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Added Sophistication in the House with Travertine Tiles

In case you are contemplating renovating or renewing your house and need to utilize some stone work, then making use of tumbled travertine tiles is an excellent choice. As opposed to what most individuals consider, for most of the constructions of historical Rome travertine was the chosen constructing material. In actual truth, the Coliseum in Rome which is the biggest structure on the planet is principally composed of travertine stone. Utilizing travertine as tiling and accent in the home is changing into being widely talked-about especially when it comes to bathrooms and pool patios.

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A travertine tile will mostly have some light brown tint which fits with many coloration schemes. The hues often range from darkish beige to mild brown and light reds. A very good variety of individuals are really imagining a travertine tile once they visualize a basic Mediterranean place. Such tiles can be utilized for a wide array of purposes from ornament and accents to entire counter tops and lavatories.

Travertine wall tiles are very lightweight and thus very simple to use. Throughout the formation of the stone from which such tiles are minimized, small pockets and cavities of air are entrapped, therefore making the tile lightweight. As distinguished from a marble tile, which may be very heavy and thick, travertine tiles are a lot simple to install to a wall. Travertine tiles are additionally quite common for floor tiles, however they need to have the cavities filled up and they need to be sealed tightly. The untreated tile is quite easy to soil because any moisture that is dropped on the surface will go by means of the small cracks and voids in its surface and then it could not be get rid of anymore. An excellent quality sealant can defend the tile floor in the future when applied correctly, providing you with a really remarkable living room or kitchen floor.

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Benefits of Travertine Tile

You would be hard pressed to walk into just about any high end model home in the country without seeing some travertine tile. It is very popular stone to use in flooring, bathrooms, kitchen and even fireplace mantels. People love the natural beauty, authentic look and durability. You might be thinking about using this natural stone in a home you are planning on building or a potential remodel in your existing home. Here are some pros and cons of using travertine.

Benefits of Travertine

There is a reason that this stone is so popular and it isn’t because it is ugly. The primary benefit of this stone is its natural beauty.

Designers love using travertine because there are so many variations of the stone including colors and finishes. You will not have trouble finding a color that matches your existing decor. You can go for the softer look with lighter colors or a more rustic, authentic, old world feel with some reds. Finishes include polished, brushed, matte or tumbled. Which finish you should use depends on where you plan to use the stone.

Another great feature is that no two tiles or stones are the same. This saves some headache in the event you need to replace some tiles. Have you ever had to replace some tiles where you needed to match them up?  What a pain in the neck. You don’t need to worry about that when using travertine as it is impossible to do.

Builders and tile installer like working with this stone because it is easy to manipulate and to fit into tight areas where other tiles can not go.

Drawbacks of Travertine

This is a porous stone so you don’t want liquids to sit on it for a long period of time. This can stain the travertine. This is really no big deal if you are diligent about clean ups. If you are a slob who does not clean up a spill quickly then this stone may not be for you.

This stone does not mesh well with acid. Acid can stain travertine so you may not want to put it in places where there is the likelihood of it meeting juice, soda or some other type of acid. If it happens clean it up swiftly. If your tile is sealed there is less of a chance of a problem.?? If you have a travertine bathroom be careful not to clean it with any cleaners containing acid.

Travertine is not cheap. If cost is a huge factor then you might install a less expensive tile. Since most of this stone is brought it in from other countries it can be expensive. This tile is durable and can last for decades. Never having to install another tile might be worth the extra money it costs you.

The benefits outweigh the drawbacks for many. That is why travertine tiles are becoming so popular. It looks great and works very well in a home, apartment, double wide mobile home, office or business. If it is good enough for the Roman Coliseum then it should be good enough for your abode.

Building An Outdoor Fireplace

outdoor fireplaceBuilding a fireplace in your backyard is an affordable luxury and one that can bring a great deal of enjoyment to the whole family all year round.  When building this amenity in your backyard, you have many options to choose from.  You can make the structure very basic or very elaborate, incorporate it into a setting filled with other amenities or you can make it a standalone structure.  You also have many options of material choices and accessories to decide on when building your fireplace.

One very popular option for building a fireplace outdoors is to use travertine tiles.  The natural stone provides interest to the facade of the fireplace and the stone is durable enough to stand up to the heat of the fire.  There are of course other types of stone you can choose from as well, or you can use bricks, concrete and other types of materials.  The possibilities for materials you can use are vast and are limited only by their flammability factor and your budget.

Another consideration is the size and shape of the structure.  You can make the fireplace as large or small as you would like and don’t have some of the constraints as you have indoors in relation to size and style.  As long as you have the space and have a method of venting the fireplace through a flue and chimney, you can build to your heart’s content.
Accessories are also important, so you need to make sure you choose from among the right size and shape of fireplace grates to accommodate the size of your firebox and the type of fires you plan to make.  You will also need to consider other accessories such as a screen, and other tools such as a poker, brush, scoop and anything else you will need to keep your fire going and to keep the area around the fire safe.