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Why You Should Consider a Hot Water Heater Blanket

water-heater-blanketThe hot water heater blanket can be a lifesaver for you, when it comes to cutting down energy costs. You may be surprised to know that water heating costs make up a large part of your utility bills. Now imagine being able to cut down those bills by a significant percentage. You may be wondering how this is possible. Well, go to your water heater and feel the sides. If they are warm, that means the insulation is not being done properly. That is where a hot water heater blanket comes in handy – it helps to retain the heat, thus helping you cut down on costs.

The installation of a hot water heater blanket is really quite easy, and you would be surprised by how much benefit you get out of it. When you install it, you need make sure that the thermostat is set under 130 degrees Fahrenheit; this prevents the wiring from overheating. You might also place an insulated bottom board under the water tank; this prevents any heat being lost to the floor or to the concrete. It helps to save your energy by almost 9%, which can mean big numbers on your monthly bill.

During installation of the hot water heater blanket, you should make sure that the hot water pipes are properly insulated, especially those that are outside the house. This makes sure the water stays warm at least up to an hour after the last hot water tap has been used. You can buy a hot water heater blanket from almost every hardware store out there, they are easily available, and what’s more – they are surprisingly affordable!

So reduce your carbon footprint, do your part for the environment by cutting down the energy you use, and saving money on your utility bills – get a hot water heater blanket today.