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Which Garden Carts Are Best For You?

Have you been looking at garden carts to help you when you make the decision to work out in the garden? If you would love to find a cart to fit your needs then you need to have an idea of what is out there and what you will want to keep in mind as you begin. This article will touch upon many of these things so that you know what to look for.

One of the main things that you will need to think about will be related to the cost that you are willing to pay. You will not want to purchase a garden cart that cost you $50.00 to find out that it is not going to be large enough to help you accomplish all of your goals. The less that you pay the smaller the cart will actually be in many cases.

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Next, make sure that you are thinking about the size of the cart. This is not only important when it comes to what you can actually do with the cart, but it also relates to how heavy it will be. You may not be able to move the cart around with ease like you want to if it is so heavy you cannot even move it. In that case it would most likely end up in your garage and it would not be used. This would defeat the purpose of the cart in the first place.

If you have made the decision to start looking at garden carts you will want to make sure that you have taken the time to identify what all of your needs are when it comes to styling or remodeling your garden. Once you have an idea of what you need you can begin the search. Taking it slow and considering all of your options will help ensure that your purchase is exactly what you need.

How To Choose The Best LED Grow Lights

Finding the best LED grow lights is the way to get the most out of your indoor gardening efforts.  But do you know what you should be looking for?  Do you know what makes for the best LED grow lights?  If not, then here are the things you need to know about LED grow lights.
The first thing you need to know about is what color light you need.  Many people when they think of grow lights think any bulb that claims that it mimics sunlight would be best.  And they would be wrong.  Plants use two parts of the spectrum, rather than the whole of it.  To power photosynthesis and create food, they need some of the red-orange part of the spectrum.  And for reproduction, they use blue-violet.

Conventional grow lights produce a full spectrum of light and waste energy doing so.  They also produce a lot of heat.  The heat that they produce tends to dry the plants out that they are helping to grow and require two things as a result.  They need a cooling system, which must be purchased separately, and the plants require more water to counteract the drying from the lights.  Both of these consequences result in additional operating expense.

LED grow lights produce less heat and it is made in the base where it is harmless to the plants.  They come with built in cooling fans, so there is no additional expense.

LED grow lights can now be designed to produce exactly the light frequencies that are best used by plants.  And that’s one of the first things to look for when choosing the best LED grow lights to benefit your indoor garden.  Make sure that they are emitting the right colors as stated above.  Not all of them do, so do your research.

The next important feature to look for is the power or wattage of the lights.  This is critical.  Many grow lights are sold that are so underpowered as ton be useless.  You must look for LED grow lights in which each constituent LED has an output of 1 watt.  There are plenty of cheap LED grow lights on the market with outputs in the area of 0.06 watts from each LED.  These are almost useless and will only result in disappointment.

Choosing the best LED grow lights with the right output in terms of wattage and color of light emitted will give you the results you want from your indoor garden.  Your plants will grow faster and more fully in less time.

Poison Ivy Treatment Do’s and Don’ts

There are a lot of poison ivy remedies on the internet or through word of mouth. Some works but some does not. The effect of any poison ivy treatment depends on the skin type of those who will use it. Here are the DO’s and DON’Ts for treating the blisters or rashes caused by these mischievous plants.


  • Ask your doctor what the best treatment or home remedy for your type of skin, he will be able to make tests to make sure the rashes will not get worse through infection or wrong cure.
  • Vitamin C helps with the swelling of the blisters and this improves the body’s immune system.
  • Having calamine lotion in the medicine cabinet helps because it is an astringent that helps clean and dry down the blisters.
  • Water helps cleanse the body and speeds up the healing of the rashes.
  • Research thoroughly about the side-effects of any product or treatment before using them.


  • Rubbing your face or any part of the body that wasn’t infected may trigger blisters on these parts.
  • Don’t cover the rashes with bandages because it does not allow them to dry.
  • Antihistamines or itch medicines may have different effects on people, don’t buy them unless prescribed.
  • Beware of using too much bleach because it may enter the bloodstream causing more damage than cure.

The do’s and don’ts is a guide for caution. Although the doctor’s fee may cost money, at least you are sure it is money well spent. Relying on old home treatments may cause more damage since not all of them work for some people. The best advice is to stay away from the ‘leaves of three.’

Does your friend know the same do’s and don’ts as you do, if not, suggest that they read this article to know what they should or shouldn’t do.

A Guide To The Three Most Used Grow Light Technologies

Buying a grow light or grow light system is not always a straightforward decision.  The best technology will depend on the type of plant that is being grown and its development stage.  For example some lights are better able to promote flowering while others encourage fast growth and sprouting.  In this article we provide insight into the three main types of grow light that are used by indoor gardeners to start you on a process of determining which is most suitable for your grow lighting needs.

For grow light gardeners looking for a cost effective, energy efficient and environmentally friendly grow light technology, LED grow lights tend to rise to the top of the list.  They have a longer lifespan than other grow light technologies, use less energy and emit less heat.  Cooling systems, heat extraction fans and high voltage ballasts are generally not needed.  LED lights can be placed in close proximity to the growing plants or seedlings with little risk of scorching or dehydration.

The standard fluorescent bulbs used for many years by grow light gardeners are slowly being replaced by higher output fluorescent bulbs and hybrid fluorescent/HID systems.  While these are more expensive than the standard bulbs they produce a light that is more direct and concentrated via the use of special reflectors.  Reds, Whites and Blues are available.

High Pressure Sodium (HPS) and Metal Halide (MH) are the most common types of Higher Intensity Grow Light (or HID grow light) used for grow light gardening.  Mercury vapor lights are also used but less often.  While HID light do not last as long as LED grow lights for example and are more expensive to run, they produce a very intense light.  HPS and MH lights are often used in combination to ensure all required wavelengths of light needed for maximum absorption are produced.

Garden Anywhere with an Aerogarden

Gardening at home is rewarding, and with the Aerogarden, a big back yard is no longer a gardening requirement. Finding good, fresh produce throughout the winter can be difficult if you live in a remote location or in a northern city with a real winter. Sadly, when the availability of produce suffers, our health also suffers. Anyone can grow their own food. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time or energy. Indoor solutions such as potted plants or traditional hydroponic systems can be expensive, messy and ugly.

The Aerogarden line of products makes in home gardening easier, more enjoyable and affordable. They are not suitable for the larger types of produce. Research has shown that one of the simplest things to do in order to feel better is to eat better.

Aerogarden seed kits focus on the varieties of plants that are well adapted to in home hydroponics. The kits are customizable and include flowers as well as vegetables and herbs. Components are available from Aerogarden that allows the gardener to customize their setup for taller plants with larger produce.

The Aerogarden Pro 200 comes in a variety of colors and designs and accommodates specific space constraints. It is compact and attractive and can double as a decoration on the bookshelf or counter. The Aerograden Pro 200 is perfect for the home chef that needs the occasional sprig of basil or leaf of fresh lettuce.

Fresh herbs and vegetables are a fundamental part of a healthy lifestyle. The Aerogarden allows anyone to take a year round role in their own nutrition and health by providing delicious food without a formal garden. The Aerogarden further brightens your spirits and your home by providing an attractive plant as a decoration. The satisfaction of consuming homegrown greens in February is a great cure for the winter time blues.

Led Grow Lights: Revolutionary Plant Growing Technology

Led Grow Lights are a fantastic product when touching the theme of indoor plant gardens. The fact is that they have caught lots of people’s attention due to the fact that they are extremely useful and powerful, offering incredible features. This article’s purpose is to show you why led grow lights are much more advanced than older light methods for successful indoor plant growing.

First and foremost, a great feature that can be found in led grow lights is their ability to emit light in different bands of the spectrum, meaning that that they can be configured to emit only wanted types of light that allows plants to generate their required nutrients and minerals. Plants manage to do this through a process known as photosynthesis, by which a molecule called chlorophyll absorbs only useful light from specific bands of the spectrum and turns it into the previously mentioned minerals and nutrients that allow plants to live and grow. So, older products such as incandescent light bulbs and fluorescent and high energy discharge lamps certainly stay behind in this aspect, since indoor led grow lights doubtlessly overshadow older products with this outstanding feature that cannot be ignored when comparing different light emanating products.

Moreover, another great feature led grow lights include is the fact that they are specifically built for energy preservation and preventing that large portions of heat be released to our already damaged environment and atmosphere. By being able to function with low amounts of energy, these impressive grow lights manage to lessen our costs and benefit the environment by allowing us to establish them as a replacement to older and much worse products.

Another factor to take into account is that they are much smaller than older products, so they can be considered as portable since they are also much lighter. And, they come with batteries that last much longer than normal, minimizing costs even more.

Therefore, this type of grow lights definitely are considerably better than older and much worse products. With outstanding features, LED Grow Lights certainly are the most profitable, efficient and effective way to go when on the search for the best product for indoor plant growing, thanks to low cost usage and because they undoubtedly consist on a great help to our already damaged atmosphere and environment!

Create A Cozy Look With Solar Lights

Using outdoor lighting is a great way to enhance the appearance of your yard, both the front yard and back yard. If you are building a new home it is easy to add lighting to your home designs because you can dig trenches to install wiring without disturbing existing landscape designs, but by using solar lights adding lights to an existing home is easy as well.

Solar pathway lights are one of the most common types of solar lights you normally see. While they are typically used to line pathways or walkways within your yard they can also be used for other types of landscape lighting. They can easily be used around a patio to help outline it and provide light. They can be used in a garden or landscaped area to add a cozy look and help show off your landscaping at night. They can also be used along a driveway as solar driveway lights.

Solar rock lights are another fun option because they provide light, but they don’t look like a typical light fixture. They look like a rock, but at night they light up to illuminate a patio, deck, garden or walkway. You can buy a set to create a uniform design, or you can buy a single unit.

If you want something really distinct you might consider colored solar lights. Some of them are even theme based, for instance you can find flower solar lights that provide an amber colored light to add to your flower garden. They are in the shape of a flower but at night they will illuminate offering a warm glow to this landscaped area.

As we become more environmentally conscious the selection of solar lights seems to increase. There are some really fun designs available and because they are powered by the sun they are very easy to install. They provide an easy way to enhance the appearance and even functionality of your outdoor space.

Mowing A Beautiful Lawn Starts Now!

Without over-complicating things, you should definitely mow your lawn regularly and consistently. Not just for reasons of not being talked about or worrying about snakes but because mowing really will give you a beautiful lawn. Experts say that mowing the lawn is the same as taking care of most other plants in that clipping away the points that grow will cause them branch out and become denser. With grass, the crown is where development of new leaves takes place, so clipping off the crown turns one grass plant into many. This is almost as effective as planting grass seed separately.

Multiply that by the exponential amount of grass plants in a lawn and proper mowing practices and frequency and you can have a thick gorgeous lawn.

A large part of proper lawn maintenance is taking care of your mower, getting the blades sharpened and finding out what cutting height is best for your grass. When you cut off the top of the grass you are cutting the part that produces the food, so especially in seriously hot weather or drought conditions, mow the lawn a bit higher. In addition to this experts say to mow in the morning or early morning before heat sets in. Cutting the grass is stressful on the plants so taking the absolute least traumatic options is the way to go in keeping your lawn healthy.

When you are mowing, it is important to choose one consistent direction such as horizontal or vertical lines which overlap for better coverage. After every few instances of mowing the lawn, change direction as well. So if you mow horizontal lines for a few weeks, switch to vertical lines for a few weeks then back. This will give your lawn a more natural look and feel. Do not forget to pay close attention to the precautions of mowing a lawn though. It is important for your safety and for the safety of others as well.

Polycarbonate For Your Greenhouse Covering

People who plan on building a greenhouse on their backyard often has these questions in mind: What is polycarbonate? Is it used as a greenhouse covering? There are a lot of greenhouse materials that you need, and one of them is your covering. Polycarbonate is a covering for your greenhouse. Well, this article will answer your questions.

Polycarbonate  is a plastic type. In terms of weight, it is just one-sixth the weight of glass, which makes this material light. It is almost unbreakable as it is 200x more stronger than glass. It has UV protection on one or both sides, making it weather-resistant. Its insulation is remarkable and its flexibility is undeniable. Plus, it is easy to set up.

You can buy it in solid sheets, corrugated, or multiwall. The usual picks for greenhouse glazing are the corrugated and multiwall. This may be due to the fact that the solid sheets are not purchasable with a UV protection on one side. The UV protection will prevent the sheets from yellowing or getting frangible. People may think that having this protection may affect the transmission of light, but this is not true. The sheets with one-sided UV protection  are usually assured for ten years against yellowing and breaks. This will differ from brands to brands. Sheets with UV protection on both sides are also available, and it is usually used for walling as both sides are open to sunlight. Good as it may seem, it is relatively expensive and unnecessary.

Corrugated sheets are polycarbonates that are very flat. It is available in two styles: the wavy and the greca. Though is it nice to have in your greenhouse, it does not offer as much insulation as a twin wall sheet do.

Polycarbonate is a durable material that you can use in your greenhouse. Since setting this up is easy, you will not be wasting your time installing this. Polycarbonate offers you a covering for you greenhouse that will ensure protection and durability.

Observing Butterflies in a Live Butterfly Garden

Ask any serious butterfly gardener and they’ll tell you that the best thing about a backyard butterfly garden is that you get countless chances to watch butterflies. The more hospitable you can make your live butterfly garden, the more you are going to learn about these beautiful winged insects.

For example, let’s say that you have a hankering to take some pictures of butterflies. This isn’t as easy as it seems! Butterflies are awfully fast and rarely rest when people get close. But if you have your own garden, then you can see them early in the morning. Head out at dawn but before the sun has risen all the way. Butterflies are still waking up and the morning cold means that they can’t yet fly. You can get as close as you’d like with your camera and take plenty of pictures.

You’ll want to check underneath especially large leaves for the butterflies. That’s where they hide at night in order to avoid the predators that might be after them. You can also check the stems of large flowers such as sunflowers – butterflies often rest there. If you have any thick bushes such as rose bushes or butterfly bushes, see if you can’t see any visitors tucked safely inside the canopy of leaves.

If you aren’t an early riser, don’t worry. You can also check out butterflies in the middle of the day when they are most active. Pull a chair up to your garden and watch the activity. How many species of butterfly are visiting? Can you tell which ones are females and which ones are male? See if you can’t identify some trends in behavior. Which plants do they prefer? How do they interact with one another?

If you want, how about making a video recording of butterflies? Set your camera up on a tripod and let it record for half an hour or more. Or, you can record by hand, perhaps following a single butterfly as it drifts from plant to plant. Just keep in mind that you don’t want to unduly scare your visitors. They need to feel safe in your garden – it’s a big source of food and energy for them!

The Downside Of Taking Care Of Your Own Lawn

Taking care of a lawn through the spring, summer and into the fall months is certainly a big job. In addition to cutting the grass, trimming, and pulling weeds, the lawn also needs to be raked. The walks need to be swept and the grass and weeds must be bagged. Then, it is necessary to water during the long dry spells. If you have shrubbery, it needs periodic trimming and shaping, and the flowerbeds need to be weeded. All of this is done in the hot summer sun!

Hiring a neighborhood kid does not always work out to your advantage. Unless the teenager is responsible and meticulous with his work, your property will suffer. Most teens will give your lawn a quick cut, but they are not willing to pull weeds and take care of flowerbeds and shrubs. When a teen does the work, much of the time, you the owner are overseeing the job.

Those managing a professional lawn care service are more knowledgeable and more dependable. It is important to ask them for references, as well as a detailed quote for the work. The quote needs to be in writing and both parties need to sign it and date it. Make certain that the service knows exactly what you want done and how you want it to look when it is finished. Be as specific as you possibly can. A truly professional service will be insured and have well-trained and well-qualified workers. They will know what products should be used on your lawn to take care of special problems, such as certain types of weeds and the bugs that will ultimately kill your grass. They also know how to feed the lawn properly.

If you are can afford to use a good, professional lawn service, it will save you a great deal of time, energy, and grief. It will look like a professional took care of it and your home will be envy of the neighborhood.

Winterizing Garden Lights

When the months begin to grow colder, a lot of people start to turn their attention to shutting down the garden. It’s time to kill the garden lighting and let everything sink back to the earth.

Winterizing your garden isn’t a bad idea, and the main reason for that is that everything has to take a rest – even plants! If you live in a region where the winter temperatures regularly dip towards zero or you see a great deal of snowfall, then preparing your garden for a long sleep should be a priority.

Your garden lights should not be left out in the cold! First, remove any bulbs that you can. Gently wrap them in soft cloth – old worn denim works best. Then place them in a box where they won’t be rolling around.

Next, gather the light itself – with the bulb gone – and take it inside. This is an excellent time to clean the light. Using a damp cloth, and perhaps a touch of a mild cleansing agent, gently wash the light. Remove all the accumulated dust and dirt from a spring, summer and fall out in the garden.

Let the light air dry, and then store it in a safe place. You might want to keep it near the bulb that goes along with it, so you don’t have to go searching for it come Spring.

Winter is also a good time to evaluate the lighting system you have used in your garden. What did you like about it? What didn’t work? What would you change for the upcoming season?

Make a list and then let your imagination play with it. Every new year is a chance to create better and more beautiful lighting schemes for your lawn and garden. Don’t let this time go to waste! You can even create a map or master list that details your garden lighting plan.

Enjoy your winter – your new garden lighting season will be upon you soon enough!

Robomow Review – Do Robot Lawn Mowers Work?

The Robomow lawn mower will definitely make a fabulous addition to your household and is sure to take the hassle out of mowing your lawn. This ingenious creation involves an automatic setup that enables you to focus on other chores, secure in the fact that your lawn will be mowed to perfection very quickly. The Robomow machine is a great choice if you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint as it is incredibly environmentally friendly.

The biggest advantage of using a Robomow lawn mower is that it can be programmed in advance to begin mowing on a particular day and at a particular time. This means that you can have your lawn mowed exactly when you need it to look its best without having to move a muscle. The machine also comes with a unique edge mode which enables it to cut grass on the edges of your lawn to perfection. This means that your lawn will look great with minimal effort from your side.

When the Robomower cuts grass it distributes the fine pieces all over the lawn; these fine pieces decompose easily and provide useful nutrition for the soil, thus making your lawn grow better. This also means that you do not have to sweep away the grass debris once the machine is done with its job.

This machine is the ultimate choice if you are looking for convenience with effectiveness and it will ensure that your lawn looks better than it ever has before. All you need to do is program this wonderful creation and it will do all the hard work for you. Your lawn will definitely be the envy of all your neighbors and their archaic lawn mowers so prepare to be in the limelight. The Robomow machine is definitely a worthwhile investment that you will love to use.

5 Reasons to Use a Lawn Roller or Soil Roller – Sheila

Lawn rollers come in different sizes and are usually made of steel or polyethylene. They can weigh several hundred pounds when filled so be sure that you exercise caution when you use them.

1. For a Level Lawn: A lawn roller is designed to be heavy so that it can level the surface of the soil of your lawn. It keeps the soil flat and even. This will maintain your lawn yard.  It’s also use for packing down new sod and seeds. It also repairs those bulges on the lawn created by rodents and frost heaving during the winter.

2. For laying sod and grass seeds: After over-seeding new grass seed and sod, they are pushed further into the soil by a Soil roller so that they can germinate better. They usually grow faster once they are well buried in the soil.

3. For Lawn Repair: To even out the level of your lawn and enhance its appearance, a lawn roller is usually utilized. It can also repair the damage animals have done to your lawn. It also improves the continuity and attachment of grass roots of new grown grass to the soil.  Lawn aerators can also help.

4. To Improve Water drainage: Lawns with flaws such as uneven surfaces will promote accumulation of water in certain areas. This may cause growth of molds, fungi, etc. This will also deprive the other areas from proper hydration. With the use of lawn rollers, the surface can be evened and shallow areas corrected for proper drainage.

5. For a Professionally manicured Lawn: Lawns are usually created with stripes with a look of dark and light rows of stripes,. To attain this, roll one row in one direction and turn around and roll in the opposite way to create this style. An even lawn also gives the advantage of easy maintenance in mowing. An even surface can promote an easier and faster clearing of your grounds.

Downsides to Mushroom Composting

Mushroom compost is made out of various compostable materials. This is used by gardeners and landscapers to aid in the growth of plants. The production of mushroom compost is a lengthy process requiring the composting of materials and then adding spores to the mix while it cures.

Mushroom compost is made by gathering a mixture of materials such as corn cobs, hay, straw and other various cheap products and setting it into a pile to decay and compost. This material, once fully composted is usually set in various warehouses where it is set to cure and fungal spores are added to the mix.

Mushroom compost is usually also treated with chemicals due to the nature of storing it in warehouses. When it is stored it usually attracts various pests and insects such as flies. Due to this fact many manufacturers use chemical insecticides in the warehouses to reduce the populations of pests.

Mushroom compost is usually used to supplement soils by gardeners and landscapers. The downside to using mushroom compost is that it is not organic, due to the use of chemicals during its production, and that it has little to no nutritional value to plants.

There are better alternatives to mushroom compost. These include humus soil amendments and compost that you make at home yourself. Compost is actually easy to make and helps reduce the amount of wastes sent to landfills due to the fact that you actually use common household waste to make it.

You can make compost out of kitchen scraps, yard clippings and other organic wastes instead of throwing it all away. This is easy to do with easy to obtain products such as a spinning composter or compost buckets which are made specifically to compost this material at a fast rate. The benefit of these materials is that they also contain the composting mixture which reduces or completely eliminates the presence of insects and other pests.

You can use compost anywhere in your garden. It is a great way to organically fertilize your soil. All you have to do is spread it around the garden or lawn and water it in for the plants to get greener from the rich content of organic matter.

Benefits of Mini Greenhouses

Plant lovers are constantly looking for ways to have as many species they love as they can. Many find that a mini greenhouse is one of the best ways to grow and cultivate plants that may not be in season or that they don’t have room for in the garden or inside the home. There are so many things that a mini greenhouse can provide as a home renovation project that the money spent on one ends up turning into an investment.

Tropical climate plants are the most common ones that have to be kept safe from the biting cold of winter. Those that are planted outdoors will die when the frost hits, so many gardeners will keep them in containers as opposed to planting them in the ground. That way they can transport them to a safe place during the winter months. The mini greenhouse is a perfect place, especially if there are too many to fit indoors. Once the danger of frost has passed they can be moved back to their space outdoors, leaving room for cultivation during spring. The greenhouse is an ideal place for starting seeds, whether it is for ornamental plants or vegetables. Another idea is to take cuttings of existing plants and assist their growth into full sized plants. The lessened exposure to the elements is very healthy for growing cuttings. It’s easy to find out what equipment and procedures need to be made to create a cutting bed.

Sometimes, paying an extra heating bill during the winter to keep the greenhouse warm is just too much. If this is the case, the mini greenhouse can still be useful during the warmer months for all sorts of plant activity. In the winter it can be used as a potting shed to help out plants that may be root-bound. There are many advantages to having a mini greenhouse and it’s a great addition to outdoor activities.

Spinning Composters

There are a number of spinning composters available but there is one that I recommend above all others. If you have read Achla spinning composter reviews then you will have seen that this is a horizontal model.

This is the exact reason why I think this is the best compost tumbler. The Achla spinning composter reviews that you may have read will rightly state that this is by far the most preferable orientation for a compost tumbler. Allow me to explain.

Many of the models available are vertical. When they begin to get full it can be slightly difficult for slight people to then rotate the drum. But with a horizontal model this is done with ease. Models like the Achla have a simple handle that you turn and this rotates the drum. It is simple to do and takes just a few seconds.

As it is so easy to do this we will find that we get much better compost as we will be more inclined to mix the contents up on a regular basis. We will find that the more we do this spinning the smaller the items in the barrel become. They get churned and broken up very quickly and the smaller the pieces the quicker the compost is then made.

This really is why the Achla is such a good model to buy. It also looks great. This is a high quality compost tumbler at a low price and is one of the best selling compost tumblers on the market at the current time. If you want to be one of those people that makes compost in just a few short weeks then this is definitely the compost tumbler for you. A low price but a quality product. And one that will also not need to be hidden away at the bottom of the garden as it does actually look very good indeed.

Let’s Go Lawn Care Green This Weekend – Irrigation

You know all the trends these days are headed towards “going green” and of course, what better way to do that then with your home lawn care practices? But there is a lot more to it than just using organic fertilizers and electric lawn mowers. If you want to start going green on your lawn right now, follow these bits of advice in reference to how you water your lawn at home.

Water The Lawn Efficiently

Too many of you like to run your irrigation system every single day for 10 minutes per zone. Honestly guys, that is the biggest waste of water imaginable. The reason is because 10 minutes of water is not enough to penetrate the thatch layer and soak into the root zone where grass plants can use it. Those 10 minute sprinkles just end of getting evaporated away when the sun comes up and that is a waste of a precious resource.

If you want to go green by watering properly, then cut back your irrigation to just twice per week but leave the zones on for 30 minutes each time. If you water 30 minutes per zone twice per week, your water will run 60 minutes total, but more the water will reach the soil and help the turf. But if you stay on the 10 minutes per zone every day schedule I talked about previously, you are using 70 minutes of water per week and almost none of it is getting used. You tell me which way is better?

The last piece to this little puzzle is your choice of sprinkler, and more importantly, keeping the water on target. If you have a sprinkler system, or if you buy a manual sprinkler, you want to keep the water in the lawn and not on your driveway, sidewalk or in the street. Get a sprinkler that keeps the water low to the ground and try not to run it on windy days. Remember, we want the water in the grass, not the gutters!

Pretty simple tips I know, but going green doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Sometimes it just takes a little common lawn care sense. For more information on going green in lawn care, visit .

Choosing Flower Pots for Stylish Gardens

Because of the endless possibilities for garden décor themes, the designs and materials used for flower pots greatly vary. This means, people should not have a difficult time in finding the most suitable for their preferences or their existing décor. There are pots for plants and flowers that are intended for outdoor use.

There are also ones made for creating indoor gardens. No matter how minimal indoor and outdoor setups are, people simply cannot deny how it transforms the space into something more relaxing. Aside from the production of oxygen, aesthetics has also much to do with how it affects the ambiance of the room.

There are ones meant to be displayed on the floor while others are intended to be used with other pieces. For instance, lightweight versions are ideal for those plants that need to be hanged. As some flowering plants need to be appreciated more, pots can also be placed on top of pedestals to set them at eye level.

Materials used for making flower pots include different kinds of clay and some synthetic materials. The finishing can also vary. Some people like the idea of making use of pots in their raw state. Those are especially ideal in country style and primitive décor. Others choose those that have varnishes especially when they want more protection. Those finished in varnish look more polished and those may be fitting for certain kinds of decorating themes. It really depends on what the overall theme décor the space has.

For instance, modern interiors may do better with fiberglass pots. Ones finished in bright colored paints would also do wonders especially that it would stand out against the neutral background. On the other hand, those with a natural look such as weathered terra cotta, brown stones and black stones and other alternative garden pots would blend much better in spaces with rustic appeal.

Designing your Shade Garden

When you buy a house it’s not always the case that you are looking for the position of the garden as well. If you have your heart set on the house and you see that the garden is also looking good  it is not likely that you are thinking that you don’t want the house because the garden is in a shady position and it’s full of shade plants. Maybe you would like to plant a vegetable garden in the future, but you will probably have to settle with vegetables that grow in the shade because cutting down beautiful trees is not an option and trees are also an investment and they create atmosphere.

There are things you can do in a shade garden and many shade plants that are available to add to the beauty of your garden without having to go to any drastic measures.

A lot of people prefer to make a feature in their garden like a bamboo bar with appropriate furniture. Here you could add container plants that you would use indoors. Rock features with a small waterfall are another feature which creates another great atmosphere. People can sit for ages listening to the water trickling down onto a couple of rocks below. Rock features have also become popular, which are sometimes used with a cactus that can take the shade.

Other shade plants can be used in shade gardens. Different kinds of bulbs can be used that come up at different times of the year. You just have to plant them at the right time. Hydrangeas, which begin flowering towards the end of the year as well as Azaleas can both be grown in the shade. Different types of bushes and shrubs with various textures also look good.

Different plants are also suited to different soil types so check if your soil type is dry or moist and then plant according to the soil type, It is also a good idea to add a good fertilizer and moss peat because just like we need our nutrients so do plants!

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