Ideas for Choosing the Right Wedding Gift

Every year, as spring turns to summer, you can count on seeing wedding parties standing on the front steps of the local church posing for photographs almost every Saturday afternoon.  This is a joyous occasion of course, but sometimes, when you find yourself invited to several weddings in one year, it can inspire just a bit of dread.  Although we are all certainly happy for the couple getting married, knowing what present to give them can be a challenge that many of us would prefer to avoid.

Photo By: Blaise Alleyne

Many couples today have a wishing well or some other similar collection box set up to accept gifts of cash given inside of wedding cards.  While the money is surely appreciated by the newly married couple, it lacks a bit in the area of creativity.  When you are not particularly close to the couple getting married, money is an easy option for gift giving, but when you really care about the people who just tied the knot, something more personal may be in order.

If you are a married person, you have the advantage of hindsight on your side.  Think back to what you found yourself needing a short while after exchanging your nuptials.  There is a very good chance that within a couple months you were not eating dinner off of the expensive place settings you received.  Often, the best wedding presents are the ones that the couple did not think of while they were making up their registry.

Think about the decorating scheme they are using in their home.  Is there anything that they forgot to address while they were asking for household items?  People often forget about decorating their walls when they make their interior design plans.  Do they have boring walls?  Perhaps a lovely set of picture frames might serve them well for displaying some of their wedding photos.  They might also enjoy receiving some relevant or even personalized vinyl wall quotes to put behind the sofa in their living room.

When you are buying for friends, think of the things that you suspect they have not planned for.  Rather than making yourself a pain in the neck by pointing them out, why not surprise them and include them as part of your wedding present?  They may just give you a special thank you for it later.

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