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How To Build A Rock Garden’s Wall

If you’ve bought a new home or are re-landscaping your garden, the options available can be a little overwhelming. rock gardenThere really are limitless possibilities, and each can add something different to your garden, and hence to your home.

One of my favourite things to add to your yard is the rock garden. Although it doesn’t add anything to functional to your garden, its addition of flowers and other plants, as well as the decorative rocks can hugely improve the ambiance outside your home, especially during the summer time.

The hardest part in constructing the rock garden is building a rock garden wall. This isn’t an absolute necessity; however it can separate an average construction from a really professional looking one. The first thing that needs to be chosen is the stones that will be used. It’s important to only use heavy natural rocks rather than anything artificial. This is because, rather than a traditional bricks and mortar wall, the only thing holding this wall together is its own weight. That’s why it’s especially important to ensure the rocks are heavy and won’t blow away in the wind.

When constructing the wall, to start with you’ll need to dig something that looks like a trench. This will actually form the foundation of the wall and only really needs to be about 6 inches deep. After this, lay the heaviest, flattest rocks into the foundation, and build the wall upwards. As the wall is built upwards, use the less heavy rocks toward the top.
You should ensure that, just like a brick and mortar wall, each stone is placed on the gap between the two stones below it; this is to ensure the wall is as strong as possible. With this in mind, when the wall has been completed, ensure you test its sturdiness for safety.

It’s really simple to add something special to your garden, so when you get the opportunity, I urge you to build a rock garden to improve your garden dramatically. After you’ve finished perfecting your garden, ensure you keep it well cared for by ensuring you remove any weeds as soon as you see them, using a petrol strimmer, and keeping the plants well nourished.