Give Your Bathroom a Treat

bathroomBathrooms get old fast if you do not care for them. Make sure that you look after yours well and it will stay looking good for years. But if it is too late and your bathroom is showing signs of neglect, it’s time to revive it with some intensive treatment!

1. Get Rid of the Junk

Bathrooms suffer a lot from too much clutter. Somehow every product we have ever used and every unwanted gift of toiletries seems to end up on the edge of our bath, sink or windowsill. It really does nothing for your bathroom to have all these items on display. You are not trying to sell the stuff like a drugstore. Take it all away and put it in a box for now.

2. Give Your Bathroom a Good Clean

Once you can actually see the surfaces in your bathroom, it’s time to give them a good clean. This is surely the most unpleasant part of the exercise but put on your rubber gloves, grit your teeth and get to work with some strong cleaning products. If that is against your green principles then you will have to use extra elbow grease but you will get there anyway if you work hard. If the grout and silicone seals still look grubby after all your cleaning and bleaching then you may have to replace these but it will look like you have a new bathroom when you do, so it is worth it.

3. Update it with Accessories

Treat your “new” bathroom to one of the wonderful bathroom accessories sets there are around these days. You will find bathroom sets in so many different colors and finishes that you are bound to find something you love. Pick a color and then match it up with some new soft towels for an all round coordinated look. Your bathroom should look great now.

4. Sort Out the Storage

Of course, you still have the problem of all those bottles and jars that are languishing in a box. Get rid of the ones you never use and for the rest, storage is the answer. Treat your bathroom to a vanity unit or set of drawers. Even a basket will do if that is enough to hide them all away. And if all else fails, put them in a closet outside of the bathroom to keep your bathroom looking neat.

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