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Horizontal Smeg Dishwashers

The manufacturer Smeg has a history of innovation in their line of dishwashers.  One of their most recent innovations is the introduction of the horizontal dishwasher.  This model, the STO905U, is definitely out of the ordinary.

The STO905U is not a compact portable dishwasher; it is a full sized unit. However, there is a distinct difference in shape.  A traditional full sized dishwasher is 24 inches wide and two ‘layers’ tall.  This horizontal Smeg dishwasher is 36 inches wide and only one ‘layer’ high.

The result is a dishwasher that will fit where many full-sized models won’t, without the compromises of a countertop or table top dishwasher.   This allows buyers with kitchens that would never fit a regular dishwasher another purchasing option.

This horizontal dishwasher is cleverly laid out so that even though there is one basket inside, the available space is maximized.  It also has a feature allowing you to direct the wash cycle to focus on a certain part of the load, letting you apply extra cleaning to the dishes that are dirtiest. Also standard is a desirable stainless steel tub.

Another nifty feature of this Smeg dishwasher is a built in infrared sensor that monitors how clean or dirty the water is.  Based on what is observes, the unit controls the heating and replacement of the water so as to maximum cleaning power.  This option also serves a secondary purpose of eliminating wasting of electricity and water.

A feature that will be important for many buyers, the STO905U allows for replacement of the door panel. This means you can choose a color for the door which matches the other appliances’, and not disrupt the style of your kitchen.

For the dishwasher buyer looking for something a little different,one of these horizontal Smeg dishwashers may be just what they are looking for.