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Avoiding Garage Cabinet FAIL

It’s not uncommon for recently purchased garage cabinets to disappoint their owners, often because of some mistake or some oversight made by the owner — that is, there is a garage cabinet “operator error” equivalent. With a little prior planning, however, cabinets can provide a lifetime of efficient and beautiful service for any owner. All s/he has to do is beware of (1) the potential for installation mistakes; (2) basic maintenance guidelines; and (3) the necessity of monitoring the cabinets’ contents.

Installation mistakes are relatively rare, but careful attention needs to be paid to the way the storage cabinets are attached to the walls. Nailing –- or, better yet, screwing — wooden cabinets to the wall needs to be done so that the nail or screw catches a strong support member. Wallboard or plasterboard, of course, cannot provide the needed support, and cinder block walls will require an anchor.

Garage cabinets that sit on the floor only need to be secured in earthquake country, but one should be careful to place them in an area where water damage can be avoided if conditions exist that make flooding a possibility.

If the cabinets fall, get wet or the surface is somehow otherwise compromised, that leads to the second problem –- not maintaining the cabinets. “Maintenance” is normally reserved for machines with moving parts, and the lack of moving parts might hide the need to maintain the integrity of the storage cabinets themselves. Consider: If a metal cabinet’s enamel finish is scratched, it can start to rust. If the veneer of an MDF cabinet is breached, it can easily absorb moisture and begin to lose structural integrity. A wooden cabinet may be unprotected should a swarm of termites come through the neighborhood. Inspecting cabinets from time to time and making sure the surfaces maintain their integrity and aren’t exposed to corrosive influences or direct damage will keep them serviceable for a long, long time.

Photo By: Rubbermaid Products

What gets put into the cabinets requires some care, as well. Putting oily rags or organic waste directly into a closed space invites “spontaneous combustion” and might result in a fire that might damage not only the cabinet but also the house. Another problem is caused by too heavy loads –- ones beyond the holding capacity of the shelves or the cabinet itself –- as this can break or weaken the cabinet. Finally, placing hazardous chemicals or flammable items inside cabinets (without putting them in separate, secure containers) invites trouble.

We want you to enjoy garage storage success, and with a little bit of forethought and ongoing attention, the three mistakes most likely to lead to garage cabinet FAIL –- installation, maintenance and dangerous contents -– can easily be avoided.

Advantages of a Metal Bike Storage Shed

When looking at bike storage sheds, you will find that there are many different types. Some of the most popular bike sheds are made of wood, plastic, or metal. When comparing the different types, you will find that the metal bike storage shed has some great advantages over its competitors.

Great Security

One of the main reasons to buy a bike storage shed is so that you can protect your bike. This is especially necessary if you own a very expensive bike. The metal bike shed is the most secure type you can buy. Most are lockable, and the metal sides and roof are not easily penetrated. Additionally, many have ground anchors and are extremely heavy, making it impossible for a thief to move the shed. Because the shed is made out of metal, it is highly likely that you will hear if someone tries to tamper with it. These sheds shelter the bike from the weather and protect it from getting stolen more securely than any other type of bike storage shed.

Low Maintenance

Another benefit to owning a metal bike storage shed is that it is extremely low maintenance. Unlike wood sheds, these sheds don’t need any special treatments. Wood sheds often need to be pre-treated to prevent from wood rot; luckily, the metal bike shed doesn’t require this. It is also very easy to clean the shed if it gets dirty. Spray a hose on it and you will find that most of the dirt and grime washes off easily.

Photo By: Paul Downey

Convenient Size

Metal sheds often have an added benefit in that they are large enough to fit other items. You will likely find that you have plenty of room for all of your bike gear, including the rear hitch bike rack. Most have the space to hold multiple bicycles, so you can be sure that your whole family’s bikes are protected. You may even be able to put shelves up and store other things in the shed such as gardening equipment or power tools. If you don’t have a garage, this shed can be perfect for storing your necessary items. Having the metal bike shed will help you stay organized and reduce the clutter laying around your house.

The advantages of the metal bike storage shed are indisputable. If you need a shed that is secure, low maintenance, and a convenient size, look no further than the metal bike storage shed.

Room Improvement By DVD Storage Boxes

Look around your room and tell me about what makes up most of the clutter. Nine times out of ten, the mess in the room is mostly composed of DVD discs and/or their corresponding cases.  Despite the availability of conventional storing methods like DVD racks or disc containers, your room may still appear a bit messy even when the DVDs are stored away properly.  If you are concerned about aesthetics and you want to declutter your video viewing area another option you may want to consider is that of DVD storage boxes instead.

The best thing about using DVD   plastic storage boxes is that they declutter the room and place your DVDs out of sight.  In fact, they exceed expectations in that they are better than most containers or furniture that cater specifically to DVD storage needs. What separates these storage boxes from others is that they are portable and they house everything, both the DVD and the case, without taking up too much space.

These boxes also add to the overall room decor because they are, in themselves, furniture that can be manipulated to cater to the room’s needs. A DVD storage box can be laden with cloth and home furnishings such as table clocks or picture frames to add to the decorative flavor of the room. Its surface can also be used for other purposes such as a book shelf (books with book ends) or a TV stand.

Lastly, DVD storage boxes cost less than most storage containers in the market. Because the room owner is able to save more money, he can appropriate the excess funds for other purposes with the same intent. Window shades, lamps, or other furnishings can be purchased with the excess money to make the room look better, apart from making it less cluttered at the same time.

There is nothing more to it but to do it since you already know what it does and how it does it. Purchase DVD storage boxes for your room and experience blissful organization like you’ve never known  before.

Rooms Get New Life with Chrome Shelving

There are few decorating actions that can be taken that will breathe new life into an office space of a residential room more readily than installing chrome shelving. Today, metal shelving made of chrome or even stainless steel is manufactured in a variety of shapes, heights and widths. Further, this chrome wire shelving is obtainable with a synthetic coating that retards rusting when the shelving is placed in damp environments such as bathrooms and garages. Regardless of what needs to be stored there is a wire chrome shelf for it to go on. If the shelving unit needs to be mobile so it can be moved from one section of the room to another, many types of chrome wire kitchen kits come with locking wheels at the end of each of the four chrome posts.

There is a certain sparkle and brilliance to chrome that makes it the perfect complement to the well appointed bathroom or office. For those that find pleasure in designing their own chrome shelving units, it is possible to purchase individual components and compose eclectic shelving units. For example, the individual shelves themselves can be ordered one at time in triangle, pentagon or square sliding shapes that attach to extended arms attached to the wall. For the room with little available space, such as an office cubicle or guest bathroom, this type of chrome shelving could be the perfect match.

The clean design of wire mesh shelving devices and the attractiveness they induce into a room is undeniable, and their ease of assembly is a boon to those seeking quick shelving solutions. Further, the visual interest provided by chrome shelving can be enjoyed for a very long time since metal shelving is extremely durable. The aesthetic and economic value of this type of wire shelving has a place in practically every location with items that need a home.

Remodel Your Closet In 3 Easy Steps

If you are about to take on the project of cleaning and organizing your closet, taking a few steps first can save you time and money.

A cluttered closet usually is filled with clothing, shoes, and whatever accessories will fit in it. The function of a closet is to store items that we need every day.  Closet organization systems are versatile, fit most any size closet, and can be customized to your needs.  It is human nature when we are in a hurry to throw stuff in the closet making it difficult to find it again. Closets get filled quickly when there is no organization and can become cluttered and chaotic. There is a lot more room for storage in an organized closet.

Photo By: Jennifer Jane

Imagine looking into your closet and seeing your clothes neatly hung on rods, sweaters folded and stored on shelving, shoes in pairs by color or season in a  shoe storage rack, and accessories like ties on a tie rack and belts on a belt rack.    When you need something, it will be in its place and ready to wear or use.

Step One

Take good measurements of the inside of your closet.  You will want to determine whether you need more room to hang clothes or would more shelves work better for you.  Develop a plan and decide exactly what you need.

Step Two

Consider whether or not to build your own organizer.  If you are creative, this may be the best alternative for you.  Of course there are systems in home improvement stores or online made of wood, plastic and metal that are well made and ready to install.

Step Three

If cost is an issue, spend time researching what is available.  You should be able to find what you need to fit any budget.  Planning ahead how much you want to spend is always a good idea.

You can customize your closet to fit your needs.  Once you have an organized, clean closet you will never want to live with closet clutter again.

Working Storage into Small Living Spaces

A new trend is working its way into the lives of people in their late 20s and early 30s. More and more, they are avoiding the suburbs that their parents chose to live in and instead choosing to live in major cities across America. It turns out that they are valuing restaurants within walking distance, beautiful city parks, and public transportation that they can take to work more than they do large homes and acreage.

This is a wonderful trend, but it also means that these people have much less space to work with in their living spaces. An apartment inside the city is going to be many times smaller than a home in the suburbs, and so the issue of storage space is coming up. They need to get more creative to find the same space their parents had to work with. The days of just buying a big batch of plastic storage bins is over.

Photo By: Craige Moore

Thankfully, this is easier said than done. Our parents have already given us some hints, such as a hutch in the dining room that is both beautiful and also a convenient place to keep extra silverware, table cloths, and table ornamentations underneath in the cabinets. It also adds elegance to the room that wasn’t there before, making it a piece of furniture with twice the use.

Or another option is to buy furniture that is able to accommodate storage containers. Think of a footrest that can open up and reveal a hidden storage compartment inside, or a couch that has enough room underneath to slide some wide containers underneath. They are perfectly hidden and serve to keep the room looking minimal and clear.

By thinking creatively about how to make storage space in your home, you can find a lot more room than you may expect. Don’t get lazy, and great things will happen.

How To Keep Your Items Safe In Metal Sheds

Many homeowners have found the ease and practicality of using metal sheds for storing tools and equipment. These can be yard and gardening tools to more heavy, sharp and expensive tools you use for your hobbies like metal or wood working and carpentry.  These tools should be stored, as leaving them in the house is dangerous especially if you have small children. Leaving these tools out in the open will also be bad as the weather may wreak havoc on them and cause them to rust. So how can you protect these inside these metal structures?

Photo By: SteelMaster Buildings

First of all, when storing things in places like metal storage sheds, you need to have some sort of organized storing solution. You cannot just place everything in a haphazard manner as this too will not do you or the tools any good. So invest in some storage solutions like shelves, storage boxes and containers, hooks and holders or even something as simple as a magnetic knife holder. Install all these in your shed and use them to organize and store your tools and equipment in an orderly fashion.

Once the inside of your place is organized, you can start thinking about how to best protect them and what sort of security measures to take. Today when getting metal sheds, you have the option of getting locks installed together with the doors. These locks are definitely a good idea as they keep all your items safe inside. Not only will you protect them from the elements outdoors, you also protect your children from entering the shed and getting themselves hurt from playing with those tools.

So once you have your metal shed, do take some time to think about its security as well as the security of your items inside. A little though goes a long way in preventing accidents and mishaps.

Wicker Baskets Provide Storage Where You Never Thought Possible

When looking for the perfect storage solution to deal with clutter and a general feeling of disorganization, you may do well by getting a few wicker baskets. Wicker baskets are great for creating a sense of order and tidiness, without costing too much or significantly altering the layout of any room. Wicker baskets can be tucked away into a corner, onto a shelf, or under a table. If you get a large wicker basket with a lid, it can add a decorative function to your room, and not need to have a specific place to go. Large wicker storage baskets can sit openly in any room, placed up against the wall, behind or beside a couch, or at the end of the bed.

Photo By: Glen Edelson

With a large basket, you can create a lot more storage in an area that you felt had no more space for all your items. You can store blankets, pillows, towels, your winter clothes, your summer clothes, or even just use your wicker basket to store other smaller boxes of items which are looking for a more convenient location to be stored. You may find this will free up some shelf space for other items that are more appropriately stored on shelves.

It is also possible to keep small wicker baskets on shelves or even on a 3 or 5 shelf bookcase for example. This creates somewhat of an open faced drawer idea, where you have a nice clean look, however you can pull out your wicker basket and have a bunch of miscellaneous items inside that wouldn’t otherwise all be able to sit nicely on shelves – especially if you want to maintain a look of organization. This works great for children’s toys – which you may have a lot of and no easy way to clean them up quickly. This is especially convenient since you won’t want to spend too much time putting them away when you know very shortly after they get put away, somehow they will be out on the floor again.

Wicker baskets are ideal for storage, especially when you have items which aren’t well suiting to sitting on shelves, or items which you want quick access to.

Of course, you can also use wicker baskets for all types of different things, aside from organizing and storage. If you prefer you can always use wicker baskets for hanging pot plants, they will go great with any wicker furniture you  have or wicker storage baskets. Here is a great wicker basket and plant that you can find at Home Depot; they have quite a good selection available.

32 in. Bamboo Palm Silk Plant with Wicker Basket 32 in. Bamboo Palm Silk Plant with Wicker Basket

The Nearly Natural 32 in. Bamboo Palm Silk Plant with Wicker Basket is designed to bring a touch of summer to home interiors. Ideal for use at home and in the office, the palm features wispy leaves that are crafted with silk and do not require maintenance. It comes with a wicker basket that allows for an elegant, cultured look.

How You Can Save Money When Hiring A Junk Removal Company

Do you have a large pile of junk or clutter lying around your house as a result of a home renovation project? Maybe you just purchased a new culture mattress and have no idea what to do with your old one. If this is the case, you might want to call upon the services of a professional junk removal Bellevue company to take care of disposing your unwanted items for a small fee. Hiring these companies is gaining more popularity with many households today simply because of the convenience of making a large pile of rubbish disappear with virtually no effort at all.

Before you go and hire a rubbish removal company to perform the services that you need, be sure that you call around and ask them to give you a quote on how much it would cost for them to take care of the items that you need disposed of. This is especially important because while most companies will charge you depending on the volume of junk that you have, there are still companies will bill you according to how long it takes them to carrier junk away and load it into the trucks. With the latter, this often results in a bill much larger than you initially thought because you have no control over how long their guys would take. Some unethical companies might deliberately move slower than usual, start charging you before they arrive and long after they have left your house.

Photo By: Marion Doss

When calling up junk removal companies, be sure that you describe the nature of the job as accurately as possible. If there are any items that need special attention, be sure that you disclose this in order to get an accurate quote. Keep in mind that some rubbish removal companies do not have the license to carry toxic or flammable materials such as paint or a propane tank, so you would need to find an alternate way to dispose of these items. Residents of Vancouver, British Columbia will definitely want to call Scraphaul Junk Removal Vancouver BC at (778) 786-7226 or visiting their offices at 1001 West Broadway #101, Vancouver, BC V6H 4B1 for the most hassle-free junk removal service available in the city.

In What Way Does Carpet Cleaning in Atlanta Help Safeguard Your Asset

Experts say that regular carpet cleaning sessions help carpet owners save a lot of money. How is this so? If your carpet frequently undergoes carpet cleaning in Atlanta, its life span is prolonged hence preventing you from spending money to replace it. For wise carpet owners, a regular maintenance program for their carpets is always availed in order to make them look as they were newly bought. Aside from a regular maintenance program, carpet owners must also vacuum their carpets as often as they can to maintain their cleanliness and good appearance.

Photo By: Frederick MD

Majority of those who manufacture carpets highly suggest that carpets must undergo deep carpet cleaning in Atlanta at least once a year. There are some who are torn between hiring professional carpet cleaners and doing the job themselves by simply renting steam cleaners. While it is true that the equipment rented can still do a good job in cleaning the carpet, the result is not as good as compared to what a professional carpet cleaner can do. Since professional cleaners clean carpets every day of their lives, there is only a small percentage that they will commit mistakes. Aside from that, they also make use of hot water which can help thoroughly clean carpets. Another reason why professional carpet cleaners provide better results is because they are using more high powered vacuums.

Since these cleaners take away more amount of water, the carpet is cleaned properly. Research reveals that the water that flows inside the fibers of the carpet will help them know whether the carpet is cleaned thoroughly or not. In addition, the type of vacuums that professionals use help make the carpet dry faster so that it can be used immediately. For this reason, it would be wise to choose professional carpet cleaners to do the job for you. If you get your carpet cleaned yearly with the help of a carpet cleaning business, your carpet is sure to last a long time. If your carpet’s longevity is extended, you can surely save a lot on cost.

Garage Storage Units Overhead

If you truly want to come up with some great garage storage ideas, you need to look all around the space to think how you are going to make the most out of the room you have to work with. Most people look at the side garage walls as well as the back wall for what they are going to use for the majority of their garage storage needs. This may work in most cases, but if you have a smaller sized garage or if you have a decent sized garage but have large cars like SUVs or trucks, you may find that you have less room to work with than you originally expected to.

Photo By: Joe Shlabotnik

There are several options to address this issue. One option is to build or buy a shed for out in the backyard. Another option is to pay for a storage facility where you can store additional items that may not fit inside the space. A third and better option than the first two is to use all of the ceiling area for storage with overhead garage storage units.

These units offer some great flexibility as they can be installed either above the garage door tracks or in the space where the tracks end and the back wall of the garage because you can adjust the heights of the overhead units in most cases.

These units work great for storing items such as holiday decorations or seasonal items that you are only going to need to get once or twice per year. having them up in the air means they are out of the way or the other items on the ground that you need to use on a more regular basis. They also serve as a great place to store large or bulky items that are not not going fit in the typical storage places such as cabinets or on shelves.

Closet Organizers Take Full Advantage of Storage Space

It’s not very common for the average family to own a home with luxuriously large closets. Most of those who do have them don’t know how lucky they are and don’t take full advantage of them. For the average homeowner the best thing we can do is to get closet organizers to keep things in order. This can make a huge difference in your daily life especially every morning when you are getting ready for work. No one has time in the morning to search for anything or to take out the iron. It is always best to have all our belongs ready for us as soon as we get out of the shower. Getting organizers all depends on the size of your closet and how much space you have. It also depends on how much you want to pack into it. Are you simple with a few outfits or do you have a large wardrobe and little space?

You need to make sure you have compartments for every kind of garment you have. There needs to be a place to hang long gowns, dresses or slacks and another place for shorter tops like shirts and blouses. These should always be hung with some space in between to prevent winkles. Clothes that are packed tightly next to each other will wrinkle even if they are hanging. You don’t want to do that because there’s is no time to iron when you are in a rush.

Shelves are also very necessary for your jeans, sweaters or anything that can be folded and stacked and will look amazing inside wood closet organizers. Open shelving is preferable because it can save you time since you can clearly see everything you have. All you will need to do is grab what you want without having to search deep down inside any drawers. Drawers are still important but never for bigger garments. You can leave the drawers for little things that don’t wrinkle like socks, ties, nylons, or underwear.

The only thing that is left now would be a place to keep all your  shoes where they are paired together and in sight and easy to reach. There are so many types of shoe organizers for the closet. Some are small shelves and some are racks that you can hang on the bar next to your shirts but my favorite is the one that hangs right over the door because it can save you even more space. You will need to design your own closet organizers to suit your own personal wardrobe.

Decorating With A Stair Basket

Stairs are a part of the home that is functional, but that can also be a tool for decorating the home.  Most stairs are wide enough so that they can be decorated along the edges safely.  The stairs act like a shelf on which items like a stair basket can be displayed.

A stair basket can simply be used for decoration, or it can  be filled with items.  Stair baskets are usually shaped to conform around a step, often in an upside down ‘L’ shape.  A leather stair basket is an attractive way to add beauty to the home.  The leather should be in a color that complements the other decorating themes of the house or at least the room.  A leather step basket looks pretty and high class.  Guests will enjoy admiring the basket as they walk up or past the stairs.  One can add more decorative charm to the step basket by filling it with flowers or similar items.

One does not have to buy a basket that is made for stairs in particular. Any basket that will fit on the steps can  be turned into a stair basket.  The basket should be small enough so that it does not act as a tripping hazard for those going up and down the stairs.  One can choose a basket with a  handle or a cover if they wish.  A basket with a cover is advantageous because it can serve as a storage piece without looking cluttered.  Many step baskets will be decorated on the outside in someway, whether it be with a fancy weave, added decorations, or painted.

A basket that fits nicely on the stairs is a tool that one can use to create both form and function on their staircase.  Attractive and useful baskets are great for almost any home decorating scheme.

Did You Know This About Cardboard Storage Boxes?

If you check every household in your neighborhood, you will probably find a cardboard storage box somewhere around the house. These boxes are so common and that is because people find them to quite useful. Although cardboard storage boxes are not as strong and durable as the plastic storage boxes, they are actually more convenient to use because you can get them for a cheaper price. Since the cardboard storage is somehow not as tough compared to the other kinds of storage boxes, it would be necessary that you know how to handle them properly.


Protecting the storage box itself is equally important as keeping the objects inside it safe. Don’t put your cardboard storage box in place where there is a chance that it could get wet. Keep it always dry because once it gets wet, the chances are it will also have a shorter lifespan. It is necessary for a storage box to have a lid so it can protect the items that you keep inside it.


For obvious reasons, always choose a new cardboard box if you intend to use it for storage purposes. You can grab fresh cardboard boxes from the mall when they are filling up their inventory. Look for holes or any signs of damage before availing one. A good storage box has its corners still intact.


Big packages are usually shipped in cardboard boxes. When you receive packages such as these, don’t just throw the boxes away after unwrapping them. You can recycle the boxes instead and keep them for a later use.  Keep them in a flat manner to ensure that they don’t get damaged while in storage. You can just put them back using a brown tape every time you want to use them. It will only take a few seconds to assemble them back.

Hangers – the Basic Ingredient in Closet Organization

When some people think about organizing their closet they imagine all sorts of expensive closet ideas that are more of a dream then a reality. Few people think about the centrality of the basic clothes hanger in keeping their closet organized. The bottom line is that hangers are cheap as compared to other types of organizational apparatus. The question you need to ask yourself is if you are using the right type of hangers for your needs?

Hangers come in several different types. If you are like most people, your closet is probably made up of a jumble of all of them. There are 3 basic materials that hangers are made from and they each have their pros and cons.

Wood hangers are the most traditional. They are strong and sturdy and great for hanging up heavy winter coats. However, they also take up a tremendous amount of space in your closet. If you have a clothes closet filled with wooden hangers, you may want to consider moving them to your coat cupboard and choosing a slimmer brand. Huggable Hangers are an example of a slim space saving hanger, they are made of light materials and are a fraction of the width of wood hangers.

Wire hangers are great for picking up your dry cleaning. They hang easily in the car and are light. However, they often bend your clothes out of shape because of their sharp edges. Save your wire hangers for unplugging clogged drains.

Plastic hangers are the latest-greatest in hangers. They are stronger then wire but not as bulky as wood. Not all are created equally though. When choosing plastic hangers, look for those with sleek space saving designs. A soft velvet like fabric is another beneficial feature. This will protect your clothes from becoming misshaped or from your clothes slipping off onto the dirty floor.

In short, if you want to reorganize your closet, it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Take a look at the type of hangers you are using and review the pros and cons of each. By changing your hangers, you can save space, preserve your clothes and even make your closet look nicer.

Keep Organized Closets At Home

When you are looking to make more space in your bedroom, one of the first things you should do is get a good closet design. The design of your closet is very important because you will want to be able to put as many things as possible in it and keep it all organized. Make sure that everything has its proper place. Be sure that you have plenty of shelf space and also places to hang various items. You will be glad that you give yourself the proper places to put your things. Not only will it keep your closet organized, but it will keep them in better condition too.

A good closet design can make all the difference in other rooms in your home also. When everything has its place, it will be easier to find things and to store them. Clutter no longer rules the room. You can eliminate those days of being late to work while trying to find that one pair of shoes or pants.

If you are having problems designing your own closet space you might want to have someone else help you to do it. Closet designers are available in most cities as well as online. Find a person that is good at this type of thing so that the job will go quick and easy. Be sure that you tell them what it is you wish to have in your closet so that they can make the proper set up for you.

A great spacious closet is the key to keeping organized. Closet organizers are the perfect solution to most reach in or walk in closets. Make sure that yours is everything that it can be. Use space savers to make it the most efficient. Use stackable boxes too so that you can keep things from getting dusty while also keeping seasonal items put up and out of the way in off seasons. You will find that when you are organized in your closet, the rest of life will go a lot smoother. Anything that will make a stress free life easier should be something for you to look into.

Shoe Storage To End That Shoe Clutter

What can one do with all those pairs of shoes? It’s common to find a bunch of shoes lying around in many houses. Sometimes you’ll find them at the entrance of your front door or stacked in your hall closet . At times you can’t find a place to store anything in your bedroom closet because it’s loaded with shoes. Well, here are two simple ways to organize your shoes and get rid of the clutter.

One way to solve the clutter of shoes in front of your door is to purchase a  shoe storage bench. This item is practical and easy way to keep shoes stored and well organized. Shoe benches are basically what they say are. That is, they are units that can hold a number of shoes. At a starting price of $40 per unit, these shoe benches are approximately two feet wide and are equipped with two wire racks that can hold a maximum number of nine shoe pairs. This allows you to store your shoes neatly and spot them at a glimpse. Such benches can be used in an entryway, mudroom or in a garage during winter. The reason why they are useful in the winter is because the racks allow the boots and shoes to air out and dry faster. Additionally, a rack permits them to drip in the garage and dry out.

A great way to store shoes neatly in your bedroom is by using an under bed shoe storage system. Imagine a suitcase with small storage compartments. This is pretty much what shoe storage under your bed will look like. It’s a good way to make use of the wasted space under the bed. All you need to do is store the shoes inside it in an orderly manner, zip it up (to prevent dust and dirt from getting in) and slide it under the bed. From then on they won’t be in sight, but more importantly, they won’t get in your way.

Built In Pantry Cabinets

For additional food storage that does not take up additional floor space, a built in pantry is a great solution. It is installed to blend in with kitchen cabinetry or appliances and can be an attractive place to store dry and canned goods, spice jars, etc. There are many different styles, so you can find one to fit your style of kitchen or cabinetry.

Many different styles mean that this type of storage can be customized to meet your specific needs. Some homes may need taller shelves with a few shorter ones for small cans. If there are many cooking oils, cereal boxes and other tall things to store, taller shelving will be ideal. This is a great addition if you are considering remodeling your kitchen or replacing cabinetry. You can easily dedicate a section of wall space next to a refrigerator or stove, for additional food storage that provides easy access and is handy while cooking.

Even if you are not changing your kitchen or remodeling, you can use a particular space more efficiently, by building one of these units. If you cabinets end several inches from the end of a wall, there is a perfect place for this type of storage. For those who are not handy, many carpenters can install this type of unit within a few hours.

Some pantry cabinets can serve as storage and as display cabinets all in one. There are styles that can make use of lower shelves with doors for dry and canned foods, while the upper units are made into wine racks or kitchen canister sets. Alternative, upper units can be used as display cabinets, for glasses, china and other attractive items. You can be as creative as you want in installing one of these units. If you are looking for one of these places to add to your kitchen, go to a remodeling store or call a carpenter to get an idea of what can be done and the cost.

Plastic baskets make your room clean

A plastic basket is one of the best things that has ever happened to you. As a mother of three who has to help organize everything from school lunches to tools in the garage, I can speak with some authority on the subject. Other than that I have also worked as a secretary in The White House and when they say you’ll be managing a lot of paper, they mean. I can’t even tell you how high the stacks of briefs and notes would get in there. Get a plastic storage bin or three if you are looking to get the paper in your office organized. My suggestion is to look around your computer, see that email icon? Click on it. There’s your storage solution for the vast amounts of paper that you’ve got coming your way. The Inbox / Sentbox / Drafts & Live Projects three bin system works great no matter where you are or what you are working on. Get a large box for the Drafts & Live Projects bin if you are like me. The purpose of the boxes and bins is self explanatory, but just in case here is a quick explanation. The Inbox is for all incoming documents that you haven’t had the chance to process yet. I add mine to the Live straight away as this keeps me from procrastinating.

Once the file is active or being worked on, I kept it there and when that is done, there is nothing more that needs to be done. Just put it in the outbox when you are looking for someone else to pick them up or the file or documents need to be forwarded out to someone else. With plastic drawer inserts you need to use them judiciously. After all, there is such a thing as over optimization so only use as many as you absolutely need.

Customize Cube Wall Shelves

Everyone knows that storage cubes tend to be just about the best invention ever. The usefulness of them is excellent. Considering steps to make shelving with these provides several interesting and different possibilities. Cube wall shelves may be stacked or put up about the wall according to the look you’re going for.

Feel free to use the wood storage cube like a wall shelf simply by nailing on the walls. It has to always be nailed right into wall studs due to it being so heavy . The collection of some smaller cubes provides a great location to show memorabilia. The wooden surface may be stained or perhaps painted in order to complement ones decor. A few individuals additionally customize the cubes through stenciling or even painting patterns on all of them.

An additional method to deal with shelving problems can be to stack up each cube on top of each other. There happens to be so many various designs you may utilize. An individual may keep the shelving even applying just a single color or even a person may definitely brighten it up through combining wooden cubes along with metal kinds or different materials like a wire mesh or even a plastic one. In order to offer the shelves a customized appearance, include wicker baskets which fit within the cubes. People may additionally utilize colored fabric baskets or any mixture of each. Leave a few of the cubes unfilled and show collectible items such as pottery pieces or glass in them. Books additionally appear nice in the wide open cubes. Make use of the baskets for you to place items like pencils, papers, pens, remote controls and additional things which will need to be useful yet appear unattractive laying about.

When an individual puts a small amount of time and creativity in it, there will be a limitless variety of colors and also layouts a person may produce with regard to your cube wall shelves. Additionally, people have got the advantage of being capable to alter it when your requirements change. Right now you can’t accomplish that using regular wall shelves. An individual can increase or even decrease the dimensions of the shelves’ space or perhaps remove it from the wall and totally reconfigure it. Consider past the regular box. Anyone may create pyramids, octagons as well as additional unconventional however attention catching designs. A person might even complete a mixture of piled and hung cubes. Anyone may create spaces within the center for television sets or stereo systems. The choices are simply restricted by your imagination and creativity.

Cube wall shelves differ in cost based on what materials they are made from. Plastic is the lowest costly and wooden ones are usually the most costly. The cubes are usually obtainable from home improvement shops, mass merchandising stores as well as nearby hardware shops. Anyone may additionally purchase them on the internet. They can easily give a pulled together customized appearance which can complement any decor.