Survival Seeds – Good or Bad Idea?

If you’ve watched TV or listened to talk radio recently, you’ve probably heard spokespeople pushing survival seeds as a way for you to prepare for hard times. According to these ads, these seeds will produce enough for you and your family to live off of plus probably share with your neighbors or family. Have you ever wondered how much of these ads are hype and how much of the info is the truth? Well, here’s my take on these ads and what you need to know.

First off, of the survival seed packets, bags, banks or whatever they’re calling their product, all have been way overpriced compared to what you could go out and obtain the seeds yourself and secure them in a waterproof container. Sure, you can say that for nearly everything we buy, but these so called survival seeds really take the cake.

Some claim to be heirloom seeds while others I have seen contain some hybrid varieties. If you truly want to put some seeds back for whatever reason, and especially if it’s for an emergency preparedness situation, you should only use heirloom seeds. Not only that, but you should know which varieties grow best in your area.

Of course, the very best source for your own seed bank would be from your own plants. Many people put back their own seeds. It’s not difficult to learn how to do. There are many books on the subject and in a year, you can have way more seeds than you ever thought possible.

My suggestion would be to save your money and buy your own seeds. Then once you have those seeds, plant some as a source for your own heirloom seeds and put the other half back. Just make sure you put them in a waterproof container. Then you’ll have your very own survival seed bank, or whatever you want to call it!

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