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Ceiling Fan Trends: Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans

Some items that are used in the home can be both decorative and functional. Ceiling fans that are on the market today fit this description, perfectly. Harbor Breeze is one of the major ceiling fan manufacturers to watch. Harbor Breeze ceiling fans are available in a vast array of materials and offer several different features, as well. The fans at Harbor Breeze are made in sizes ranging from 42 inches to 60 inches and the 52 inch sizes are the most popular. In addition, many of their items have been approved by Energy Star as an energy-efficient option such as, their fan that features a black matte finish.

Photo By: Larry Page

The traditional style of their ceiling fan has five blades and features a motor to turn the blades. Many models are available with adjustable speeds, as well, if you prefer. The blades are made from various materials including genuine wood, woven wicker and attractive plastic options, as well.

Some decorative options are designed with a light fixture attached to the fan and features dome light options or light fixtures that are held in place with metal prongs for decorative lamp shades. Ceiling fans are primarily used in residential homes and is not typically used in business settings. Industrial ceiling fans are the option that are typically chosen for businesses because they are much larger and more powerful, which enables them to cool off a much larger area than traditional decorative ceiling fans. One of the main uses for industrial ceiling fans in businesses is to dry ink in certain industries. Industrial fans are commonly used in buildings and companies that do print work. Another place where industrial ceiling fans are used is in professional photography industries, as well, to dry the ink to the paper in a dark room. Whether ceiling fans are being used for residential or industrial purposes, you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for at Harbor Breeze.

Advantages Of A Bathroom Ceiling Fan

A bathroom ceiling fan is often one of the most ignored fans in the home.  It’s unfortunate because most odor, dampness, mold and moisture could be prevented if only an adequate vent fan was installed.  There’s nothing that ruins the overall ambiance of a bathroom faster than a foul lingering odor or an old noisy exhaust fan.

There is some good news on the horizon because today there are more choices of bathroom fans than you can shake a stick at.  They come with such features as timers, sensors and humidistats.  It doesn’t matter whether you are attempting to match the décor of contemporary or classic bathroom there is a fan that can meet your needs.

Residential Bathroom Ceiling Fan Sizes

There are a few things you can do to help narrow down your choices and to insure you buy a fan that accommodates your needs. If you’re shopping for a bathroom ceiling fan for your home you’ll only find them in two sizes, four or six inches. For most bathrooms a four inch fan will suffice but if bathroom in question has very poor ventilation you may need to upgrade to the six inch fan to help better condense steam accumulation.

Residential Bathroom Ceiling Fan Features and Options

Convenience is a great luxury to have and paying the extra money for a couple of neat features is certainly worth it where bathroom fans are concerned.  A PIR sensor will automatically turn the fan on when it senses a person has entered a room.  What a great feature to have for those families who have kids who seem to always forget to turn the fan on when most needed.  Also, there is no more worrying about having to remember to turn a fan off either because a sensor will also turn the fan off when the room is empty.

Odors in bathrooms tend to hang around a bit longer than we’d like and a timer is a neat function that allows the fan to run for a measured block of time after the person has left the room before it stops.

The humidistat is a sensor that will automatically be activated once the moisture in the bathroom reaches a certain level.  These additional features will offer a convenience to you and your family for many years to come.

Why Purchase A White Ceiling Fan?

white ceiling fanThe decision to purchase a white ceiling fan can be made for an assortment of reasons. Deciding on a white fan is wise in that it will go in any room you place it without the colors being in conflict. It will not clash with most ceilings, as they are typically white.

The white will work well in any room you place it, as it will not conflict with any colors in the room that you install it in. Should you ever decide to move you could take this with you knowing that because it is white, it would fit into your new place.

When the weather begins to warm up, these are an excellent purchase, as they can be used to cool a room off. An air conditioner is quite expensive to run; therefore it is a frugal move to run your fan instead to cool off the room.

When the weather starts to heat up, as summer gets closer, turn on the fan to cool off your room. It might be weeks or more before you are in need of the air conditioner to be turned on.

Another purpose for this purchase would be to circulate air in the room. These are wonderful at helping in the kitchen when something is burned; they get rid of the offensive smell and clear the air. The fan is quite a marvel at circulating the warm air during the winter. Summertime also sees this used, as the air gets oppressive, turning on the fan and opening a window can take out the heaviness of the heat.

Here you have a variety of reasons to decide on the white ceiling fan. You should be quite happy with your decision regardless if you are getting it for the color, the weather, circulation purposes, or a reason of your own.