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Types of Curtain Tiebacks

The look and impact of your window treatment, whether it is a single curtain or a full package with valance and ruffled surround, is going to be vastly different depending on whether the curtains are drawn of flung open. As for flinging them open, you will need some type of curtain accessory to ensure they stay open and this is where a curtain tieback is going to be very useful.

Here are a few ideas of some of the more popular methods of tying back the curtains.

Antique Tiebacks

Tiebacks have been employed for hundreds of years and the upper class homes made a feature of the tiebacks that were used to keep the curtains clear of the windows. These days the old antique curtain tiebacks provide a stylish feature to the window treatments recalling the more traditional accessories that were commonly used.

Tassel Tiebacks

Photo By: Anthony Easton

A method of tying the curtains back and out of the way is to use tassel tiebacks. These tasselled tiebacks are essentially decorative ropes that are tied in a loop that are then strung around the curtain and secured on itself so that the tassel sits at the front as a small decorative feature. It is possible to use single tassel tiebacks or double tassel tiebacks depending on how decorative you would like to go.

Curtain Hook Tiebacks

These tiebacks are also referred to as holdbacks and are usually secured to the walls next the window. The holdback consists of a simple hook with the open end facing away from the window. When the curtains are drawn they are simply hooked back on the holdback where they are held in place. These tiebacks are rarely decorative and are more a simple functional feature that cannot be seen due to the folds of the curtains.

It is possible to get creative with your tiebacks, turning them into an artistic display while using the curtains as an accenting backdrop. Take a moment to consider how your tiebacks will look against the fabric of your curtains and then make your decision based on the effect each will have on the other.