Eco-Friendly Home Design Using Solar Garden Lights

Eco-conscious people are always looking for new ways to help the environment. Investing in sustainable home design will allow homeowners to do just that. This can mean anything from a home built sustainably from the ground up, to retrofitting an existing dwelling with insulation, solar power, energy efficient appliances and more.

Switching from electric outdoor lighting to solar powered lighting is a great way to help the environment and it will also lower the monthly energy bill. Solar decking lights look just as fantastic as electric lighting, and homeowners do not have to worry about dealing with electric wiring and plug-ins. Solar string lighting is becoming a popular replacement for electric patio string lighting. String lighting looks beautiful when it is placed around a patio table, hot tub or swimming pool. Since people do not have to worry about electric wiring, they can place solar string lighting in any outdoor area. People can wrap string lights around trees, a fence or around an outdoor patio umbrella.

Photo By: Russell Neches

Avid gardeners usually want to highlight their gorgeous flowers, bushes and trees by adding decorative lighting to garden areas. A lit garden looks gorgeous in the evening, and solar garden lights provide a soft glow. There are not many disadvantages when it comes to solar garden lights other than the fact that they are not as bright as electric lights. Another popular outdoor lighting spot is the driveway. Many homeowners place outdoor lights on either side of their driveway. Driveway lighting look beautiful and also help to light up the front of the house during the evening. Those who are looking for safety lighting should choose electric lights, while those looking for purely decorative lighting should choose the Eco-friendly solar driveway lights.

The vast majority of people in Western countries are currently using far more energy than they need. It is common for highly populated cities to experience greyouts and blackouts during hot summer days because so many people crank up their air conditioning units. One way for people to reduce the amount of electricity they use is to invest in solar power for their homes. Homeowners can have solar panels installed on their roof or set up nearby.  The solar panels will convert sunlight to energy which will power the home. Solar panels are sure to become more popular over time as homeowners realize the many benefits of solar power.

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