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What To Look For In Exterior House Shutters

exterior house shuttersWhen shopping for exterior house shutters it is easy to become overwhelmed by the huge number of choices, materials, and shapes.  Picking out the right ones for your home can seem tough, but when you know what you actually need it is a heck of a lot easier!  In this post I want to share some tips for how to choose the house shutter style that works best.

The first thing that you have to figure out is whether or not you need shutters that are functional or not.  Functional shutters work to protect your windows during large storms and hurricanes, but they also cost more because they are generally made from heavy wood.  Non functional shutters work to give your home a classic feel and improve its overall appearance.  This style of shutter is usually made from vinyl, but also comes in wood, aluminum, and other lightweight materials.

To figure out what shape you need look at the different lines and angles that are found on the exterior of your home.  If your home has hard angles at the roof, wall joints, and windows, a round shutter is going to look very awkward.  Do your best to match the style of shutter to the style of your home’s exterior.

Color of the shutters is completely up to you, but should be a color that is bolder, yet still matches the home’s color.  Shutters that are too close in color won’t be noticeable, and the wrong color will be harsh.

A great way to get all of this done is to use a shutter company that will come to your home with shutters so you can see how they look on your home before you buy anything.  Seeing them on your windows, instead of using your imagination, will help out a lot in finding the right exterior house shutters!