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Choosing the Right Bathroom Basin

When decorating or remodeling a bathroom, one main goal most people share is the idea of merging their functional needs with their intended style. One functional necessity that can not only help with your style, but can be the center piece of the room, is the right bathroom basin. Otherwise known as a vessel sink, bathroom basins come in a wide variety of materials and styles.

One of the most eye popping types of sinks is a glass vessel bathroom sink. This is a sink that sits atop a vanity and is truly on display. All angles and surfaces of the sink can be seen, so it is common for both the inside and outside of the bowls to have design and color. Glass sinks can be simple, like a clear glass sink that would be great for a modern bathroom, or minimalist theme. Or you can go crazy and go with a colorful glass mosaic vessel sink. Of course, if you are going to go outside the box with your choice, make sure it is a good fit with the rest of the room or it could end up looking quite out of place.

Keeping with the theme of eye popping, there is another choice in bathroom vessels that is one most of your guests may have never seen. I am talking about a copper vessel sink. Copper is a beautiful material for any sink, but really shines when used as a vessel. The finish can be hammered, smooth, or some combination of the two. Additionally there are usually intricate designs in the metal. Of course, these sinks are anything but cheap so be sure to properly budget if you are going this route when planning your small bathroom design ideas or you risk a big surprise.

If you decide to go with a vessel sink, you will need a new vessel sink vanity. The difference in these vanities is that unlike most other vanities, there is not a big hole for the sink to mount inside. The vessel sits on top of or partly into the vanity so chances are good your old one will not work.