How To Make Your Guest Bedroom Ready In A Flash

A guest bedroom is usually the spare place in your home to temporarily accommodate a friend or just simply a guest. Because it’s a spare, we usually tend to forget it for a long time and just remember it when the situation calls for it. There are times though when we are being caught in surprise and we need to ready our guest bedroom in an instant. A quick inflation of a raised air bed is a super fix.

When your guest will be arriving the day before, what you can do to assess what needs to be done on your guest bedroom is by sleeping inside the room yourself. By doing that, you’d know if the room can still be a good place to sleep or not. Guest bedrooms are often being neglected and sometimes the roof, the floors, and the walls already need repair and you are still unaware of it. Guest bedrooms are usually dark and cold and because of that, some guest rooms develop that damp smell that can sometimes be unpleasant. When you stay inside the guest bedroom for a night, you’ll find out what really needs to be done before your guest arrives.

Upon checking your bed guest room, take out all the clutter you can find. A room is more welcoming when everything is in order. Simple things like the arrangement of the pillows, the curtains, and the bed sheets will make your guest bed room a cozy place even you don’t put in any kind of decorations. A person feels important when things were arranged in purpose and your guest will think that he or she is that purpose.

You don’t need to do time-delaying arrangements to your guest bedroom but make sure that you put fresh bed sheets as much as possible. It’s common and hygienic practice to replace bed sheets whenever a guest will be using a bed. If possible, spray some nice room scent to your linen to make the stay more pleasant and relaxing for your future guest.

For the finishing touches, consider the personality of your guest. If your guest is a male, try putting curtains and linens in dark colors. If your guest is a female, use linens with floral prints. Don’t forget to put spare essentials in your guest bedroom such as towels, robes, slippers, toothpastes, soap, socks for cold season, and extra pillows. Even the most organized person forgets a thing or two when traveling or having an overnight sleep in another person’s house. Don’t let your guest suffer because they are usually not that comfortable telling their forgotten personal essentials to their host.

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    A golden yellow guest bedroom will greet your visitors in a friendly and inviting way. Warm and welcoming golden yellow walls and bedding bring a bit of sunshine to a small room that may have limited natural lighting and the theme is sex-neutral for either male or female guests. Versatile and easy to coordinate a golden yellow guest room is an easy choice.

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