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Advantages of buying modular storage cubes

If you’ve ever had the problem of low storage space combined with an ever present and continuously growing clutter taking over your room, you know how important it is to fit your rooms with the right furniture. When someone tells you that they have the perfect solution to your problem, it’s only natural to be skeptical at first. You are right about being cautious about these claims, as there is no such thing as the perfect piece of furniture, but we have the next best thing. Modular storage cubes shred the clutter without taking up too much space, and you can even put a little creativity into arranging them.

Modular storage cubes are very simplistic in design but they have great functionality. With just four or five walls, home owners  can easily create a modular setup that will take only a few minutes. You can stack them on each other or form a line next to the back wall of the room; the possibilities seem to be endless in this regard.

Another great thing to note about modular boxes is that they’re modular. It’s so easy to get a drawer, shelf or door and other things that you can creatively think of. In case you’re using the cubes to cut the room in half with a partially see-through wall, you’ll find that 4 wall cubes work better and the use of door doesn’t result in a very good overall ‘feel’ to the construction.

The cubes are almost very affordable. On average they cost at around $70 each which most of the other storage systems such as chrome wire shelving can’t beat. Even if there is similar priced items, they are as easily customized. If you feel yourself creative enough to create and implement a design made entirely of these cubes, you’ll be pleasantly surprised how versatile they can be.

A Closet Organizer Will Get You Organized

A closet organizer will help you to organize your messy bulging closet.  The old fashion closets came with a solitary rod not really capable of holding a lot of clothes and because many of us want to a clean organized closet, the closet organizer has really become popular.  They actually can be used to customize a lot of rooms in the house, not just bedrooms.  For example a closet organizer can assist greatly in organizing games, stuffed animals etc. in a kid’s room.  If you have children, this can be a tremendous asset.  Just utilize one wall in the children’s bedroom to stack and store all their play things quickly and keep the room organized.  The closet organizer shelves can make the room safer as well.  Like one of those metal action figures, have you accidentally stepped on one of those things?  The bathroom can benefit also.  We tend to have a lot of deodorants, perfumes and cosmetic to store.  A closet organizer will greatly help you in the bathroom to keep it organized as well.  Have you ever experienced the need for a fresh roll of toilet paper and you could find one?  So you can see some of the advantages of having a closet organizer system in the bathroom as well.

Many people are discovering the added values of a closet organizer system. Even the builders of homes today.  Because there are so many features and benefits to a closet organizer, you may want to discuss your plan and your space with a professional who may offer suggestions to make it even better. There are many closet organizers do it yourself kits as well. It will take a lot of thought when you start planning. And worth the time. You will find that there are many styles as well. Some are rather inexpensive and some are very expensive. It all depends on what you want. The options seem to be endless.

Getting organized is very simple with the closet organizer system. It all depends on what type of accessories and clothing you want to work with that makes your closet organizer system your very own. The solutions with a closet organizer are endless. Some of the ready-made kits take only minutes to install and come in numerous styles and designs. If your budget does not permit to do installations of a closet organizer system in every room, you can start with one and then add some later. A closet organizer will get you organized.

Closet Ideas for a Small Space

If you thought that the only problem you have with your closet is its size, you might be missing a bigger issue. Very often, it isn’t just the size of the closet that is the problem, but the size of your attachment to your stuff that is the bigger issue at hand. You’re not alone. We all form attachment to our things. Especially pieces of clothing we’ve worn or shoes and other items we store in the closet, these things have sentimental value. However, if you ever plan on doing some closet organization, you will have to take a hard look at these things.

Some of the most unbelievable changes can come from doing what appears to be a simple spring cleaning of the closet. You never know what you are going to feel and what you might emotionally or psychologically might have to be prepared to let go of. This is ultimately the hardest thing about doing a thorough job of reorganizing your closet. The types of closet organizers available on the market can help you with the more physical aspect of creating more space in even the tightest of places, but they can’t necessarily help you with this other aspect we’ve been discussing.

Having said all of this, there are certain space issues that some closet design ideas can help mitigate. There is only so much you can do with a closet that is 4’x5’ or some other small dimension like this. However, with the use of some of the closet organizers on the market, you can make that closet space feel much larger. One thing to consider is the hanger systems that allow for the items to be collapsed or dropped down, sort of like an accordion. These look like one hanger hanging from another and so on. Usually, they are several ‘linked’ together, usually 5 or 6. There is a definite advantage in space that these can offer. Instead of the bulk of the clothes hanging next to one another, they now hang somewhat beneath one another, allowing you to hang more just next to those.

Other closet ideas that are helpful are things like using clear boxes for items like shoes or purses that don’t need their own box or case. This way, the items you use less often can be stored away nicely, but still visible for when you need to have access to them. When you’re dealing with a small space, these types of hanging and storage solutions, combined with a purging of no longer useful items will go a long way toward helping you gain control of your closet space again.

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Where to Store Your Food Crisis Supply

One hindrance to many people in building a food supply for a time of crisis is that they do not believe they have enough space for storage. This can no doubt be challenging for those who live in a small apartment or maybe live a more mobile lifestyle. But there are some options for food storage that you may not have considered. Here are a few.

One, since many food items need to be stored in a temperature-controlled area, you can move the items that are not sensitive to temperature such as linens and clothes. Such items can be stored most anywhere providing space for staples such as wheat, sugar, and salt.

Second, spend some time reorganizing your closets and other storage areas. You likely will find that you will throw some things out, and simply by rearranging things will free up some additional space.

Third, if you have secure storage containers that will keep out pests and will keep the foods dry, then you could store some underneath the house in the crawl space.

Fourth, use hidden and dead spaces. Dead spaces are those places behind or under something. Hidden spaces would include storage behind walls. Think about how many ready to eat meals you could hide away this way.

Fifth, if you can purchase attractive storage containers, you could use the containers as your furniture. Something like a coffee table or end table would be workable.

Sixth, go underground. This might be a little costly but it does have its advantages. This can be a very secure form of food storage and would be totally out of sight. It would require a fiberglass container that was water and air tight.

Seventh, use an outdoor shed that you build or buy from somewhere like Home Depot. If you do not have room on your property for a storage shed, you could consider renting storage from a storage facility or even from a neighbor or family member.

Of course, the amount of storage space that you’ll need varies on the number of people in your family, the types of food that you’re storing, and for how long you want to store the food. Whatever your needs are, with a little ingenuity you can find enough storage space.

Unique Uses for Hinged Plastic Storage Boxes

plastic-storage-bin_FullHinged plastic storage boxes can be a bit unwieldy when storing them in a closet, as the extra bit of material that makes up the hinges can unbalance your tidy design by pushing the box out more than expected.  However, these specialty storage boxes are very useful around the house, perhaps in ways you haven’t thought of.

Why not paint one with fun, whimsical shapes and make a toy box?  Hinged plastic storage boxes are the right shape to be classic toy bins, and it’s always more fun for children when they can pull their toys out of what seems to be a treasure chest.  You could even make a small side income off of selling these attractive child’s bedroom furniture pieces using your own decorative style.

Another good use for more heavy-duty hinged plastic storage boxes is a piano bench.  As long as the box is equipped to handle the weight of someone sitting on it and is tall enough for the seated person to reach the piano, it doubles as both a bench and a storage box for all the sheet music.  It’s the poor man’s version of a leather bench with a hidden compartment.  Add a pillow on top for comfort!

Keep everything in the back of your vehicle clean — and still have room to put more things on top! — by using your hinged plastic storage boxes as car organizers.  The lid keeps you from having to snap something on and off constantly, and also lets you stack other items on top without fear of crushing what’s inside the box.  Plus, the boxes don’t have to just go in the back; you can keep one up front between the seats instead of a basket, or stick one in the back for the kids’ stuff (and as a footrest for the little ones).

Makeover Your Bedroom by Removing Clutter

bedroomThink about what kind of decoration you want on the wall. It doesn’t always have to be photos; you can have paintings or decals, or a trophy shelf maybe. Many rooms can look great with little or no wall decorations, depending on the size and outline of the room itself. Modern wall art is often composed of simplistic, yet aesthetically pleasing designs and it can add a fine complement to a room that seems barren. It might be something as straightforward as arranging nine black squares in a giant square pattern on a blank spot on your wall to make your sleeping environment feel more complete.

A very crucial part of making your bedroom more livable is to dispose of anything that you don’t want or need. It will be time-consuming, but give your room a scrupulous cleaning and ask yourself if you really want to keep every single little thing you find. Determine what you can do without and get rid of those items, either by selling them (which would generate more money for your room’s makeover) or giving them away. A cluttered room can be an embarrassment, an aggravation, a discomfort, or even panic-inducing, so do your best to remove excess stuff and then you will be able to work with what you have left. Trust me, sometimes less looks a lot better, especially if you have a room so jam-packed with bits and pieces that you only have a path carved out from your door to your bed. Move stuff around and experiment with different organizations until you find something that suits you.

In fact, you might have everything you need for a handsome room layout already in your possession; it might just be a matter of rearranging things in a different way around the room. Experimentation is vital to achieving a desirable makeover for your bedroom, so don’t be troubled by juggling things around the room for a while.

The hardest part about making over one’s bedroom is getting the drapes, floors, and bedding to match. They don’t all necessarily have to be the same exact colors, but getting shades to work together in harmony is a lot harder than it seems when you’re working with more than three values. This is the part where it would probably be good to check out local thrift stores and websites like eBay and see what you can mix and match. You’d be surprised what you can find second-hand. Even those who have no sense of design will just know something isn’t right if the colors don’t match; certain tints work together and your eye can interpret that combination of colors as fun, exciting, relaxing, or sensual, depending on the chosen palette.

Home Storage Options Abound

storage binsHome storage is important for maintaining order in the home. With sufficient boxes, shelves, cupboards, or storage cabinets you may be able to store everything out of sight, reducing the visible clutter and the hazards of for instance toys being scattered all over the floor. It needn’t make it hard for your children to find their things…quite the opposite in fact, because when things are neatly stored you know exactly where to find what you want.

There are many different types of storage available and what you use will depend upon the room that you are using it in and what it is you need to store. For obvious reasons a toy box would be a bad place to store your important personal documents, but an expanding file within a nice safe drawer or cupboard would make more sense and help you easily find what you need. Large plastic storage bins or dedicated toy boxes would be ideal however for toys, and not suited for delicate items and you may not want to have them all over your living room. More specialized storage may be chosen for instance, for storing your clothes.

A newly popular and creative idea is the use of school lockers for home storage.  If you think back to your high school days when you had a locker assigned to you for your books, coats, and other personal belongings, some homeowners are incorporating that same look and feel for their laundry rooms or wash up rooms.   Many times, coming in from the garage, you’ve got sloppy and wet boots on, big coats, bags, purses, and various other items.  Why not just throw them in to your “personal” locker.   If done right, this is a great looking way to give your home additional storage options and be fun at the same time.

In summary, with you knowing what it is that you need to store in your home, you can go about choosing your home storage solutions. Aside from the normal online retailers there are many DIY stores that may discuss storage options and how to construct home storage yourself, so searching for information may be a good way of stumbling across ideas that you had not considered.

From Housekeeper to Business Owner

maidcleaning_02You are known in your neighborhood as being very house proud and you have the immaculate house and well tendered lawn to show for it.  The reason why you can keep such a tidy house is because you have a lot of spare time on your hands and because you enjoy doing it.  Therefore, have you ever thought about doing it as a business?  Perhaps housekeeping and household organization is your calling.

In order to find out whether a house cleaning business is worth your time to pursue, you will first have to get a gauge on how much it is paid.  You can do this easily by phoning your potential competitors for a price quote.  Get their estimate on how much they charge per room (dimensions) and how much they charge per hour.  Do they have special discounts for biweekly customers, monthly customers?

Once you get an idea of how much you can charge, you can practice on your family and friends at a reduced price.  True, you don’t really need practice house cleaning, you’ve been doing that well on your own, but this time you’re doing it for others.  Do you meet their cleaning expectations?  Are you fast enough for the job?  Can you handle the physical demands of multiple clients?

If you answer yes to these questions, then it is time to create a house cleaning business plan.  Even though you’re likely starting this venture on your own, you still have to calculate start-up costs.  They will be fairly minimal like buying cleaning items and perhaps some advertising from the local papers.  However, the best form of house cleaning advertising is through word of mouth.  Get your friends and family members who were happy with your house cleaning to talk you up amongst potential clients.  Let them know you’re looking for house cleaning work.

If you were house proud before, you’ll be doubly proud of the services and business you’ve created due to your house cleaning prowess.

5 Tips To Great Closet Organization

Nobody wants to have a messy closet, but keeping everything organized is harder than it sounds. Most people, although they won’t admit it, have a messy closet and they’ve probably been that way since they were little. Closet organization systems can be a huge help in finally getting organized. Here are some additional tips to help you get organized.

  1. Don’t Complicate Things – You’ve probably heard people say KISS which stands for keep it simple stupid. As odd as that may sound it’s a great way to get moving towards an organized closet. A big part of staying simple is to go through all your closet and anything else in the closet before you even look at closet organizer systems. It gives you a chance to donate or throw away all that old stuff you don’t need.
  2. Don’t Give Up – Getting overwhelmed when you are finally going through everything in your closet is easy to do. Don’t let it get the best of you though. Think of it more as a marathon than a sprint. Take your time and don’t try to do it all at once. Try to relax and enjoy going through everything.
  3. It’s A Love Hate Thing – One great way to cut down on the stuff in your closet is to decide if you love it or not. If you hesitate or say kinda then throw it in the hate (donate) pile and move on. Having a friend or family member there to help you decide is always a good idea.
  4. No Exceptions – Don’t fall for the old mistake of having a “kinda” or “maybe” pile. If you have multiple items that are all the same get rid of them and keep your favorite. It’s not easy and I know that, but just try and remember the end goal of having a simple, organized closet.
  5. Keep Like Items Together – After you’ve cut down on what’s in your closet it’s time to organize what you have. Try and keep like items together. It will make your closet feel and look even more organized. It’s a crazy thing to think about, but believe me it works.

That’s all there is to it. Follow those 5 tips and you’ll be on your way to being really organized. These tips along with a great closet organizer system are all you need. Good luck and remember, don’t give up or get overwhelmed.

Closet Organizing Takes The Right Closet System In Place

Are you someone that has a closet that looks like a disaster hit it? If you have trouble finding anything in the closet because there is too much clutter it could possible be time to do some closet organizing. No one closet is ever going to have the exact things in it. Some closets can have hundreds of shoes while another closet has way too many purses. Closet organizer systems can help you get your belongings and your life more organized.

When your closet gets organized you will actually be able to find things that you need without searching through a ton of clutter. You can purchase closet organizers in several materials and styles. You can find them with shelves, drawers, and rods. You will find many organizers to use for many reasons but the most important reason to use one is to organize and store your things.

When you add a double rod to your closet you will have twice as much room to hang clothes. Some clothes may be too long for one of these but you could use side by side rods. These rods still give you twice the space and you have plenty of room for the longer garments to hang. Closet organizers are made for necessity not for decorating but you can find some that are still attractive.

For anyone that has lots of shoes you could add racks to keep them organized. You can either have one rack or several racks depending on how many shoes you have. You know about how many shoes there are in your closet so you just have to buy enough racks for them all. When you add extra shelves to your closet you add plenty of storage space. The standard closet we are all use to with the one rod and shelf are such a hassle to use. However if you are building from the ground up then you need to hire someone to give you the best bedroom closet design to fit your needs and wants.