have to go searching for it come Spring.

Winter is also a good time to evaluate the lighting system you have used in your garden. What did you like about it? What didn’t work? What would you change for the upcoming season?

Make a list and then let your imagination play with it. Every new year is a chance to create better and more beautiful lighting schemes for your lawn and garden. Don’t let this time go to waste! You can even create a map or master list that details your garden lighting plan.

Enjoy your winter – your new garden lighting season will be upon you soon enough!

A New Look at Garden Lighting

When it comes time for you to think about outdoor lighting, think solar lights. Solar garden lights have become a viable option for any homeowner. Not only have they come down in price in recent years, but their durability, brightness and design have increased threefold. Early versions of the solar garden lights were prohibitively expensive and fragile. One Midwestern winter and the lights were ruined. They are a great eco-friendly option for both home owners and renters.

So now that you have more options for garden lighting and patio lighting you can let your imagination run wild. In the past patio lights in particular, had to be hard wired and that could make them cost prohibitive for the average homeowner or renter. Of course there was always the option of running out an extension cord to illuminate your barbecue and then bringing it back in at evening’s end. But who wants to mess with ugly extension cords?

You can go to any home improvement store and find a box of garden lights for less than $50. Most of these are conveniently in a stake style so that installation is a breeze. More and more you can find hanging outdoor lights that are so solar powered. These are still a little clunky as they require a small black solar box for energy. But compared to paying for an electrician or running out wires from the house, it’s a small price to pay. There are even some new varieties of solar powered outdoor sconces. They are pricey, but they may be the look you’ve wanted for the patio.

What makes solar lights so nice is that they are only on when you need them. They make a nice accent for a long summer evening of relaxing on the patio with friends. They don’t need to be as bright as floodlights; all they need to do is help illuminate a footpath or the edges of the patio. They can be of great help in lighting the way for your guests to arrive or leave from the front door. If you space them judiciously to illuminate your front walkway, you’ve made your yard safer and prettier for just a few dollars. In the winter, when it already dark when you arrive home, these solar lights are going to be a welcome beacon to light your way into the house so you can begin your evening.

Solar Garden Lights AND LEDs

Beautiful landscaping is essential to the overall design and aesthetics of your home.  Considering how important landscaping is, you should keep in mind the importance of garden lights.  Choosing from the different kinds of garden lighting can be difficult due to the amount of choices available.  Each kind of light, whether it be halogen, solar or LED will emit a different amount of light and use a different amount of energy.

LED garden lights are the most efficient in energy use when comparing lights that require electricity to run.  LED bulbs have a higher initial cost compared to the incandescent bulb, but have the power to last 50 times longer than other bulbs.  LED garden lighting also use a lot less power to operate, only require a 13 watt bulb to emit the same amount of light as a 40 watt incandescent bulb.

solargardenlightsIf you wish to use garden lights that require zero energy to use, then consider solar garden lights.  The only energy they require is from the sun and charge during the day, storing the collected power in batteries to use during the night.  This gives these lights the distinct pleasure of being the cheapest lights to use.  Solar lights normally use LED bulbs to emit their light because they are so efficient in using energy.  Solar lights are also equipped with a sensor that can tell the difference between night and day, so the lights only come on during the proper time.

You will notice that the initial cost of purchasing LED or solar garden lights is higher than other lights, but this is quickly recovered within the first season or two of using them.  They last longer and have more efficient energy usage, so they do not need to be replaced as often as other garden lights.  You can find great prices on these types of lights by searching online retailers.