Types of Driveway Alarm Systems

Driveway alarm systems are usually used at businesses. You would normally see them at locally owned gas stations and drive throughs. However this same driveway monitoring system can be used at homes as part of a home security system. Here are the different types of driveway monitoring systems that can be used at home according to Consumer Product Reviews.

The Magnetometer is one such driveway alarm system. This alarm will only alert you when someone has driven a vehicle past its sensors. It is based on magnetic technology and is made to detect only large metal objects. So this alarm doesn’t pick up other movements which is a drawback of this type of alarm. The magnetometer is available as both wired and wireless driveway alarm system but the wireless one is better, especially if the driveway is long and you have to have the cable laid for long distances if you used a wired system.

Pneumatic Alarm is another type of driveway alert system. This alert system goes off if someone or something over a certain weight limit depresses the alarm. It can be used to alert you about both cars and humans but will not be falsely set off by small animals because they do not surpass the weight limit. This is a better option than the previous Magnetometer as a home security device.

The third type of driveway alarm is the wireless motion detector. This monitor can be used to cover more than just your driveway entrance to your property. It can be used to protect all your entryways and walkways, or even your entire yard if needed. All in all this type of system is very beneficial if you have small children and will alert you when someone enters your yard without permission.

Use these security products to secure your driveway and in turn your home and increase your home security.

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