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Hangers – the Basic Ingredient in Closet Organization

When some people think about organizing their closet they imagine all sorts of expensive closet ideas that are more of a dream then a reality. Few people think about the centrality of the basic clothes hanger in keeping their closet organized. The bottom line is that hangers are cheap as compared to other types of organizational apparatus. The question you need to ask yourself is if you are using the right type of hangers for your needs?

Hangers come in several different types. If you are like most people, your closet is probably made up of a jumble of all of them. There are 3 basic materials that hangers are made from and they each have their pros and cons.

Wood hangers are the most traditional. They are strong and sturdy and great for hanging up heavy winter coats. However, they also take up a tremendous amount of space in your closet. If you have a clothes closet filled with wooden hangers, you may want to consider moving them to your coat cupboard and choosing a slimmer brand. Huggable Hangers are an example of a slim space saving hanger, they are made of light materials and are a fraction of the width of wood hangers.

Wire hangers are great for picking up your dry cleaning. They hang easily in the car and are light. However, they often bend your clothes out of shape because of their sharp edges. Save your wire hangers for unplugging clogged drains.

Plastic hangers are the latest-greatest in hangers. They are stronger then wire but not as bulky as wood. Not all are created equally though. When choosing plastic hangers, look for those with sleek space saving designs. A soft velvet like fabric is another beneficial feature. This will protect your clothes from becoming misshaped or from your clothes slipping off onto the dirty floor.

In short, if you want to reorganize your closet, it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Take a look at the type of hangers you are using and review the pros and cons of each. By changing your hangers, you can save space, preserve your clothes and even make your closet look nicer.