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The Right Way to Clean Wool Rugs

These days, home decorating with area rugs is becoming more commonplace. They are the easiest decoration for floors because of their beauty and practicality. Most rugs can be quite affordable and versatile at the same time.

Of all the various man-made and natural fibers used to craft rugs, wool is, by far, the most abundant. Wool has been used to craft rugs for centuries and has numerous benefits over rugs made from other materials. First of all, a wool area rug is a great piece of decoration no matter what theme your home may currently have. Chances are good that you’ll be able to find a good rug to match your current décor. Wool is incredibly tough and can withstand harm from regular traffic, spills, and dirt much better than most fibers. It can resist fire and water damage better than synthetic fibers and is much easier to clean and care for. It will last for longer periods and keep its color better than other kinds of rugs. These reasons will help you to see why wool area rugs are so preferred in today’s homes.

A good, well crafted wool rug will last for years if properly maintained. Many antique rugs have even been preserved and passed down as inheritances. If you’re to make your wool rugs last for generations, proper cleaning is crucial. There are different cleaning methods to use and the one you choose will depend on how delicate your rug is. The easiest, safest, and most common method is to vacuum. Vacuuming will remove any dirt that has accumulated on the rug. Dirt can be devastating to wool rugs if not removed enough. It will not only fade the colors of the rug, but the dirt will wear the rug fibers down at a quicker rate if not removed often. When vacuuming, raise the beater bar of the vacuum so that it’s high enough to suck up the dirt without damaging the rug’s fibers. A good idea would be to flip the rug over and vacuum the backing to get any dirt that may have settled into it. Vacuuming once a week should be sufficient to keep the rug as dirt free as possible.

Another method is steam cleaning. This should not be used on any delicate, antique rugs. If the rug does not dry properly there’s a chance of mildew forming in the rug fibers. Chemical cleaners can also be used, but again, should not be used on any fragile rugs. Vacuuming is the safest do-it-yourself method for any rugs you’d consider collectible. If you need a more thorough cleaning of older or antique rugs, you should consult a professional rug cleaning service.

To remove any dirt or spots that regular vacuuming can’t get rid of, you should use a professional. Some cleaners service only carpets so be sure to ask if they know how to properly clean wool area rugs. The company know the proper techniques for cleaning wool rugs, how to remove all the cleaner, and how to dry the rugs properly. Always use a professional for cleaning antique Persian or Oriental rugs. These specialists will have the means to clean your rug without damaging it and help it look its best for years to come.

The Biggest & Best Large Area Rugs

LargeAreaRugThe selection of large area rugs is overwhelmingly vast, especially now with access to the Internet.  But how can you be sure you are choosing a quality rug?  By buying from one of the many trusted name brands in the world of area rugs that produce top-notch rugs both large and small to suit your needs. Here are a few ideas of where to find such trusted brands:

Family Businesses

While this is not a specific brand name, it does indicate some care and quality in the products.  Family or individual names are often found associated with the rug-making process from design to tying the last tassel.  A little background research into the company should give you a good indication of their standards of quality and if they would be a wise avenue for your large area rug purchase.  Some examples of founder or family-named businesses known for quality are Loloi, Couristan, and Kathy Ireland.

Cities or Areas of Origin

Rug companies are often named after the location from which they originate, and these bear reference to the individuals or small communities that make everything unique and by hand.  Some examples of location-named businesses are Bokhara, Tabriz, and Ardebil.

Large Companies

You may shy away from the idea of purchasing a piece of art from a mass-production company, but some highly-regarded names retain their quality while using modern methods to produce more of the same product.  A rug from a large company is almost guaranteed not to be unique, but their prices are certainly more competitive.  Some examples of trusted companies include Central Oriental, Sphinx, and Colonial Mills.

Any of these types of companies may provide you with quality large area rugs that you can enjoy for years to come.  A little research goes a long way when investigating customer reviews on their products and websites.

Worldwide Wool Area Rugs

In the market looking for an area rug? If so, you will quickly realize that there is a huge range of such things available now that we have the Internet to rely on for our shopping needs. You can now find examples of rugs from all over the world without leaving your home with many superstores in the US and Europe selling just about everything you could ever want. For the things they don’t have, you can often find a store in far flung places who will be more than happy to ship their goods to your door for a reasonable fee.

Wool area rugs are my favorite and I often can’t help but buy something beautiful whenever I have a browse online, there are just too many spaces on my home floor that are more than happy to be covered by a new purchase. What I love about wool whether its for a rug or a new sweater is that it is a completely natural product and no animal had to die in the production of it. Its kind to the environment and hypoallergenic so you can lounge around on the comfy rugs without worrying about having a reaction.

On top of that, the more wool area rugs you have in your home the cleaner your air will be, at least that is the word in the rug world. I certainly wouldn’t vouch for the verity of that fact.

Wool is great for holding colors very well so you can find these items coming in a multitude of beautiful shades which will make for an exciting home. They also wear exceptionally well, you know that if you buy a good quality wool area rug today that it will still be gracing your floor and looking perfect in a couple of decades time. Just make sure that the item you buy has been tightly woven or to be safe go for a shag rug.