A Couple Different Types of Unique Toilets

For the most part, toilets are a subject that people tend to avoid. Most do not put a great deal of time and effort in deciding a particular style of toilet, but rather try to find something quite quickly. After all, they are mostly functional devices, and most feel free to settle for the standard white commode. Even new home builders tend to cut corners when it comes to the toilet, spending thousands of dollars to make a dream bathroom, but keeping a white model in the corner that is identical one found in every other home.

However, there are many different options for those that want to take the time to design their bathroom. With toilets available to satisfy the needs of different consumers, one should take the time to find one that suits their bathroom. For those with unusual spaces, corner toilets and wall hung toilets can be a great solution.

A corner toilet is exactly what is sounds like – a toilet that is made to fit in the corner. The general design is a bit more triangular than the standard model, with the tank meant to fit in to the corner. Round and elongated bowls are available for the toilet, so comfort tends to be the same as with any other model. For many bathroom designs, however, it can be a major space saver.

Even less common in the home is the wall hung toilet, which actually features an in-wall tank and a suspended toilet. These are extreme space savers, easy to clean up and quieter than most normal models. However, installation almost always must be done by a professional, and the price of the unit is quite directly related to its advantages.

Before you install your next toilet, take some time to think about the models on the market. Look around, take in the options, and make a choice. You may be happier for your time spent.

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