Oak Flooring The Smart Choice

solid-oak-flooringOak flooring is used in many residential and commercial locations. It is a grainy wood that can be finished in many ways. Oak flooring installed and finished correctly will offer you years of enjoyment.

New oak floors can be installed finished or unfinished. The unfinished oak flooring needs sanding and finishing after it is installed. The flooring can have many different stains applied to it to bring out the grain and texture of the wood. Polyurethane sealer and finish is applied to the stained or natural oak to protect it from wear and damage. This finish is hard and resists scratching and scuffing from normal activity.

Oak and other wood flooring is easy to keep clean. Dust and dirt cannot hide in it. If you have allergies or other breathing problems a wood floor can aid in your comfort. There is no hidden contaminates that will cause you to have an allergic attack. It is easy to disinfect a wood floor and keep harmful germs away from you.

Oak floors go with many decorative themes. It can go with country to contemporary style homes. The oak floor can go with any furniture or rug style. Color choices in furniture or accessories have many options that will go with the oak floor. An oak floor gives you more options to redecorate then a carpet or tiled floor.

Oak hardwood flooring is installed in many thin short pieces. These pieces are nailed to your subfloor with a special designed nailer. Start the installation process by snapping a line to keep flooring straight. Nail the first row tight and follow the line. Use the flooring nailer when you have enough room. The flooring nailer nails the floor down through the tongue of the piece. The groove will cover your nail up making it invisible. This process is called blind nailing. You must use a finish nail or finish gun when you are to close to the wall. Splice your joints so they do not line up.

Wood floors offer years of beauty with little upkeep. It is a clean floor covering that is a wise choice for people that suffer from allergies and other health problems.

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