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Lowes Waverly Curtains

Waverly are well known not only for their curtains but for their other home décor items and fabrics as well.  There is fortunately a great selection of Waverly curtains available at most Lowes stores, and if you cannot find them at a Lowes store near you, there is always the alternative of purchasing them online from the Lowes website.

Waverly are well known for their selection of tabbed panel curtains. They sell have a great selection of fantastic and modern prints available in tabbed curtains. Many of the selection available are in earth colors which lend themselves well to rooms that are decorated with predominantly wood themes. The selection of curtains available at Lowes is fairly limited although they do seem to rotate their stock and selection on a fairly regular basis. With prices well under $30 for two panels, it is a great deal if you are looking for something to add to your full length windows.

There are also quite a few different Waverly valances available from Lowes presently.  Prices are very good, with valances usually in the $20 price range. The valances are made to thread onto a curtain rod and they are great to hang above either a full length window, or the smaller standard sized windows.

If you are looking for a combination of window panels and valance, this is also available currently at Lowes. One 50” x 84” Waverly curtain panel costs less than $30, and then you will need to buy the Waverly valance curtains separately. This size pane will fit a window 36 to 48 inches wide, with a rod pocket 3 inches that will slip neatly onto a pole up to 1-3/4 inches wide.

The great thing with Waverly curtains in general is that they are reasonably priced yet the quality is great, the material is usually very durable and it is also easy to launder. It keeps its color well and looks fine even after laundering.

The Waverly Home Classics line is available only at Lowes in fact. This line features window treatments, such as Waverly curtains, wallpapers and paint. Thus it is a fairly easy task to match window treatments with wall colors if you are looking for a complete renovation of any room. Unfortunately they do not carry the Home Collection line, which is more extensive than the Home Classics line.

If you are looking for the Waverly Home Collection you will find that Target carries a complete line which is more comprehensive than the Classics line. The Home collection line includes bedding and sheets, complete window treatments including Waverly curtains and valances, and bathroom accessories such as shower curtains, towels and bath rugs.

If you are thinking of installing Waverly fabric curtains you may want to also look into their matching paints and wallpapers. They do have a whole range and you can easily search online to find which fabrics match with which paints. If you are planning on renovating an entire home or room you may want to try to coordinate your colors by choosing a specific paint that matches with the fabric of the curtains.