Outdoor LED String Lights Ideas

Outdoor string lights can be used in a great many exciting ways to decorate your home or business.  They can be used as outdoor patio string lights, area lighting, garden lighting, as Christmas lights of course and as outdoor lighting fixtures.  These are just a few of the many uses they have.  The only limits are your imagination.

One of the most exciting developments in string lighting is the use of LED lights.  LED string lights come in different sizes and colors, but one thing they all have in common is that they have very little thirst for electricity.  The same cannot be said of incandescent lighting.

Photo By: Brittany G

Another feature of LED lights that is quite unique is the small pinpoint of light effect they have.  They appear much like stars in the night sky, rather than a somewhat amorphous blob of light.

When they are stretched over and across a patio at night, they produce more than enough light to see, but they have the effect of small twinkling stars.  It is really quite beautiful.  Using them in this way is a good way to light up an area.

Another use is to string them on a framework of some kind, either a DIY project using wire, or simply placed on an object such as a statue or even a plant.  They can be used as a centerpiece.  Go wild, and use your imagination to design unusual and unexpected light shapes that will surprise your guests.

Outdoor string lights whether they are LED string lights or other kinds of string lights can be used as garden lights so that you can enjoy your garden in the evening.

Outdoor LED string lights are eco-friendly too.  They are even available a solar powered lights, which means that the electricity to power them is free.  Another advantage is that when LEDs do burn out, they have less negative impact on the environment that many other types of outdoor lighting.  Fluorescent bulbs, for instance contain mercury, a highly toxic metal.

LED lights also last far longer than other types of lighting.  When you add up the all the advantages, such as less environmental impact; lower or even zero operating cost; along with just the sheer flexibility of them, how could you choose any other type of outdoor string lighting?

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