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3 Different Types of Pool Cleaners

Pool-CleanerIt’s a hot summer day and you have to get your pool cleaned because you are having a huge party. So now you go into your shed and pull out your telescopic pole, your vacuum head and hose and you start putting all the pieces together just to start cleaning your pool. You stand on your deck slowly pushing the vacuum back and forth and in about 2 hours your pool is slightly cleaned.

I mentioned that you did this for a party but in fact you do this every week if not more depending on where you live. Pool cleaning can be a real hassle but that’s why they’ve invented automatic pool cleaners.

There are three different types of automatic pool cleaners that you can choose from and they all range in price. The most inexpensive pool cleaner is the suction side pool cleaner. They hook up to your swimming pool just like a regular manual vacuum except you don’t have to stand on your deck and push it around. It moves by itself around the bottom of your pool.

You can go for a pressure side pool cleaner like a Polaris. They use your filter system but instead of hooking it up to your skimmer box they hook into the return line that pushes the water back into your swimming pool. This cleaner uses water pressure to push the cleaner along the bottom and it creates a suction vortex of water pressure that lifts dirt off the bottom of the pool and into a cleaning bag attached to the cleaner.

Robotic pool cleaners are the most costly but for good reasons. They do not require your filter system. You simply plug them into a standard outlet and drop them into your swimming pool. They move along the bottom sucking debris up and into a self contained filter bag.