Decorating With A Stair Basket

Stairs are a part of the home that is functional, but that can also be a tool for decorating the home.  Most stairs are wide enough so that they can be decorated along the edges safely.  The stairs act like a shelf on which items like a stair basket can be displayed.

A stair basket can simply be used for decoration, or it can  be filled with items.  Stair baskets are usually shaped to conform around a step, often in an upside down ‘L’ shape.  A leather stair basket is an attractive way to add beauty to the home.  The leather should be in a color that complements the other decorating themes of the house or at least the room.  A leather step basket looks pretty and high class.  Guests will enjoy admiring the basket as they walk up or past the stairs.  One can add more decorative charm to the step basket by filling it with flowers or similar items.

One does not have to buy a basket that is made for stairs in particular. Any basket that will fit on the steps can  be turned into a stair basket.  The basket should be small enough so that it does not act as a tripping hazard for those going up and down the stairs.  One can choose a basket with a  handle or a cover if they wish.  A basket with a cover is advantageous because it can serve as a storage piece without looking cluttered.  Many step baskets will be decorated on the outside in someway, whether it be with a fancy weave, added decorations, or painted.

A basket that fits nicely on the stairs is a tool that one can use to create both form and function on their staircase.  Attractive and useful baskets are great for almost any home decorating scheme.

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