Zone In on that Kitchen Clutter

A kitchen is more than just another room in your house. It’s a special place that is the center of your family’s universe. This is not only where you cook your meals. It is a place where the family lingers at any time of the day and night. It is where company gathers before, during, and after the meal. Your children may use the kitchen table as a place to study after school while they are eating their post-school snack. Let’s face it, the kitchen is a sanctuary and should be treated as more than just another room.

This is why it is important to do your best to remove clutter especially from your kitchen. But what’s the best way to tackle this problem? Well, the smartest thing to do is to look at your kitchen as a set of zones. Each zone should be attacked one by one and, before you know it, you will have a kitchen that will properly represent the sanctuary that it truly can be.

Zone 1 – Kitchen Cabinets
Your kitchen cabinets keep everything out of sight and out of mind. A little organization and structure within your kitchen cabinets can go a long way to making your life in the kitchen that much easier. The first thing you want to do is to remove everything from each cabinet. If you have cans of food items that have been in there for more than 6 months, you may want to consider donating them to a local shelter. Obviously you don’t have an immediate need for them. Thoroughly clean out the shelves and when you start putting the food items back in, place the items on the top shelf that you use occasionally and your more frequently used items on the lower shelves. Discard any items that you will never use.

Zone 2 – Under the Sink
This is an area that can be put to good use. Consider purchasing some stacking bins where you can place cleaning products and sponges. You can also use these bins to store potatoes, onions, and garlic so that they are easily accessible the next time you need them for your nightly meal.

Zone 3 – Kitchen Drawers
Clutter can run rampant in a kitchen drawer. Consider organizing those drawers with kitchen drawer organizers. Most of them are expandable and they allow the homeowner to add a custom and organized look to your kitchen drawers. You can also purchase drawer inserts made especially for your spice bottles so that your spices are at your fingertips. Drawer organizers also come in the form of dividers that expand and fit snugly in your drawers so that you can separate various items rather than having them cluttered in one disorganized drawer.

Photo By: Gwyneth Anne Bronwynne Jones

Zone 4 – Countertops
Your countertop is your work space in the kitchen. If you have a kitchen island, that adds even more work space for the homeowner. Keeping your counters organized and clutter-free is important if you need to quickly access certain kitchen items. Kitchen canister sets allow you to store those dry goods like flour, sugar, baking powder, and salt. The uses for these canister sets are many as you may want to also store raisins, chocolate chips, or even coffee for easy access. Keeping your countertops as clear and organized as possible will make your life in the kitchen that much easier.

Zoning in on the clutter in your kitchen is a worthwhile effort. Tackle one zone at a time and, before you know it, your will have a well-organized, efficient work space that will serve you and your family for years to come.

Unique Ideas For Bathroom Blinds

While perhaps not the most viewed room in the house, adding the right kind of bathroom blinds can really make a difference when it comes to improving the overall ambiance and appeal of any bathroom.  Too often, little thought is given when it comes to choosing blinds for a bathroom, leading to poor choices being made.

Do something a little different and liven up your bathroom by doing simple things such as choosing colored blinds that match the room’s décor.  You do not have to choose subtle colors either. In fact, if your bathroom is a blend of creams and other subdued colors you may find that choosing a bright, bold blind really helps bring out colors that may otherwise be missed. Find a blind that matches the light colored flowers on the tiles in the bathroom rather than opting for plain white or cream blinds. Go with horizontal strips for a snazzy, modern look.

Humidity and Steam
Bathrooms tend to be one of the more humid rooms in a home, due to the amount of water used and the steam that is produced when showering or bathing. Because of this it is important to chose blinds made from a material that will not easily mildew or become damaged by these higher humidity levels. Look for blinds made from moisture resistant material that are easy to wipe clean; there will probably be plenty of splashes of soap, conditioner, shaving cream and other substances ending up on your blinds.  If you opt for blinds made from fabric, choose those made from machine washable fabrics and look for ones with the color-fast label.

Plantation Shutters or Wood Blinds
Although people usually opt for a more simple blind for their bathroom, such as a roller blind, more and more people are investing in shutters and wood blinds. Again, you do have to be careful if opting for wood blinds or shutters for a bathroom as too much humidity and moisture can cause the wood to swell or crack. Look for basswood blinds or shutters that have been kiln dried if you go for this option, it should be able to stand up to the humidity well.  You can also find vinyl shutters that do find in this type of environment and that have the added plus of being extremely easy to clean.

Photo By: Ralph Daily

Understandably, privacy in a bathroom is very important. Depending on the size and location of your windows, merely depending on frosted glass or frosted film to provide the privacy needed may not be sufficient. By the same token, you do not want blinds that must be closed entirely in order to provide you with privacy unless you are content to continually open and close the blinds and always shower with your overhead light on.  Venetian blinds are a popular choice, especially because the blinds can be partially closed to where they still allow some light to enter into the room yet effectively shut out any view.

Most Popular Bathroom Blinds
While there are plenty of options for bathroom blinds, the most popular choices include vertical blinds and venetian blinds. Roller blinds are another popular choice as they are very easy to open and close and they are available in a multitude of different patterns and colors.

Quick Tips When Shopping For Bathroom Blinds

  • Look for water resistant blinds.
  • Avoid blinds or curtains made from heavy materials as they tend to become easily mildewed.
  • If you have a small bathroom, windows close to the shower or the sink or small children opt for blinds that are easy to clean.
  • When buying wood blinds for your bathroom, get those made from kiln dried basswood.

Three Reasons People Choose Foam Pipe Insulation

Why Use Foam Pipe Insulation
Foam pipe insulation is a great way to increase the energy efficiency of your home, while gaining a few personalized benefits in the process. Quite simple, pipe insulation is a type of insulation in the shape of a tube that is designed to slide snuggly around your hot water pipes to decrease the strain on your hot water heater and lower your energy consumption. There are several types of pipe insulation, but the two most common are foam and fiberglass based.

Fiberglass insulation is known for being flame retardant which makes it extremely valuable for pipes that are near the pilot flame of the water heater. However the material is difficult to work with because it is so hard to cut. Additionally, it doesn’t bend well around the corners extremely common in home piping.

Photo By: Marc Falardeau

Foam pipe insulation is much easier to work with and only requires a utility knife and access to the wall. A great time to install foam pipe insulation is when you are remodeling, or perhaps trying to soundproof a room with soundproof sheetrock. If you are not planning on opening walls, it is still beneficial to cover pipes in the areas you have access to like basements, attics, and crawl spaces.

Benefits Of Pipe Insulation
Once installed, pipe insulation boasts a number of benefits both for your comfort and your pocketbook. Some of the most popular reasons people use foam pipe insulation include:

  • Hotter Water – Water in insulated pipes is generally two degrees hotter than non-insulated sometimes even more.
  • Faster Showers – Water inside insulated pipes stays hotter for long after turn off the shower. Meaning when you come back it takes less time for the water to reach your shower head.
  • Energy Savings – The reduced requirement of hot water, and less cold water waste lower your energy bills and help to save the environment.

Taking Scrapbooking to Cardboard Decorative Storage Boxes

For many people, scrapbooking is a great way to exercise creativity and to keep memories intact. A scrapbook is a wonderful gift on a special occasion, or can just be something that you keep to remind you of the meaningful moments and people in your life. Not to mention it is also affordable since you can recycle materials and be creative with them. Scrapbooking, however, should not just be limited to an actual scrapbook or notebook. One thing you can do is to take all your scrapbooking talents and focus them onto ordinary cardboard storage containers to make something unique.

Cardboard decorative storage boxes are one version of a scrapbook that is a little more interactive. You can place more on them, without being limited to things that you can stick on paper. While you can still decorate it with photos and stickers, and fill it with tickets, letters and notes just like a scrapbook, you can also put heavier and bigger items on it, like shells from the beach or small toys.

Making a cardboard decorative storage box is easy. Remember that you can use your old scrapbooking material for it. The lid of your decorative cardboard storage box is the most visible, so you should spend a lot of time considering what to do with it. You can cover it with wrapping paper, magazine cut outs, or even old fabric.

You can use your glitter glue, stickers, photos and picture frames to decorate the lid as well. However, you can also explore other options that you normally would not be able to with a normal scrapbook. For example, you can decoupage your decorative cardboard storage box, or use paper mache to decorate it. You can even make pop ups on the lid to make it more interesting.

Remember, however, that cardboard is not exactly the sturdiest material. You can keep your cardboard storage box safe by keeping it away from moisture and humidity. You can also choose, after decorating it, to cover it with layers of varnish to make it more professional looking and stronger.

How durable is your retaining wall?

Do you already have a retaining wall on your property? Is it starting to show its age or even falling apart? How long do you expect it to continue doing its job? If it is time to upgrade your old retaining wall, contact Verti-Crete for the best concrete mold retaining walls on the market.

When you order a precast concrete retaining wall through Verti-Crete you can expect to find representatives who are willing to work you, and find out exactly what your property needs and what you want. Designed to stand up to harsh weather, heavy traffic, and wear and tear your new wall is going to look great for many years to come. With solid concrete panels, steel reinforcements and footings, you can be confident that this retaining wall will be more durable and do its job longer than a retaining wall built out of any other materials. They even offer UV fade-resistant concrete stains to make your concrete retaining wall appear to be made of stones and become a beautiful part of your landscaping.

Photo By: Grendelkhan

Verti-Crete designs retaining walls to meet your specifications. Their molds can produce as many precast panels as your project requires. Depending on your project, the panels may be poured into forms at a production facility and brought to the project site, or the forms may be brought to your location and they cast the panels right there. Each 8-foot panel can hold back up to 8 feet of earth. The panels are designed to join with one another giving you a seamless, complete retaining wall. Clients can also choose to add graphics or logos to their customized concrete mold. You can even select natural stone-looking concrete retaining walls!

No matter your project, Verti-Crete’s concrete mold retaining walls will be an investment you are pleased with for many years to come.

How do you get the Best Round Dining Tables for the Money?

Getting the most for your money with round dining tables is best achieved through collecting the offers from as many locations as possible and then comparing the offers to find the best quality and price combination.  The online presence of almost every major retailer and manufacturer of round dining tables makes it quite easy to locate several in no time at all, and comparing them can be as simple as a search engine query.

What are the Options?

The price of a typical large round dining table can be anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, hinting at the huge number of style, size and price options there are to choose from with a round dining table set.  Height, manufacturer, and the materials they are made from all contribute to the prices and selections of round dining tables available, and viewing all of the options at once can be much simpler when these specific aspects are included in the search criteria.

Photo By: Morebyless

Using Some Common Websites

Many turn to E-Bay and Amazon when considering used items and those from private sellers, but these are also some of the preferred outlets of the manufacturers and retailers as well.  These outlets can be a great guide to locating specific round dining table and chairs sets directly or simply getting an idea of what the price ranges and availability are.  These outlets even offer the ability to sort products by a given retail outlet or the price, making the process of locating the right round dining table for any situation fast and simple.

Shop for Specific Names

There are some notable names in home furnishings, from the high-end products of the 5th Avenue collection and Louis-Phillipe to the affordable and stylish options of Home-Styles, Coaster Furniture and Hillsdale, and keeping these names in mind when shopping can help ensure the best quality for the money.  The round dining table collections from these manufacturers are often made from better raw materials, assembled better, and are generally more reliable than others, making it obvious which products are likely the best for the money.

DIY Plumbing Project: Building a Slow Drip Line

While irrigation sprinkler systems can save you the time and effort needed to maintain your garden or landscaping, Champs Houston Plumbing experts say that a slow drip line offers a more economical alternative.  Unlike water sprinkler systems that can end up consuming a lot of water, a slow drip line supplies the water directly to the plant roots, minimizing evaporation and water loss.  It is also said to reduce weed problems and fungal plant diseases.  In this post, Champs Dallas Plumbing experts teach you how you can build a slow drip line for your garden using inexpensive materials available at most home improvement stores.

  1. Plot the area where the slow drip line will be installed.  Vegetable gardens, landscape plantings and flowerbeds are ideal areas for putting in a slow drip line.
  2. Unless you are planning to set aside an outdoor faucet solely for the purpose of your slow drip line supply, attach a Y-shaped valve hosepipe connector to the outdoor nozzle.
  3. Design the layout of your slow drip line depending on the way that your plants are arranged.  Draw a rough sketch indicating the position of specific plants you want to irrigate as well as their exact distance from each other.  In a slow drip line, each plant will be assigned a sprinkler of its own.  Certain plants that require more water should get two sprinklers.
  4. Purchase and gather all of the materials required to assemble and install your drip system.  You will be needing a battery-operated timer capable of regulating automated watering times, a pressure regulator or a backflow valve to prevent damage to your household plumbing.  Hose adapters could make it easier for you to make connections but these are largely optional.
  5. Assemble the slow drip line by connecting the parts in the following sequence: Y-shaped pipe, timer, pressure regulator, hose adapter, garden hosepipe, and hose-thread adapter.
  6. If you already have an existing sprinkler system installed, you can convert it into a drip irrigation system by plugging all of the spray heads on a circuit except one on which you will be connecting a drip circuit.

Increase Your Energy Efficiency with Residential Awnings

One of the many benefits of residential awnings is how they can help to reduce the load on your air conditioner during the sweltering summer afternoons. Getting the most out of this effect requires some foresight and planning though, and so when adding awnings for home windows, doors, and decks, you should bear in mind the potential benefits and drawbacks of different sorts of placements.

Examining your yard and how shadows are cast by other structures and any trees you have growing can help you determine the best placements for your residential awnings. Also, other features of your yard like a gazebo canopy can help provide areas of protection from the sun and other elements, and so may reduce the need for awnings attached to the house which are being used to shade decks or patios. A large tree which shades your home on one side can mean that it would be better to locate your new awning on another face of the house to maximize the benefit that you get from it.

Photo By: ArizonaGlo

Taking this a step further, you can plan out your landscaping to better interact with a new awning. Trees can take quite a lot of time to grow large enough to adequately shade your home, so in the meantime you can use an awning for that purpose. Then once the trees have matured to the point where they can handle it on their own, you may find that the awning is better placed elsewhere.

It isn’t just energy efficiency that can benefit from residential awnings though. During rain storms you can help to keep moisture from your windows and doors. This serves as a second layer of protection after the caulking around those potential entry points. Doing so will help to reduce the risk of mildews and molds forming in and around your windows and doors.

Of course there’s the benefit to you and your family as well. Larger awnings can help create comfortable outdoor living areas which can allow you to spend more time out enjoying your yard. This can passively affect energy use as well though, as when you’re outdoors you aren’t inside using energy hogging appliances.

What Are Lawn Grubs? How Do They Damage My Lawn?

Literally, grubs in lawn are pests. Because a lawn grub is typically white-colored, it is also called white grub. Lawn grubs are said to be beetles larvae with 6 small legs found just near their heads.

Before doing any damage control, you need to detect the presence of grubs in your lawn. When you see numerous little holes in your area, such is already a good indication especially when there are birds apparently looking for the grubs. By then, you are sure to find lawn grubs right below the soil surface. Aside from that, when you notice a portion of your lawn that appears very dry with unhealthy and fading grasses, that portion must have high concentration of grubs.

Although the damaging effect of lawn grubs is a little lower, it may become significant however in some cases. In your lawn area, the thatch layer is where you can find white grubs enjoying the protection of the spongy layer of the soil. The grass root level of your lawn is the common feeding source of these beetle larvae. Even the roots of your garden plants are not spared by their harmful effects. The Japanese beetle and the European chafer are the two kinds of white grubs that can greatly damage your lawn. If there are at least 5 grubs living within the thatch layer per square foot of your lawn, they are already capable of destroying the root system of such identified area, and eventually your lawn will die. This damage will likely be aggravated with the presence of many cutworms in your area.

Larger grubs are harder to eradicate hence, repeated application of insecticides is necessary. Apart from manually picking up the grubs during weeding process, regular performance of core aeration is another good option. To effectively avoid beetles larvae, you better keep your lawn a lot healthier.

Using The New Solar Tiki Torches

Using solar energy is not a new idea but utilizing them on tiki torches is definitely something new. This type of lighting system is very simple and it only makes use of light bulbs and solar panels. Some complicated kits include the use of the same type of panels but with battery storages found in remote locations. There are a lot of people who have made use of these tiki torches for their yard and knowing why they did this might convince you to do the same.

They are very safe: There is no need for you to use flames when it comes to these torches because the lights can be lit using the simple light bulbs. Since the sun is the main source of energy and not fire, you can be assured that you will be kept safe from the dangers of objects catching fire around the tiki torches.

Photo By: S.V.Ceceline

They are very simple to install: The solar torches are very different from the complex solar lighting systems because they do not contain a lot of wires. These things are designed well in a way that all wires are hidden inside of the whole torch. This way, you can have the ease of sticking the whole unit into the ground and securing the foundation with some rocks.

Good for the earth: With this kind of light, you are not required to use electricity with anything. The sun will provide you with what you need and the torches can simply light up on their own. Whenever the energy is not enough for them to be lit, they simply turn off automatically without the use of manual efforts.  They will not waste the earth’s resources in any way.

These torches are truly remarkable but then again, they are very expensive to buy. If ever you do not have the money to get them, you should stick with the traditional ones instead.

All About Lawn Grubs And Lawn Repair

When you hear the words “beetle larvae”, the very first thing that will come into your mind are lawn grubs. The most damaging among them, especially during summer season, is the so-called Japanese beetle, a white grub bearing 6 little legs. In terms of notoriety, count in also the June beetle, Asiatic beetle, and the equally harmful masked chaffers.

Although both white grubs and cutworms are found into the thatch layer of your lawn, these two are not the same. On one hand, white grubs or lawn grubs are white beetle larvae measuring ½ inch to 1 inch long. On the other hand, cutworms are actually moth larvae which measure 1 inch to 2 inches.

Photo By: Shutter Mania

In doing your lawn repair, you have to consider different seasons by which grubs are undergoing some sort of life cycle. During spring time, beetle larvae are vigorously feeding. When the summer time comes, they developed into pupae, and they eventually emerge into beetles. The fall season tends to drive the grubs to go deeper beneath the soil surface in order to stay away from freezing. When the spring comes again, they will also come out again.

The most effective approach against white grubs is to keep your lawn greener and continually develop a strong root system. This entails feeding and regular core aeration using an effective aerator. Also, you will notice that in times of weeding operation, the white grubs are exposed. Hence, when you prepare your land area, you can manually remove them to reduce their damaging effects.

To enhance your damage control, you can use chemical control or insecticide although this is not entirely effective unless you perform frequent application over your lawn. Don’t forget that treating white grubs during fall is much effective than doing it during spring time. Understand that when they are done with their feeding season, white grubs become larger hence, harder to kill.

A Look at HID Lights for Growing and Alternatives: Incandescent, Fluorescent and LED

People who grow plants indoors have been using HID lights for growing for many years. An issue with these grow lights is that they are not very energy efficient. There exist other options that can be just as effective, and don’t consume as much energy. Incandescent, Fluorescent, and LED grow lights are other choices you have, but you should know what they’re all about first.

LED Grow Lights

The first thing to say about LED grow lights is that they have a hyped reputation. But if you acquire the right product, after proper research, they have great potential. These grow lights are effective, because every amount of light produced, across different spectra, is used by plants for photosynthesis. Also, they consume the least energy of all lighting options, and they can last up to 100 thousand hours.

Fluorescent Grow Lights

If you buy these bulbs, you should look for them as T5 fluorescent grow lights. They can be easily confused with T12 bulbs, which are those commonly used in offices. Because they have high brightness levels (75 to 90 lumen per watt), they can grow healthy plants. Often they are used to grow seedlings and low-light plants, and they consume little electricity as well.

Compact fluorescent grow lights are a smaller version of T5 bulbs. They are more effective if used in smaller spaces, but they perform as good as their larger counterpart. Expect to find more information on fluorescent bulbs than LED, because they’re more popular and have been used for a longer period of time.

Incandescent Grow Lights

Incandescent bulbs provide a low quality lighting setting for plants. They are not fit to grow healthy plants, because their brightness level is so low it can maybe be used as supplemental lighting. They are the least expensive of all grow lights, but they’re also the least energy efficient.

We recommend looking into fluorescent grow lights if you’re just starting with indoor growing. There is far more information on how to use them than LED grow lights. Besides, you should only consider LED if you’re willing to experiment, research and tweak to get optimum results. There is a lot of promise in LED grow lights, but also more work to be done on the side of the user.

Floor Lamps on Sale – the Arch Floor Lamp

Lighting is one of the most important elements in house designs, whether internal or external. It sets the atmosphere, enhances the mood, and supports the activities allowed and currently going on in a room. While table lamps are popular choices for sufficient lighting, why not go for a more distinctive option in an arch floor lamp?

Arch floor lamps are not as common a choice as torchiere floor lamps, but when you find one of these floor lamps on sale, you will find it to be of better use, and would be preferable to have one in your home. Arch floor lamps are, like other floor lamps for sale, supposed to be positioned on the floor. These arch floor lamps are tall, with their neck stretched over in an arch – hence the name.

Photo By: One Tree Hill Studios

The arched neck of these lamps is usually flexible, as to allow the user to adjust their shape to suit their needs. Examples would be to set the mood of the room by allowing the light to softly illuminate the room, with the lamp neck bent backward to avoid making the other people be blinded by the glare of the light. It can also highlight a particular piece of art, furniture, or even food set on a coffee table. Arch floor lamps lighting is also used by artists to highlight their pieces around the home.

These arch floor lamps also come in a variety of shapes, designs, styles, and color schemes that would give the prospective buyer plenty of options, as well as not limiting them to merely just matching the room they intend to put the lamp in. The lamps may even act as an art piece by itself. So, if you ever go looking for a floor lamps sale, why not go for Arch Floor Lamps?

Why Choose an LED Grow Light for Your Plants?

Getting a LED grow light is the first thing to be considered while setting up to grow plants or hydroponic gardens indoors. It is very difficult to grow fruits, vegetables and herbs all the year around due to the natural inconsistency of outdoor lighting, and grow lights provide a controllable alternative which is both cost-effective as well as energy efficient.

Why LED lights?

Besides being consistent, the biggest benefit of LED lighting over conventional lighting is its efficiency. In terms of lumen output, a 400 watt HID light may show better score compared to a 300 watt LED grow light. But only brightness which can be perceived by human eye is measured by lumens. However, in reality, plants respond to ranges of light which are beyond our calculations and imaginations. According to studies, about 80 percent of the brightness of an HID light and subsequently the electricity used and the light emitted is nothing but a waste. Moreover, these systems require cooling fans as a function of the heat given off and may even lead to burning of the plant or excessive evaporation.

Therefore, though the full spectrum LED grow lights may have lower score in terms of lumens and may not seem as bright but they are very effective for enhancing faster growth, greater yields and fuller blossoms than an HID grow light of equal cost.

It is a bit costly initially to have LED grow lights than having HID lights or natural lighting but the cost of the grow light is worth the purchase in the long run. This is due to the fact that they are much better for the growth of your plants resulting in increased output and better productivity. Besides this, the grow lights help to save as much as 20 percent to 30 percent of the electricity use in the process.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Leather Chairs?

To enhance the interior design of your home, why not use leather furniture? It is the best option for comfortable furniture. Plus, it adds attractiveness and style to a room. One of the best features of leather is its quality. It lasts longer than fabric. Fabrics are prone to stains and damages and when it gets stained or damaged it’s always a hassle and can be very costly especially on repairs. So for your dining room and living room, to avoid the hassles, why not choose chairs made of leather.

Leather chairs can be found in many different types. When you search through the different types of chairs, from black or brown leathers chairs, and find the right one to suit the style of your room, you will definitely love it. You will reap the benefits of the investment because of the color-fade resistance, strength, durability and quality. When buying leather chairs, try to consider the following criteria to make sure that you have the best:

Photo By: High Peaks Resort

1. The Cost. Check if you have the best deal or if it’s over priced. You can buy a pair from $80 to $400.
2. The Design and Style. See if it matches your room design. You can find leather chairs in different colors, shapes and styles: from minimalistic (i.e. Ikea) to something grander (wooden skirting, recliners, etc.)
3. The Type of Material. Check if it’s bonded or top grain leather. Bonded is made of leather strips while top grain is the genuine type of leather.
4. The Quality and Durability. Try and see how comfortable it is to sit on?

Add your preferences to this list as well. And remember to check out different stores to get the best deal. So the next time you opt to buy a chair, try choosing leather chairs and reap the numerous benefits.

Space Saving Kids Furniture – The Trundle Bed

One of the most versatile bedding/furniture arrangements for young children is the trundle bed. Trundle beds are great solutions to the problem of limited space in a room. They can also be used to accommodate guests staying over, making them great for spare guest rooms. Trundle beds allow you to sleep two to a room while only occupying the space of one bed during the day. So what exactly is a trundle bed? Here are the most basic features.

  • Trundle beds are made up of two beds, compartmentalized into the space of a single bed. Typically trundle beds feature castor wheels “trundles” that allow them to be moved to different locations.
  • Some trundle beds even feature built-in storage space, which may save you the additional space required for a chest of drawers in the room.
  • Some manufacturers also design trundle beds with headboard bookshelves and similar display areas that run along the foot part of the trundle bed. These are convenient places to rest alarm clocks, digital organisers, bags, laptops, books and other items.

Photo By: Steve Mays

Trundle beds come in many designs, yet the trundle bed part is typically standard, so unlike furniture that are designed in unique sizes such as futons that require special sized futon covers , trundle beds can accommodate standard size mattresses and bed-clothes.

Trundle beds are wide and varied, the most common kids trundle beds include the pull-out trundle bed, that simply slides out from a slot built into the main bed. The other type of kids trundle bed is the pop up trundle bed, which is a modern-day modification of the original trundle bed, which allows the pull-out bed to rise up to the level of the main bed. This is a more common option to accommodate couples who are staying over as the two beds can then be pushed close together to make up a double bed arrangement.

Young children often need company and reassurance before they can sleep at night. A trundle bed allows an older child to sleep nearby to a younger one. Knowing that someone is there should give them the security and warmth that they need to drift off to sleep in their own time. It will allow them to avoid thinking about scary and creepy things and there is someone to talk to if necessary. One of the best places to look for trundle bed is the internet. Large online websites allow you to browse through a wide variety of products to get an idea of what choices are available. Often the best deals are also to be found online and most stores offer great shipping terms, saving you time and energy.

How To Choose Hurricane Candle Holders For Your Home

About Hurricane Candle Holders
If you’ve ever wanted an affordable way to instantly increase the charm and beauty of your pillar candles, you should consider hurricane candle holders. Whether you are designing the centerpieces for a formal banquet or event, or if you just want to create a relaxing evening in with friends, candle holders are a great way to enhance the look of your candles. Adding a simple glass holder will create a dazzling spectacle as light meets the reflective surface of the glass creating a perfect flicker.

Hurricane candle holders are also extremely versatile. They can be filled with marbles, flower petals, sand and shells, or any other object to create a themed decoration for pennies on the dollar. For the ultimate in elegance and class, put floating candles for pool parties inside of a hurricane vase and let imaginations run wild as fire dances effortless across the surface of the water.

Photo By: Simon Dean

Selecting The Right Candle Holder
Most hurricane candle holders come in one of three shapes. Each serves a specific purpose and incorporates a different design element into the piece. By far the most common candle holders are simple cylindrical glass holders. They are perfect for large events where there is a lot of moving people because they protect the open flame, all while dressing up a simple pillar candle into an acceptable centerpiece or accent.

Bulb hurricane candle holders are wonderful for creating a more formal decoration for your event. The ballooning effect of the glass in the center of the piece takes on an entirely new three dimensional characteristic. It is great for creating an anchor piece for a candle bouquet centerpiece, or left simply by itself in the middle of the table.

Lantern candle holders are great for outdoor events, or parties because the candle is protected from weather and wind. You will often see this style of candle holder on patios of sidewalk cafes. Lantern holders create a charming reminiscent glow of ages past.

The Beautiful Pine Bed Option

Despite the emergence of metal bed frames and modern bed designs made from other woods, pine bed still remains popular in the market business nowadays. The main reason is that this kind of bed offers a lot of advantages to the buyers. By availing of a pine bed, the customer gets not only the quality and beauty he/she is looking for, but at the same time, is able to save money.

Beds made from pine are also very attractive. With its light color, contrast and appearance, it will make your bedroom appear very pleasing and soothing to your eyes. Regardless of the color of your bedroom wall, this kind of bed will match whether it is pastel or dark colored. The wooden material of the bed itself gives the finished product its statement. Time will not destroy the durability and beauty of the furniture; instead, it will give a whole, new brand of charm to the bed.

Photo By: The Living Room

This kind of bed is widely known to be sturdy in nature. Therefore, it is long lasting and will still be passed through from generation to generation. Wouldn’t it feel great to see your children and the children of your children using the same bed you are using right now? Unlike also other beds made from metals and other materials, beds made from pine do not create a squeaky sound at night; therefore a good night’s rest is assured to you.

For all we know, beds made from pine are the topmost choice when we want beauty, quality, and satisfaction in bedroom furniture. Pines are also very common, so it is easily manufactured. With its soft lumber, it is also made easier to cut, manipulate and produce into beds.

Isn’t that incredible to know that we are guaranteed satisfaction in this kind of bed without having to spend a large chunk of cash? So if it is value for money, quality, and beauty you want, look no further than quality pine furniture for your bedroom.

An Introduction to Bonsai Trees

Japanese gardeners have practised the art of bonsai over centuries, and in the last hundred years an interest in bonsai has spread through the Western world as well. The bonsai gardener plants a tree or shrub, tends it and trains it with cutting and wires so that it grows to the gardener’s preferred shape in a miniature size.

In recent years, bonsai gardening has also been taken up in the western world by hobbyists who share an interest in Japanese culture, landscape design or Japanese garden design.

Some of the hardier varieties of bonsai tree may be planted outside in the garden, directly in the soil. Other, more delicate, species require more care and protection from the elements. For this reason, bonsai trees are often grown in

Photo By: Johann Dréo

pots, so that they can be moved away from extreme temperatures, or into better light and shade conditions. For example, gardeners may move them indoors in the winter to protect them from frost. The pot itself provides another opportunity for artistic design, and may be chosen to harmonize with the appearance of the tree, or to contribute to the appearance of the miniature landscape.

When choosing which species to cultivate, the Chinese elm and Japanese maple are both good choices for beginners. You can either look for ready grown bonsai trees for sale online or in your local nursery, or grow one from seed with one of the bonsai growing kits available on the market. You’ll need a pot and some basic tools to get started, and a kit will typically include these, along with growing instructions. A well designed bonsai garden can create a sense of peace and wonder, as the gardener’s artistic expression works with nature to create a beautiful landscape in miniature. Who knows, one little bonsai tree could be your first step towards a beautiful Japanese garden!

A few different outdoor lighting ideas for your home

If you plan on upgrading or installing some new outdoor lighting for your home now that it’s almost summer time you might be a little confused since you have so many options available for you to choose from. Not only do you need to decide where to put them around your home but you also need to decide what style will best fit your homes decor and which style will fit into your budget.

There are many ways to add lighting to your homes exterior and still have the exterior lights look good. Here’s some useful outdoor lighting ideas that will help you choose what’s best for your home.

The first rule of thumb is try to think outside the box; you don’t want your home looking like everyone else’s on the block do you? Don’t be like all your neighbors and have one or two floodlights highlighting your trees and shrubs in front of your porch. If you like the look and design of lamp posts instead of having them at the end of your driveway (which is where they are traditionally placed) think about having one or two installed near the edge of your home or deck instead. Not only does this add more light in typically dark areas around your home but it will look different than everyone else’s.

If you’re going to use outdoor string lights think about using them in non traditional ways. Don’t just wrap them around your porches railings and call it done. Buy different colors of lights or styles and try outlining your front entranceway to your home or even a few windows to create a warm ambiance for when your guests visit. Or you can even lay them under the base of your bushes near your porch to add soft lighting to the front of your home.