Metal Carport Kits Assembly

Just this morning I was looking online and saw an article about smaller cars with big price tags. It is very true that the three largest purchases that many of us make are cars, education, and our homes. Paying off a school loan is usually something that you can only chip away at. While of the three cars are assets which depreciate. But one way we can help to stave off rust, wear, and the elements is to construct a metal carport kit for it. Considering a car is parked at home during the night, then at least half of a twenty four hour day would be spent under its shelter.

Of all carports, the metal ones are the best combination of cost economy and overall strength. Though adding on to a home and matching the existing materials, style and roof line, such as a integral carport would do, looks very nice, it is also very costly. Metal carports are designed to go together quickly, hold up very well, and not require an architect.

The first thing that is required is a way to secure the carport to the ground. There are two ways that come to mind for anchoring a carport down. The first is through cement footers poured into the ground and then attaching the superstructure to the tops piers. The other way is to level a site and pour a mono slab with a four inch thick pad. While the cement is being poured anchor bolts are slide into the area and left exposed out of the cement. Then the superstructure is bolted into place. When pouring a slab, it is very important to place a six inch layer of gravel evenly over the carport site. This keeps the cement from cracking.

SteelMaster Steel Carport

When erecting the carport all of the pieces should be fully cut to length. Bolt holes are typically drilled and necessary welding performed. Then all the homeowner has to do is to assemble the superstructure, apply screws, nuts, and washers as needed, and install the metal roofing and sides. Some metal carports are only the roof while others have two or three sides. The openness is sometimes decided by how cold the area is and  how protected the site.  Cars are one of the biggest expenses in our checkbook every month, so it is best to protect them. Carports during the day prevent UV damage to the paint and upholstery. Metal carport kits are definitely worth their investment if assembled property.

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