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Add Style to your Curtains with Fashion Curtain Rods

If you’re recently hung curtains or drapes and find that you’d really like to jazz up the presentation, then why not consider a new curtain pole to really dress up your drapes. With an incredible array of designs, textures, colors and craftsmanship available on the market today, curtain poles can add extra flair to any set of curtains in any room in your house.

Wooden curtain rods can really provide an elegant flair to your curtains. Different types of wood, like bamboo or hardwoods, really show up nicely when carved and rounded in different ways for curtain poles. Showing off the wood grains is another classic way to show off the wood. From reeded poles to ribbon poles to gothic poles, you can find a lot of styles and shapes available just by shopping online.   A site like www.edwardharpley.com can show you some dramatic ways to display your curtains. Brackets, finials and tie backs are all related and can add to the effect of showing off your curtains.

Metal curtain poles are another option for not only holding up or holding back your curtains, but a great way to blend with any other metal look you have in the room. More contemporary or more classic, depending upon your overall design, a metal gothic pole or blacksmith curved pole is truly unique and will show off your style.

All you need to do is measure the amount of rod you’ll need, taking into account how much overhand you’ll want to show off the fancy work on the pole. For recommendations on how to measure, you’ll want to consult the ‘how to measure’ section on the website or stop into your local curtain or drapes shop and ask questions there. After you’ve made the required measurements and finally decide on a design, then it’s a matter of submitting your order, paying online and within a short period of time you’ll have the new curtain rods in your house and ready to hang.

For hanging tips, consult the website, search online for ‘how to hang curtain rods’ or stop into your local curtains shop for tips there too.   Everyone’s willing to help someone hang curtain rods the right way. If you’re not ready to do it yourself, it’s easy to find a professional that will.