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How To Build A Shed With Proper Shed Plans

It takes time, money, planning, and motivation – it is as simple as that! Of course, if this is your first ever do-it-yourself-project, then it is always advisable to have a more experienced friend or family member on your building team. Alternatively, you could also use storage shed plans for guidance.

Even if you manage to put a nice looking shed on your own, it might be destroyed by the next strong wind or the moist might eat its way through the flooring and cause all your metal tools to rust.

The first logical step would be sizing the storage shed, which you can easily do by drawing a rectangular on your lawn, large enough to store all your tools – always plan ahead and build storage shed that is likely to accommodate the new items that you are likely to purchase in the next several years.

Photo By: Alan Bernau Jr

Once you have determined the square footage of the shed, draw a rough sketch and visit your local zoning department – large sheds might require building permit and the smaller ones might have to meet a few criteria as well. Know in advance the type of shed you would want, as there are garden sheds, garage sheds, storage sheds, and probably a few others.

When choosing the location, factors like the distance from the main property, the direct sunlight, the utility lines, and the local zoning codes should all be taken into account. The material is also of importance and wood not only looks good and lasts for many years, but a wooden shed is also likely to increase the value of
your property.

Metal sheds also come with their own advantages since they are, typically, easier to build, very easy to maintain, and extremely durable. For the actual building, you would need detailed shed plans, which are readily available on the Internet, all the materials, some tools, free time, and patience.

Where do I look for Shed Plans?

I have been wanting to put a shed in my back yard for years.  The possibility of clearing out some garage space so I can fit the extra car in is very appealing.  I have been acquiring stuff for many years and I have decided that it is time to have another place to put it.  But, where do I look for ideas and where do I find my shed plans?  I asked myself that about 6 months ago and the search began.  I found there are really two places you can go: your home improvement warehouse or through an internet search.

Photo By: jessicafm

I first went to my local home improvement warehouse to get inspired.  The smell of wood and the glimmer of shiny new tools are enough to get anyone in to the DIY mood and I am no exception.  I talked to a few workers and told them what my plans were.  I told them what I wanted to build and asked if they could provide me with some shed plans as an example to get me started.  They did more than that.  They took me over to the book section and showed me a whole variety of shed plans and shed styles.  Who knew I could have a shed fancy enough for lace curtains or one big enough to hold an entire workshop.  I was very pleased with my first stop and picked up a few books of shed plans on my way out the door.

The second search I did was online and my results were more scattered.  Until I found the same book I have just purchased also for sale on amazon I had all but given up.  In the end I was glad I started by going to a home improvement store for inspiration.  While there is noting like a bit of instant information, I will gladly take the smell of wood and glimmer of tools over an internet search any day.