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Current Prices of Stair Lifts

If you find yourself in front of your computer having just clicked this article, it means that you’re just about ready to buy a stair lift. Indeed, stair lifts are a big help to people who have mobility issues such as the elderly or people with disabilities.

You probably are already aware that stair lifts are high-priced equipment. Expect prices to start at $1,500 to as high as $15,000, depending on several factors. Here’s the nitty-gritty on stair lifts prices:

1. Brand-new stair lifts can cost as much as $15,000 with longer warranties (maximum of five years), and can be as little as $2,500 for shorter warranties (minimum of one year).

2. Straight-stair glides are usually less pricey than the curved versions.

3. The price of a stair glide usually includes the installation. Some companies charge the installation separately, so make sure to check with the company regarding their pricing.

4. You might want to consider getting refurbished stair lifts, which are usually cheaper by 30-40% and normally includes a 12-month warranty.

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5. There are a lot of newer models to choose from: stair lifts that convey the person sitting, standing, or on a wheelchair.

6. The cost of stair lifts is not covered by Medicare. Because elderly people don’t have a lot of disposable income, most choose to pay in installment. Be sure to check with the dealer regarding their payment options.

7. The first thing a stair lift company normally does is to do an inspection of your stairway. Then they’ll be able to give you a quote. Straight stairways usually have the cheapest installation.

8. If you want emergency power supply in your stair lift, ask whether there is an extra charge for this feature.

9. For those who need the stair lift temporarily, another option is to rent a stair lift instead of purchasing one. It will just cost you around $100 to $200 a month, although the slight disadvantage to this is that you have fewer models to choose from.

By knowing stair lift prices and other information, you can now make an informed decision that’s best for your loved one.