Why You Should Have a Shark Vac Then Steam

How do you feel about cleaning your floors? Did I hear you right? You hate it? I’m right with you. When you think of all the tools you need, such as a mop, a bucket, broom, dust pan, chemicals, and so forth, it is easy to see how this job can be complicated and aggravating. How about an alternative? You might want to check out the Shark Vac Then Steam. What makes it special?

It’s Your Vacuum!

The first major task your Shark Vac Then Steam accomplishes is the vacuuming feature. Having been specifically designed for ceramic tile, hardwood floors, and Pergo-type floors, it readily scoops up dirt, debris, and hair that accumulates throughout the day.

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It is important for you to understand, though, that the Shark does have some limitations. It is a challenge to reach difficult areas such as under cabinets with low clearance, corners, and edges. And it is not equipped with any on-board attachments like a crevice tool. But likely you want the Shark to greatly reduce the work you do in your high traffic areas. And that is where the Shark shines!  But if it was just a vacuum, the Shark would only be doing half its job . . .

It’s Also Your Steam Mop!

Are you ready to tackle some nasty germs? I’m right with you. And so is the steam mop feature of your Shark Vac Then Steam. In lab tests it was found that the hight heat aspect of devices like the Shark can effectively kill up to 99% of many disease-causing agents. That includes MRSA, Salmonella, E. Coli, and the repugnant virus that causes H1N1. And get this: no chemicals are involved! Shark prefers that you only use plain water, preferably distilled, in the Vac Then Steam. And there is another benefit. You will never have a chemical residue left on your floors after using the Shark!

Now, you need to realize that the shark won’t perform miracles on really tough stuff. Some customer reviews reveal that the Shark may have a difficult time with sticky foods. This is really the case with substances that have been allowed to become hardened over time. However, you will probably be quite content with the Shark Vac Then Steam for everyday sanitation and cleaning.

Finding Your Shark

The first place to start would be at Amazon. Refurbished Shark models start at $50. New ones top out around $200. While you are at it, take a look at the Shark Navigator Vacuum. While it doesn’t have the steam mop feature, it does have on-board attachments for detail cleaning.

If you do your homework it is quite likely that you will soon be the proud owner of a new Shark product!

Want to take a look at more Shark vacuums? Here is a selection of Shark vacuum cleanersyou may be interested in. Not only do they have steam cleaners, but also cleaners designed for pet owners and more!

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