When You Need To Find A Plumber — Plumbing Part 6

You may awaken to the sound of running water in your home. Maybe it is in your bathroom, or perhaps it is in your kitchen. There is also a possibility that it may be in your basement. If there is a major plumbing leak, there are some things that you will need to do. You will need to shut the main water supply off, and then contact a plumber in Louisville KY.

Shutting Off the Main Water Supply

Most adults usually know how to shut water off to the house. However, it is possible that everyone is not familiar with this; especially children. This is why it is important to show everyone how to shut off the main water supply to your home, including your teens and children. If they are at home when your pipes begin leaking they should know how to turn off the main water supply promptly. It is also a good idea to check the main water supply from time to time to ensure that it is still easy to turn off–just in case you are not there to do it.

If for some reason the main water valve is frozen, or the leak is in front of the valve, you will have to go to your water meter. Some water meters may have a simple valve inside, for shutting off. However, others may require a special tool, and if that is the case you will have to contact your local water company.

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Finding a Professional for Your Plumbing Problems

You may not have a great deal of time to find a professional to fix your plumbing. However, it is always best to do a simple background check on any service, before you call them. One of the best ways to check up on a service, is to contact your local Better Business Bureau. Your BBB or Better Business Bureau can be reached by telephone. They also have a website for checking up on businesses. You can easily find out if a business has a lot of complaints, and you can check their rating.

Rather than waiting for an emergency before contacting a plumber it is a better idea to locate one in advance. In fact, this should be one of the numbers listed on your “emergency contact numbers”.  Taking the time to locate one before you have an emergency also gives you plenty of time to check into who is available and to ask around amongst friends and relatives who they would recommend.  Once you have found a potential plumbing company you may even want them to come out and assess your plumbing–especially if you are living in a older style house–as that way they will have some firsthand knowledge of your plumbing in the event that an emergency does happen.


If you have sudden plumbing problems the first step is to turn off the main water supply to your home. Make sure that all family members know where the shut-off valve is, and how to use it. Also, keep the number to the water company handy, in case you need them to shut the water off. When you need a plumber in Louisville KY, check with the Better Business Bureau, before calling anyone. Better yet, plan ahead so that you are not rushed or in a hurry and locate a plumbing company as soon as you move into a new home or area. Keep their number listed with your other emergency numbers.

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