Choosing Indoor Pool Liners

There are some good benefits to having vinyl pool liners and the inground pool liners prices are not too expensive if you consider everything. Vinyl pool liners are soft on the feet when you walk on them. They are a good price in comparison to the gunite pool as they are more cost effective. Also these liners can be replaced to get a new look if they fade or tear.

There are different thicknesses of inground pool liners that can be purchased and also there are different patterns and styles. The challenge to pick the right liner is there, but if you can arm yourself with enough information about the different types you will make the best choice for your household.

Here are the features to seek in a liner:

1. A clear protective coating will protect it from the sun and also from germs and different chemicals that get used in pools.

2. It should be one hundred percent virgin vinyl. This vinyl has a higher quality and will last longer. The kind of vinyl which is recycled will not last as long.

3. The warranty on the liner should be long lasting and cover both the labor and the replacement liner. The good products have a one year warranty that will pay for the labor of installing a new one and also they have a 15-20 year warranty to cover the liner.

Photo By: Audrey

4. There are different thicknesses of the vinyl liners. If a liner is thin it will be cheaper but it will not last as long. These thicknesses are measured in terms of mil or gauge. Some of them are 20 mil which means they are not very strong or durable. The ones that say they are 27 mil are better and sometimes you can buy them at a cheaper price because the store is overstocked.

5. In many cases the liner bottom can become stained due to leaves falling into the pool, especially if the color is a light one. If you try to use chemicals to remove the stain it will change the look of the liner to the extent it will not look very attractive. It can be better to purchase a liner that is darker in the first place so the stains will not show.

There are many things you need to check out when you are looking at pools for sale. Choosing the right liner is important so you need to check out inground pool liners prices and also all the other features to do a comparison.

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