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Types of Luxury Bathroom Vessel Sinks

bathroom_vesselVessel sinks are a contemporary feature in the bathroom which often gives a Japanese inspired look. The sophistication and elegance of these designs creates an Asian flair which complements different styles of finishes and faucets. There are a number and designs and materials available and can provide a stunning centrepiece for the bathroom.

They have a distinctive three dimensional appeal as the bowl appears to be sitting on top of the counter surface. They are produced in a variety of materials but commonly granite, stone, glass and marble. They give an air of unique, sophisticated elegance.

Bathroom vessel sinks can vary in size, but most commonly they are approximately five to six inches high and fifteen to eighteen inches in diameter. Due to their size and shape, however, they are often not splash proof and is often the case of form over function. It is possible to buy a deeper bowl but you will find most have the above dimensions. Although they have this minor disadvantage, the appearance often more than makes up for it.

The principle materials used for vessel sinks are: Granite, Stone, Marble, and Onyx:

The granite vessel sinks are cut from a single piece of granite and polished to a high sheen. They will give the bathroom a stunning contemporary earthy look. They come in many different shades from black and grey to pink and orange. Sat on an oak vanity with polished stainless steel or chrome faucets, they are simply stunning.

The stone vessel sinks are often hand chiseled which makes each one unique. They have a lot of texture on the outside due to this hand finishing. They come in many colors and rock or pebble style adding a natural look. They look good with matte finished or polished stainless faucets.

Marble sinks are very popular and give a more luxurious appearance. There is a huge range of colors, from dark, giving a modern look, to light, giving a more traditional look. Mosaic style sinks are the result of enhancement with marble cubes.

Onyx sinks are the ultimate in sinks, giving the best Japanese inspiration. Not only can you find the traditional bowl shaped sinks but also square and flat, sushi plate like, varieties. To finish the look use chrome or polished stainless steel faucets.

Sink installation can be a tricky business and involves a bit of plumbing. Any mistakes could be expensive and so I would advise using the services of a professional plumber. This way you will get a properly installed sink and something of beauty to last you years.