Wood Patio Furniture – The Traditional Look

For those who prefer that rustic look and feel in decorating their patio, wood patio furniture is probably still the preferred choice. Qualities range from top of the line durable teak or cedar to the softer redwood with pressure treated lumber being the cheapest option. Granted plastic resin furniture has come a long way in mimicking the looks of real wood but if you like wood the feel of the fake material will not really entice you.

Folding wood patio furniture just like the fixed pieces has a certain look about it which simply cannot be rivaled by their plastic or resin imitations, although these have improved a lot. The oil present in teak and cedar or redwood trees provides natural protection against the hot sun, harsh rain and suntan lotions for example. Thanks to this oil there is no need to treat the wood thereby saving you a lot of time and money on maintenance.

The popularity of wood patio furniture might be on the decline because the plastic or resin alternatives are being advertised as being a lot cheaper and requiring little or no maintenance, but as long as you buy a furniture set made from durable wood such as teak, cedar or redwood there is no reason you would have to spend more time and money on maintenance than when owning an aluminum or plastic furniture set. Just presuming that you took on the job of laying flagstone patio all by yourself wouldn’t real wood furniture be a great enhancement to the natural look of a flagstone patio.

Photo By: Colorhome

Teak is grown in Southeast Asia and is the most durable wood around. It’s been used to build ships and if it can withstand sea water it surely ought to be surviving the scorching sun, harsh winds or snow if used for patio furniture. Should you wish to restore the color of your teak patio set to when you just bought it than merely sanding it a little and applying some natural teak oil will return it to its original brownish color. Without this treatment teak will turn to a soft gray color over the years.

A softer wood but still very much in demand because just like teak the wood contains a lot of oil which makes it very low maintenance and naturally resistant against weather conditions is redwood. It does require a little more maintenance than teak but is surely a viable alternative. So these are really your three best options if you want to preserve that natural look and feel of your outdoor patio furniture while using the best wood on the market.

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