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Introductory Roof Truss Information

A roof truss is a structure that is often found contained within the roofs of residential properties and also some commercial ones. They are almost always triangular in shape and will form the foundation of the roof onto which all of the other roofing materials are laid. The primary function of a roof truss is to distribute dead and live loads throughout a structure in order to spread their weight as well as reduce the stress applied to any one area of a property or its roof by excess weight. Dead loads are generally the weight of static components including the roof trusses themselves and also other roofing material such as the roofing shingles and roofing sheets.  Live loads are capable of movement and quite often a result of nature such as wind, rain or snow. They will also include any other components which are capable of being moved around.

Roof truss design is triangular in shape because they are most often found in residential pitched roofs. This shape is extremely strong and very effective at distributing any stress throughout a structure to the weight bearing walls on which the trusses will rest. This design will have many distinct advantages over flat roofing designs. The triangular shape of a pitched roof is structurally far stronger than one which is flat or almost flat. The risk of any damage or collapse due to heavy rain or the accumulation of snow is reduced almost to zero as the shape lets excess water drain efficiently rather than collect on the roof over time.

Timber roof trusses are most commonly used in residential properties. They will provide a solid framework while the truss is protected from any outside elements by the roofing materials on top thereby preventing any rot or damage to the wooden structure. A steel roof truss may also sometimes be used which will be as strong as any timber frame. Commercial roofing jobs are more likely to make use of steel roof trusses than residential ones in conjunction with the metal roofing materials often used in commercial or industrial properties. This is due in part to the size of these buildings being considerably larger than residential houses on average.

Roof trusses are an essential structural component in many kinds of roofing systems. Providing a solid framework supporting all other roofing materials and at the same time spreading their weight, the roof truss will provide stability and security to the whole roof area. They have proved to be extremely useful for many years and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future.