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Decorating Your Room With Vinyl Wall Quotes

Have you ever thought, “If only walls could speak…”? They can now, with vinyl wall quotes!  You can find almost anything, or it can be made up for you, in the vinyl industry. There are numerous vinyl quotes already available for purchase; inspirational, motivational, nursery rhymes, and love quotes, just to name a few. Personalized quotes can be made for an additional cost. These vinyl additions do amazing things to add flavor to the walls in your home. In minutes your walls can become a work of art. They are inexpensive, easy to apply and removable. However, they are intended to only be used once because of the thinness of the vinyl.

Installation is relatively easy. Necessary tools to have on hand are an all purpose cleaner, water in a squirt bottle, a wet sponge, dry cloths, ruler, level, straight edge, pencil, a burnishing tool (or a credit card will do), and the vinyl quote. You will need to prep the wall first by cleaning it with the cleaner, and wiping it down so no dust will prevent a good seal. Then with the water and sponge, wipe away any residue left from the cleaner. With your dry cloths, wipe down the wall to make sure it is completely dry.

The vinyl quotes come in three layers. The top layer is similar to masking tape and is called the transfer tape. The bottom layer has a grid pattern on the back and is glossy on the front. These two layers are only there to help with the application of the process. The middle layer contains the actual letters.

This is a wonderful way to add a “wow” factor to any area. There are quotes for laundry rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, a summer house, cabins, and nurseries, plus so many more. The options are endless. These could add warmth and personality to a room, or color and excitement to wake up to in the morning.