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Decorate Your Wall with White Shelves

These nifty modern design shelves are hugely popular in the home décor industry as more and more people are choosing to have white shelves that appear to float. They can be used in almost any room of the house and providing you have the correct tools, should be quite simple to install as long as you follow the instructions and use your common sense when trying to fit them to the wall. There is nothing worse than having a wonky shelve especially as these don’t have brackets so you cant afford to mess up and leave holes in the wall.

White floating shelves are perfectly suited for holding your other white possessions such as your china or crockery including white mugs and bowls or plates. They look fantastic against a white painted wall and can be used to hold anything you wish to stand on them for example flowers or candles, or even photographs in their frames.

Most DIY stores and home décor store will have them available and can range from anywhere between $20 per shelve to $60. This will depend on the material, whether it is the cheaper MDF for example or the more expensive oak. They can also be purchased as a set of two, three or more and can be of varying length, or all the same size. Packs of three or more can start from $40 and reach up to $120.

They add a more natural feel as if they are naturally connected to the wall that they hang on, compared to other shelves that have large wall brackets underneath to hold them in place on the wall. They are clever in design by having the brackets hidden inside and are proving to be a very popular choice for people investing in new shelves to place on the walls.

White shelves are generally more soothing and offer a calming feel to the room. They can naturally help to decorate a previously plain or dull wall and have a certain unique character about them. Consider these if you are looking to purchase shelves, as they are a very trendy and fashionable alternative to normal shelves.