When is the Best Time to Employ a Surveillance System?

With the modern technologies and manufacturing methods in use today, just about anyone can employ a reliable and effective video surveillance system for a fraction of what the same features would have cost just a few years ago.  The range of options and features have also evolved to include some of the most impressive, including motion-activated recording and light-gathering lenses that collect and amplify ambient light.

Protecting the Public

One of the most important times to utilize a video surveillance system is when the public is involved, as large groups of people, or numbers of people passing through a particular area over time can lead to a variety of issues from crime to liability issues, and while these are useful for both, the fact that they are present and visible is often all that is needed to ensure the peaceful and acceptable behavior of the crowds.

Guarding Businesses

Video surveillance has been a critical tool in reducing and combating crime in business locations, and while many do employ sophisticated wireless video surveillance system packages with zoom and panning abilities, the CCTV surveillance system is the most popular option for most applications.  CCTV, or Closed-Circuit Television, is one of the simplest, and therefore cheapest, video alternatives there is.  These merely consist of cameras feeding their signals to an on-site recording device, typically in a 24-hour loop, where the data can be retrieved or overwritten as needed.

Home Security

Photo By: John M. P. Knox

Protecting one’s home and valuables with a surveillance system is also now much easier, thanks to the new technologies and computer-controlled electronics, and for around $500, a typical wireless surveillance system can be purchased with features like night-vision and tilt and pan cameras for perimeter protection, and just as with many other applications, the presence of these outdoor cameras are often enough to make most would-be criminals reconsider a specific property.  There are much more elaborate systems available, but these can quickly approach their relative worth in gold scrap, depending on the number of components and features.

If you live in an area where burglaries and break-ins are somewhat commonplace you will find that it is definitely beneficial to employ good home security measures. Oftentimes the mere fact that you have secured your home will be a deterrent to would-be burglars.  It is proven that burglars and robbers target easy prospects and, unless they are specifically breaking in for a pre-designated purpose, they will avoid homes that look too well secured. In the event that your home is broken into or you suspect that trespassers are coming onto your property, they are invaluable in being able to detect and eventually find and prosecute those who are gaining illegal entrance to your property.

Another measure some home owners implement is that of placing fake security cameras around their property. Of course these are quite a bit cheaper and while they may not help you actually catch someone committing a theft or other crime, they too can be a great deterrent for the casual burglar who is casing the neighborhood.

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