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Use Recycled Solid Oak Flooring in Your Home

Is someone offering you solid oak flooring free to use in your home? If so, you’d do well to grab that chance. Using recycled wood plank flooring is not only the environmentally ethical choice to make, but if you combine it with the appropriate design, it can also give your home a whole new feel.

Using recycled solid oak flooring is more affordable. It may be difficult at first to find a manufacturer that offers recycled hardwood flooring to its clients, but rest assured when you do, the hard work that came to searching for prospective sellers will be worth it. The amount of money you can save alone could be huge and something you can use to further improve your home’s design or just set aside for the rainy days.

As mentioned earlier, recycled hardwood flooring is also good for the environment. Natural resources will not be consumed as quickly since old materials are being recycled and thus negating the need for a new supply of fresh wood that would be converted into hardwood flooring. There’d be also less old wood that would go directly to landfills and rendered useless and wasteful. Instead, they’d be redirected to mills and recycled for a second lease in life.

This may come as a surprise to a lot of people, but old hardwood flooring – if recycled properly – will prove to be more durable than brand new hardwood flooring. They tend to have tighter grains as well. See for yourself if you find this improbable.

Wood plank flooring, because of its varying grain pattern, color, and overall appearance, is generally known to have character. Each wood has its own personality, and this “personality” matures beautifully instead of simply growing old when wood is recycled. They also have a well-crafted look to them, seeming as if every inch of their surface had been deliberately designed.

Choosing Proper Wood Plank Flooring

Getting the perfect look for your home highly depends on the style of flooring you have in each room. Carpet can be beautiful, but nothing looks as grand as finished hardwood flooring. The style of wood plank flooring you choose depends on several factors, including the look you want to accomplish, your budget, and whether or not you want to take special precautions when keeping the flooring clean.

For those who do not have budget concerns and want to make sure their home has the best wood flooring available on the market, solid oak flooring is often the choice. Oak flooring can be finished or unfinished, meaning if you purchase the unfinished variety you can stain the wood to any color you want before you varnish it. This is a great money saving tip if you want true wood plank flooring that is darker than traditional solid oak flooring.

If you want to mimic the look of wood plank flooring without the cost associated, you should consider purchasing laminate flooring. Laminate flooring is made to resemble wood flooring, but it requires special care to be taken when during and after installation. Most notably, you want to apply some sort of padding between your furniture and your floor so that it does not create scuffs. Area rugs and runners are the perfect way to do this.

Aside from this, laminate flooring cannot be washed the same way wood flooring can, so if you do not want special conditions for the care of your floor, true wooden flooring is probably the way to go. Laminate flooring cannot be mopped traditionally because water can get into the seams and warp them, creating a mess of your floor. This stipulation does not hold true for properly varnished wooden flooring, so it is an easier to clean option for anyone seeking beautiful flooring.