BloomBoss UFO 90 Watt Grow Light Review

Since NASA started playing with LED technology in the early 80’s, plant enthusiasts around the world have been awaiting the day that this technology would finally be viable for use. Whether we are there or not is a subject of debate, but most plant experts are slowly warming to LED growing lights technology. One of the more popular starter kits out there is the BloomBoss 90 Watt LED UFO Grow light (yes that is a mouthful). Let’s review this light by taking a look at some of its advantages. Let’s also take a look at how to best use this BloomBoss UFO light.

Advantages of BloomBoss 90W Grow Light

Developing a product that saves the environment and saves money is the way to success in today’s business world. At first it was believed that providing both environmentally and economically healthy products was impossible (it was either one or the other). However, with some effort, companies are finding that they can provide both. The BloomBoss UFO Grow Light is a perfect example.

Initially this light costs more than traditional growing lights (quite a bit more at that). However, over time the energy savings from this light is quite phenomenal. Some say that you can save over 80 percent on energy costs. This might be a bit of an exaggeration, but the plant experts agree that LED lights provide quite a bit of savings on energy costs (in many cases enough to more than make up for the initial costs).

Saving energy means helping the environment. The BloomBoss LED light leaves a much smaller environmental footprint than traditional growing lights. This means you can have more money in your pocket and feel good about doing your part to keep the earth healthy.

How to Use the BloomBoss 90W UFO

The makers of the product recommend you hang the light anywhere from 6 to 24 inches away from your precious plants. That’s quite a wide range! We’d recommend you go about half way (around 15 inches away). Keep in mind that you might want to put the light a little closer when your plants are just seedlings. Seedlings need deeper light penetration. Gradually move the light away as your plant grows. If you want your plant to grow wide, then move the light farther away. If you want your plant to grow thick, then keep the light close. Manufactuer 6 to 24. We would say around 13. Closer for vegging, farther for flowering


The BloomBoss UFO is a great starter light for those who want to get their feet wet with LED technology. It’s a fun little light that will allow you to grow plants from start to end inside your house without the use of the sun (a miracle in our humble opinion). Nothing wrong with growing your plants, saving money, and saving the environment.

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