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When is it time to replace a single mattress?

Some people are absolutely terrible at replacing their mattresses, in some cases they can sleep on beds where the springs have completely gone and not even realise there is a problem. This is often because they have been sleeping in the same bed for so long they don’t even realise the slow deterioration over the years. This article is going to help you decide when it’s best to bite the bullet and buy a new single mattress.

If you think this article doesn’t really concern you then you might want to think again, just because a manufacturer promises a bed will last ten years doesn’t mean it will. There are so many factors that influence the performance of a mattress that it is impossible to accurately state how long a specific model will last. If you’ve got children you may find that the wear and tear your bed incurs over the years is significantly greater than it would be if the same bed was owned by an old married couple.

Photo By: Phyl G.

When you lay down on a bed the springs, if you have a spring coil mattress, should offer some form of resistance to keep your bed fairly firm to support your body. If you feel that the spring coils are simply collapsing onto themselves as you lay down and you sink into the bed it’s a telltale sign that you need a new one.

You also need to be wary of the bacteria and parasites within a mattress. All beds have micro-organisms in them, but the extent to which they do so can vary hugely. If you own pets and they have and some point fouled on your mattress or your children have been sick on them you can pretty much guarantee there’s going to be much more bacteria in a mattress even if you clean it. This bacteria can be harmful and can be very serious, especially if you have a baby and own a cot mattress. Is a bed with a 20 year warranty really worth holding onto if it’s been soiled a handful of times? I don’t think so.